Excellent cooperation between TZGZ and TZZŽ on the destination campaign – Around Zagreb

first_imgLogically, smartly and I can say finally because this is a win-win for everyone. Both for the Zagreb Tourist Board and the Tourist Board, and mostly for tourists and visitors, both domestic and foreign. So far, the Zagreb Green Ring has by no means managed to position itself towards the Zagreb market, which is a logical link, and so Zagreb has not realized the potential of a quality offer in its surroundings, only 30 minutes from the center of Zagreb. Apart from a better quality of life for the citizens of Zagreb, in the domain of daily or weekend visitors, all tourists who come to Zagreb would also have an excellent, more diverse and high-quality offer. Tourism knows no borders, and with this, I sincerely hope for the first joint cooperation and complementarity, absolutely everyone benefits. “The friendship between Zagreb and Zagreb County is also expressed in these extraordinary circumstances, mutually confirming mutual trust and partnership, which resulted in the destination campaign “Close to the city, close to the heart”. In preparation, we followed the trends in the travel market, listening to the security situation, and now we are launching a joint campaign in three foreign languages: English, German, Slovenian and, of course, Croatian. At TZGZ, we have recognized the ideal partner and we are sure that our joint campaigns will be implemented in the future as Zagreb County embraces Zagreb.. “Said the director of TZZŽ, Mrs. Ivana Alilović. “Staying outdoors, in greenery and nature with a focus on health, safety, sustainability and compatibility of the offer of Zagreb and its surroundings, are the main features of the partnership campaign TZZŽ and TZGZ. Unlike our previous activities in which TZGZ purposefully promotes a certain tourist product (Zagreb Light Festival, health tourism, summer events in Zagreb, etc.), the campaign “Near the city, close to the heart” / “Around Zagreb” is special and important because a word about a specific destination promotion. The idea of ​​joint promotion, which we have been negotiating with colleagues from TZZŽ, we have successfully realized with the arrival of Ms. Alilović and I am glad that we are now partnering in target markets: Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and, of course, in other parts of Croatia”Said the director of TZGZ, Ph.D. Martina Bienenfeld. The Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb and the Tourist Board of the Zagreb County together created a special promotional campaign dedicated to Zagreb and its surroundings under the slogan “Near the city, close to the heart” / “Around Zagreb”. This is the first time that these two tourist boards have cooperated in partnership, promoting the capital and the Zagreb Green Ring through a unique destination campaign. It was made for the needs of the campaign new destination website www.aroundzagreb.hr, which provides specific information about the offer, content and attractions, a list of restaurants, a calendar of events and suggestions on how to spend three days in Zagreb and the surrounding area. In the end, I hope that this is just the beginning of joint cooperation between TZGZ and TZZZ, because I emphasize again, this is a win win situation for everyone. The campaign TZGZ and TZZŽ “Near the city, close to the heart” was created with the aim of creating a unique platform to promote the rich offer of Zagreb and its surroundings. In that sense, as a destination campaign, it will address emitting markets throughout the year, reminding travel lovers how diverse, high-quality and attractive the tourist offer of Zagreb and the Zagreb surroundings is. I must certainly emphasize the proactivity of the Tourist Board, which in a new direction and energy began to proactively penetrate the market and in this extraordinary time for tourism, despite all the shortcomings and challenges, stood out the most of all tourist boards in Croatia. last_img

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