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first_imgRe “Children’s Museum groundbreaking on Tuesday” (Oct. 16): Having a $50 million children’s museum will be great for the Valley, and wonderful for the residents of Lake View Terrace, but I don’t see how you could pick a worse location for the families of Los Angeles. Lake View Terrace is like the end of the earth for most of the kids in this city, and there is no transportation if you don’t have a car. Meanwhile, we have a white elephant of a Convention Center downtown three times its needed size and surrounded by rapid transit, freeways and parking. We could open a children’s museum in that location in less than six months, and families without a car could reach it easily via rapid transit from as far away as Woodland Hills, Pasadena or Long Beach. Unfortunately, this Valley site seems doomed before it starts. Michael Guetzow Woodland Hills Glass houses Re “Dancing around issues” (Editorial, Oct. 14); “Meet the new 007” (Oct. 14): Every morning, I read the Daily News back to front. I like to start with the Editorials & Letters page to see what people are thinking. Your closing line to a pro-lap-dancing editorial that “city officials should start to work grappling with the big issues that actually affect the lives of millions of residents every day” was well-taken until I turned to Page 1 of your publication and saw that nearly half of the front page was devoted to the “new” James Bond, Daniel Craig. Newspaper, heal thyself. Bill Haller Van Nuys Measure Y Re “Measure Y: Still need more schools” (Oct. 17): To quote A.J. Duffy, president of United Teachers Los Angeles, in the Daily News – “We have to build 160 schools, and the projection is that what we have in the bank is not going to be enough.” May I be so bold as to ask, what does A.J. Duffy have to do with the bond money in the bank and the building of our schools? Pat Ramirez Sherman Oaks How sweet it is What a great city we have. The mayor appears to think he is a movie star – but he isn’t. The MTA builds a new busway across the Valley – but neglects to provide parking at the western terminus. Deering Avenue in Canoga Park gets repaved – but Wilshire Boulevard’s Miracle Mile is a mass of potholes. Despite all of our problems, illegal aliens will cross desert to live here. We just don’t know how good we have it. Don Evans Canoga Park Big shots With a presidential election not even a year ago, voters are very sick and tired of the nasty commercials on the airwaves day in and day out. With big names coming to California such as Senators John Kerry and Hillary Clinton, you would think that the special election was a presidential affair now. These two do not represent California or the propositions. We the voters (who, by the way, are not ignorant) can decide for ourselves on a few propositions. These big shots take our special election to raise money for their own causes, and they also throw a few big bucks into making more hateful commercials. All of the billions of dollars poured into these ads could have paid for all of the causes they complain about and then some. Mary Lou Holte Van Nuys Pushing his agenda Here we go again. I just saw the latest ad from our governor slamming the public-employee unions. The TV spot claims that the public-employee unions are spending $80 million to hold this election. Seems like that it was the governor who called this election. The governor better take a look in a mirror. He’s the one who called the election, just to push his own agenda. Darrel Woodward Van Nuys Less oversight Re “Abolish LAUSD” (Your Opinions, Oct. 12): I suppose Stephanie Schwartz’s magic remedy to cure all ills would be to create more charter schools. These schools actually have less oversight than the LAUSD in that there is very little accountability in their programs. They are able to pay exorbitant salaries and stipends to executive directors who do nothing and other “staff” members who have reduced teaching loads because they are members of the “steering committee.” How does this help students? The LAUSD certainly has its problems, but board members Marquerite LaMotte, Jon Lauritzen and David Tokofsky are former teachers so they do know something about how a school is run and don’t deserve to be disparaged by someone promoting a program that is less credible than the LAUSD. Merle Duckett Retired teacher Thousand Oaks The Orange Line Re “Cocktail napkin results” (Your Opinions, Oct. 14): Obviously Robert L. Rosebrock has never had to use the Red Line terminals in North Hollywood or Universal City. Most days at the North Hollywood lots, even if you get there by 9 a.m., there is no parking. You then go up the street to the Universal lot, and, again, no parking. The Orange Line is not made as a replacement for the regular bus system; it is mostly for people to get to the Red Line or Blue Line. Yes, there may be jolts along the way but they don’t compare with the big potholes that you drive over and you don’t have to wait in traffic during road construction. I will be using the Orange Line and enjoying my stress-free commute to L.A. or Long Beach. Louis Grinbaum Northridge Logical conclusions Re “Separation” (Your Opinions, Oct. 14): Billy Bauman asks the question “How can you separate one from the other?” in regard to the “Catholic” priest scandal and the drive to get the cross back on the L.A. County seal. Obviously, in Billy’s mind, that makes all Christians perverts. So ,if I follow that logic, then all Muslims are terrorists. I once knew a boy named Billy, and he was a bully. Does that make all Billys bullies? Steve Duhm Woodland Hills The name game Re “Cahuenga Pass cross” and “Just kidding” (Your Opinions, Oct. 14): My sincere thanks to Mary Ann Steinberger for reminding me of the cross nearby the Hollywood Bowl. Since they were close in reality, it would be natural to group them together as part of L.A.’s history, rather than as a religious symbol. And, yes, Emy Lenoir Blackwell, in these trying times, it is very important to be able to laugh. If that’s the case, I apologize,but she sounded quite offended, “as a non-Catholic,” having to live around Spanish names. However, she seems to have no problem with the Catholic Mission now appearing on the seal. It really is laughable to entertain the idea of changing all the foreign names of towns and streets – including those of other states such as Paris (Tenn., Texas), New London (Conn.), etc. Terri Andrews Castaic Secular nation Re “From God” (Your Opinions, Oct. 14): Gregg Frazer’s radical religious right take on church/state separation in this country betrays his bias. My antenna raised, I went to the Web site of The Master’s College, at which he teaches, and found out that its self-proclaimed mission is “to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ.” No wonder Frazer is in heavy denial that this country was clearly founded as a secular nation, with many of the Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe included, openly and sharply critical of Christianity. Michael D. Harris Reseda Clean record Re “Protecting the criminal” (Your Opinions, Oct. 14): Cliff Hall is outraged about DUI. I am sorry that Hall is outraged that the young man got a plea bargain, but he had a clean record and normal range of alcohol according to the CHP. So you want him put in jail? The law says women can get rid of that pregnancy and the husband or boyfriend has no say. Gangbangers and criminals get three strikes and you are out – so why can’t the drinking driver get no less. If you have the guts, why not outlaw alcohol. You outlawed smoking and pregnancy – why not cell phones unless the vehicle is stopped. Thank God for Michael Eberhardt, one lawyer to finally stand up to the system. Edward Elks Panorama City AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img

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