The URL specification about electricity supplier website construction and setting skills

www.xxxx贵族宝贝/ pinyin or English brand name / column name /

on the electricity supplier website URL today mainly discussThe classification of

www.xxxx贵族宝贝/ brand name English pinyin or /

2, URL how to avoid repeating the electricity supplier name page, blank page

we know that the electricity supplier website is generally divided into the following two categories: platform providers and verticals, platform level electricity providers often provide a platform for many vendors, such as Taobao and other such sites; the vertical class such as VANCL, wheat bags of this kind of website. So this kind of website because sales form is not the same, the page structure and the plate will be different, so the corresponding web and URL will vary. Many electricity providers tend to have some brands, as well as some settings like screen panel to provide our customers to search for products selection, which is how to ensure the optimization URL, you need to have a certain skill. read more

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The urgent need to create authentic website optimization

Internet has too many true and false, the true portrayal of the Internet search market as the Shanghai dragon ER as the founder of search search market and maintenance of food intake, to create authentic website is the most basic moral principles.

website readable content, we all know that Shanghai is the basic content of love repeated cleaning of your site and the self and the outside. Since the love of Shanghai in June we all know algorithm updates included many websites can be said has been ups and downs, the fundamental reason is the first website internal page repeat, this performance in a lot of the theme of the page is changed, but the text search engine index page after filtration results showed high similarity. The hope that with the search engine a URL link page to create a unique feature page counter. There are duplicate index database content is the content of the website and search engine is too high. I think these are many sites included the direct cause of purged. read more

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A variety of cheating techniques chain exposure we don’t cheat


all Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are repeat doing two things, the first thing is to update the site, update the article, because the site needs spiders often, but the spider come and not let it disappointed, so we need the original article to honor it, because only the spider comfortable, it will included in our article, we write a good article to get a good ranking, so we every day in the update site, writing an article. On the other hand we have at the same time every day in the hair of the chain, basically all the time in the global forum friends, hoping to get more or less one or two outside the chain, sometimes even to send some titles with links to posts. Why is this? Who would like to be scold everyday hair advertising post what, because the link is the rank of the fundamental, no link, no ranking! There is another one, that is to say the Links, Links chain is of very high quality, and some high weight site exchange links is very conducive to our web site keywords ranking, so we are going to exchange Links, we are going to exchange good Links, because the link is very useful for many, the whole weight of the website and improve the keywords ranking promotion. But you often change Links, a Links each other all is to contain the "friendship", I think not, because in Links environment, there are still a number of people cheat chain, of course we can understand their approach, because they are trying to get to the website weight go up, but no money to buy links, so use this cheat chain form to obtain, obviously, this approach is undesirable, speaking is not from the moral integrity. So today give you several exposure cheat chain technique, we refer to, see if you have no change to such a chain, perhaps cheated you don’t even know you read more

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Analysis of website optimization of quality articles creative ideas and forms

we know, website optimization in the station of the quality process is one of the important factors to enhance the website weight, as a webmaster we must grasp the quality of their own station, the author thinks that the high quality of the article is from the user’s point of view to analyze and consider, then, the article mainly has the specific quality characteristics? Below the author and do a detailed analysis of what.

Finally, the author sum up,

I found many webmaster to keyword optimization, to have irrelevant keywords placed in the website, by title and content irrelevant, because the user may enter the title of the party and read our article, but see the contents and their hope was large when leaving here is inevitable. I remind you webmaster, any site quality web content must own to explore closely around the topic, it is also referred to as the title. And the title of the article in the time of writing is very exquisite, mainly around the theme of the user experience and website itself for the creation, the writing method of this chain is worth the attention of writing details. read more

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Keywords enterprise station through reasonable optimization to enhance the density to achieve the be

of course there are many other factors in the achievement of the keyword ranking, but if the words do not appear a keyword in the title, the content does not appear keywords, this situation if we do rankings, I believe in this content keyword more conducive to ranking than did not appear. So the author thinks that the keyword density is still can affect the ranking, but the effects is far better then. But we do stand is best to grasp every detail, the author observed that a keyword density, found in the enterprise stand this keyword density is too low is the hardest hit, so today I tell you how to avoid enterprise station keyword density low adverse factors, we hope to help. read more

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Love the sea K station please listen to all the voices

fire!Taobao !

your smile (a pseudonym): This is a war of no smoke, do the Internet, there must be a war

Snow Fairy (a pseudonym): love Shanghai after all is a commercial organization, and it is a group of stationmaster of vulnerable groups feeble, the owners do not lack a man some of the blood, but not lose the success of some of the reason.

for the love sea K station, around the station "encirclement and suppression" bidding.

station: love

Rainforest (a pseudonym): first of all, love Shanghai a K so many stations will certainly be a lot of people are not satisfied with the. A person is not satisfied at will in the house to drink two cans of beer to vent, but once it all becomes dissatisfied with the organization of a group will become a powerful and destructive energy. Love Shanghai and did not give a reasonable user complaint channels, in this case, they thought to solve the problem through the network of violence, hope that through the point > read more

