BBS promotion to identify your audience target

in A5 also imperceptibly, diving for a long time, but has never written an article, there are two reasons, first, I was a rookie, not what to write the article, what is not good for sharing technology. Two, writing is too bad, want to get a soft, what will not. Why do you want to write this article today? And the new station is mainly to the friends to share a little bit of experience to promote their own website. Please take as little as possible to master two bricks, when is to encourage a brother. read more

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The nternet thinking breakthrough how to cut 50 million small and micro enterprise user market

review: Silicon Valley venture Fred Wilson once said: "the software industry is eating everything."". But the times have changed so fast that the software industry has quickly been swallowed up by the Internet – the Big Mac of the software age – Microsoft, too, has had to switch to the internet.

July 2012, Microsoft to $1 billion 200 million to complete the enterprise social networking service the acquisition of Yammer, marked a watershed – the Internet is to change the traditional enterprise software services industry, either All or in, out. read more

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Reliable entrepreneurial road was blocked by large websites where the whereabouts of small and medi

yesterday, there was an article on A5: "the decline of the Webmaster: the business law is responsible for the decline in success from rags to riches.". Mentioned in the article, "domestic webmaster" (start the website of entrepreneurs) survival and development problems, basically shrouded in a layer of sad feelings. Compared to the first two years of wind and water, from the beginning of 09 years, the days of the stationmaster is really more and more difficult. It’s easy to make a website, but the difficulty of running a web site is 100 times that of a web site. Starting a web site is actually no different from starting a business in real life. You need less connections, money, teams, almost none. In the early days of the Internet, like a barren land, this is not too much of a problem. After all, there are too many gaps to allow you to insert a flag ring. But today, you can hardly find a giant dabbled in the field, and how giant confrontation, in my opinion, this is not bare-handed people can." read more

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Write after the website has been bought persistence and gain and loss

world restaurant was founded in April 10, 2006, the company was formally established in September 26, 2006, registered capital of 1 million yuan, real investment 2 million 500 thousand yuan, is headquartered in Guangzhou.

June 1, 2008, the largest Chinese dining reservation site Fantong bought the Guangzhou World Restaurant, World Restaurant network become Fantong Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou Railway Station become Fantong following the third Beijing, Tianjin after the direct city site Fantong finally camped in the South camp. read more

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The greatest opportunity for a small event is not to be a station master

Hello, I’m Beijing Midea air conditioning maintenance. For a recent SEO the most hot topic is the rain forum, this topic even cover the other two focus over the same day broke out: first, Google PR big update; two, Baidu big update, the webmaster is feeling the vane are constantly changing, constantly affected by others that is irrational, or drift others do word-of-mouth marketing media. An article in front of me also talked about our webmaster do not talk too much of these seemingly very things, irresoluteness rather than retreat webs, a wood don’t help others also said happily fan the flames of the right to choose their own. Through the rain SEO this incident I thought a lot, because of personal feeling small events also have great opportunities, our webmaster can not drift, do a webmaster in disorderly fashion. ". read more

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Work with Jiang Likun to explore how to shape personal brands

regardless of the reality of society, or virtual network, all need personal brand, brand is intangible value, it will bring you unexpected results. For grassroots webmaster, every day with the virtual network to deal with, but also need to create a good personal image, in order to get other people’s recognition, but also easier to succeed.


A5 forum was organized in October 15th on "how to build a personal brand image" topic version, invited jianglikun as the guests, to explore the personal branding problem. This paper summarizes the key content exceeded, we hope to have some help to the website promotion. read more

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The pain point why the art of business failures


I network operators in the world as long as you log any one I mentioned above and several other large works of art or art derivatives selling website, will find that the transaction at all, no one should take directly or may auction is at the lowest starting price of the transaction. Art electricity supplier "pain points" where, why was



keyword: "do not love"

literally opens one of the 3 websites above. Do you think you can be moved as an audience? Are there any things that you don’t want to impress? The following are the following: read more

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People in the network Adsense do not make money when the game

webmaster this word, a lot of people envy him, that is because we don’t understand him, and so on that day you become webmaster, become others envy object, you just know, the webmaster is not good when.

everybody is discussing a thing, how do good stationmaster, stationmaster do very tired, how to do?. A lot of people do stand, the purpose is very simple, in order to make money, then it is because of this starting point, you came to the circle of the webmaster. Since it is to make money, do not play with him, because the game lost can play, station failure, failure, failure is your time and effort and money today to share with you, do you need to have a profit, what read more

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My view on the definition of potential users in website Market

note: I am a novice, veteran, please do not XX me.

The definition of potential users in the

web site:

now, a lot of grassroots brothers like me are rushing around for the development of their websites. In the end, success is only a small part.

Why does

do this? I think it’s likely to be related to the initial location of your website.

the development of a website is successful or not. The orientation is very important. Do not blindly do what station you want to do.

I analyze the development orientation of a website, mainly looking at 3 factors: read more

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The key to network marketing is powerful execution

a large number of enterprises are beginning to try the network above to start marketing their products. Do website, do search engine promotion, put in network advertisement, do blog sale, virus sale, do mail sale…… These methods have many enterprises doing, in which a small number of enterprises have tasted the sweetness, but more enterprises do not feel how much help network marketing, why


1, lack of continuous execution of

website made out, search engine promotion has done, but the content of the site is unchanged, a few times a year to send a few news, the product has not been updated, the site is out of line with the actual marketing of the enterprise. Often because of personnel changes in enterprises, network marketing strategy is difficult to be sustained implementation, naturally there is no effect. read more

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WeChat’s operating data is deceptive Quickly grabbed the liar

yesterday, a friend asked me: "the elder brother, the company wants to find some WeChat V to help forward the article publicity, but we are afraid met fans is a fake account, white wasting money, do you? What are the good way to judge the fans is true or false?"

I replied, "it’s hard to say, unless I’ve seen his background data."." Yes, except for data analysis, there is really no good way.

although someone has written an article online to teach people how to distinguish between true and false fans, I think it is not enough to judge by reading quantity, source of growth and user attributes. read more

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YouTube weapon how to make money through original video

user production content (UGC) is an important source of content for the birth of video sites. But due to the lack of business models, the original content of the space is being squeezed by the purchase of copyrighted movies and TV plays. How to find a mature business chain for the original content of the video site? Look at the inspiration YouTube has brought us.

YouTube is like this: located in UGC, serving UGC.

YouTube key data: mobile advertising revenue growth.

Many of the labels on

YouTube: UGC, globalization, content channels, subscriptions…… read more

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Websites enjoy high ups and have consequences


earthquake in Sichuan resonated with all of us and mourned the suffering of the people of Sichuan.

The three days of mourning

, many sites have made the appropriate move, for example, to the site with ash, some even closed the station for three days, with a webmaster own way to express the sympathy and condolences to the victims of Sichuan. My website did not close for a few days, and it was the events of those days that led to the present results.

didn’t mean to do a keyword "mourning QQ head" "blessing QQ head", just two words, let [QQ take it] the site traffic soared, before the web traffic is basically 1000IP, about 2000pv, but at the end of the day we mourned the words but bring me tens of thousands of IP, as a novice webmaster really makes me happy for a. (even during the period of mourning, but still I hope you can understand my little ipsation) read more

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Two years of webmaster career perception a point of cultivation a harvest

              do a web site is very simple, but when a webmaster is very difficult, especially when a fierce webmaster, difficult! This is my past two years to experience the webmaster’s career insights, but also let me know a truth, and that is a famous saying: "a bit of cultivation, a harvest.". In fact, this sentence is wrong, a hard, can only be said to be an accumulation of two copies of two copies of work, accumulated N pains, only N accumulation amount accumulated to a certain extent will have a qualitative change, this time also does not have the harvest, there may be a qualitative deterioration, tired people the National People’s Congress, give up halfway there, stick to the end, is dying, the success also numbered! Many webmaster friends only exist for interest, hard work, keep their own web site, just like his son, like any hungry, hurt is not allowed.
read more

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Teach you how to do pseudo originality

original content is an important aspect of the web site, original content more website the weight will be relatively high, some people feel that the original is difficult to do, it is relatively original false original is well done.

what is pseudo original? The so-called pseudo original is an article for reprocessing, so that the search engine that is an original article, so as to improve the weight of the website.

following several methods can make pseudo original content.

          read more

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Website derivatives to activate local website marketing campaign

with the growing popularity of the Internet, the website as a media of publicity, more and more businesses, including the government, schools, and various associations, individuals recognized. The fast and low cost of the website is the biggest advantage as a medium of propaganda. While the vast majority of users also tend to query the relevant information to the network, especially the local information, including news, shopping, leasing, friends and so on, it is with the local website (except government portal) provides the necessary reason for existence. read more

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Some ideas about the big drop on the inside page PR

some time ago wrote "on the website of the PR value of the little secret", click on the article after 800, has also been a lot of websites to have left that I did not see a reprint, the decision is you,


, in the last few days, I’ve checked the PR value of the whole station again. The depressing thing has happened. All the pages in PR4’s articles have dropped to 0. The home page has not changed, and sougou has only increased by 2 to 42 in the last big update.

only partially within the page is maintained at pr=2 above, how can there be such a reason? My own analysis, if that’s not good you have to put your valuable advice oh? I this person is willing to learn, oh read more

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Talking about failure cases of personal websites

do a good personal website, a monthly income of tens of thousands of IP every day, also thousands of thousands, this is every webmaster hopes, goals, but really can do this effect, this income is certainly not easy?. Personal website is also a career, and the success of any career is not easy. Moreover, now is not the Internet bubble era, people are more and more real.

so many personal webmaster, depression has not been able to do what good flow, poor, white with big space is very poor. Maybe many webmaster, tried hard to picture station, beauty station, SF station, XX station is not tried, traffic has been few, finally gave up, however, do a business, it is to fail only good, not so many failures don’t know where the mistake. After failure, the following fatal factors were found to be detrimental to survival: read more

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What are the contents and main points of the design of the real estate website

in our website construction career, because encountered different customers, for website construction requirements are different. Today, Xiao Bian on the real estate, for example, simply talk about the content of the real estate website and the main points.

generally, all construction sites are around a "product" as the center to spread around to the construction process, including company introduction, news, links, and recruitment, consulting and other auxiliary column. This "product" does not mean only the goods sold by the enterprise, but also the services provided by the enterprise. Most of the real estate websites are mainly display type, that is, membership centers and online ordering columns are rarely used, but a project of "investor relations" has been added. Let’s talk more about it. read more

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Website optimization needs to be done from the inside out

Note the

website and the website optimization is a commonplace talk of an old scholar problem, but there are still many problems, many of the details will be ignored, which leads to the search engine doesn’t often visit the website, it is slow, but do not know the reason. Here are some details that may be overlooked, and share them with you.

is the first thing that internal optimizations need to avoid:

1, URL address dynamic

dynamic URL will make spider program into a loop, although Baidu officials have claimed to be able to index the normal dynamic address, but in order to prevent the spider program into the dead cycle, the search engine will not further access, from dynamically generated links in the web page will appear not included, included slow. If you lose the advantage and the page is included in the speed, will directly affect the effect of the ranking page. read more

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