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From the search engine optimization game love Shanghai popular keywords optimization

hot key words is the most love Shanghai index that tens of thousands of search engine optimization, game power consumption, the keyword index of thousands, can also be regarded as a hot key words, as a representative of the majority of enterprises should be representative of the key word, and it is the game business professional search engine optimization, optimization effect optimization of technology for hot key words search engine can show their master. Although I didn’t participate in the game, but the game for timely care, plus some of their own a little experience, and also some share.

read more

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A5 marketing promotion enterprise how to do on the B2B platform and products

two, B2B

: the product is suitable for B2B promotion

enterprise B2B is a certain skill, not grasping the stationmaster of a lot of business skills which lead to the promotion effect is very small, if you do not have this skill for the enterprise is a waste of time, so in order to go through this platform to do the promotion, the author thinks that it must be proficient skills. Before I is in charge of the enterprise B2B platform promotion, experience is accumulated a lot out today and we share together. read more

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Google talk about five common mistakes in Shanghai Longfeng enlightenment


Google webmaster advice: "careful to set up enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng goal, to ensure that these goals with your company’s overall strategy and other departments of the same goal." The main goal of this goal must be consistent and firm, rather than from the actual, imaginary to aimless Shanghai dragon. For example Google webmaster mentioned example is a car company has two departments, one is the advertising department, to guide the user to a landing page for the project through television advertising, and Shanghai Longfeng departments to do their job really trying to do a search word flow to the home page, this will cause both sides the waste of resources, bring into target is just passable. read more

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Do make the most money in a limited Pdentify the most important ideas of Amoy want to make money


Ali * * * advertising is not so accurate, new advertising, keyword fill out, there are always some ads and content on your site related to the hit rate reached 2% PV. A click on the average 0.1 yuan, IP200>

three, select promotional merchandise, skills

station are made with the existing Taobao OPEN API, similar style, plus API is a direct call to the Taobao data, the content of the website is also very similar, even many websites in imitation of the official Taobao style, the pursuit of large, complex, full. Think about your entire and Taobao, why do people buy from your site? Go directly to Taobao to buy, not more assured. read more

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Discussion how to avoid the future optimization of Shanghai dragon

2009 love Shanghai search engine update frequently go hand in hand with human intervention, the query processing technology (keyword segmentation technology) update, strengthen and enhance the user experience, product page weight: Wikipedia, the arts, and know Post Bar etc..

1. stations for punishment, reduce the weight of spam links.


2011 love Shanghai update strength rose sharply, and the self adjustment algorithm.

update and punishment

2009-2010 update and punishment:

7. Links drop right over the site and porn site in the chain. read more

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Analysis and thinking should be set up in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng Er present situation


this weekend I immediately and to talk about Shanghai dragon Er this occupation, in fact has been caught in the optimization of the Internet in the lower, I said that the vast majority of Shanghai dragon Er, because this industry entry is low, many people think that the technical content is relatively low, a new simple send content and do the chain can do website optimization, actually this is only one-sided, salary over a million Shanghai dragon Er There are plenty of people who indeed too small, however, this is also the reason many people criticized the Shanghai dragon. read more

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General keywords ranking optimization price is determined by what factors

third, we also see keywords ranking optimization keywords optimization goal is to the optimization of key words to rank >

The degree of competition in

, the first judge to do a keyword ranking optimization website belongs to what industry website, because of the different industry, the competition of the site is not the same, generally speaking, the more popular the industry competition is also bigger, more high-tech enterprise website unpopular, competition is small. For example, the electronic commerce website to store sales of larger competition, and machinery industries such as the degree of competition is relatively small. However, the judge can only judge about the degree of competition sites, but not as accurate evaluation method. read more

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Hefei mother seven kinds of the most common words accumulation behavior

2, Keywords tag accumulation: although now it is believed that many keywords tags in the search engine position is reduced, but I think that since he was one of the pages should contain elements, we should not leave a blank, I think there is no strong evidence that search engine attention to it the degree of 0? Keywords tags to the common keyword written as: hangover, hangover drugs, drug therapy, alcohol hangover products, food, alcohol method. And so on。

One big difference between

1, Title tag accumulation: now everyone knows the importance of the title tag, the search engine is currently the weights of the highest tags. So, we can easily find some search keywords accumulation behavior of the keywords in the label. For example, a weight loss website, if in a title tag _ wrote: weight loss weight loss method _ slimming slimming products _ _ slimming effect, which is suspected of the accumulation of keywords. We can do for the re arrangement of slimming products such as: title, * * weight-loss drug is the most effective weight-loss products. read more

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How the Shanghai dragon website optimization with customers

interim orders

, a single pre

With the continuous improvement of the

orders, some customers will often urged, at this time the patient with user interpretation, must not be connected to single or disappeared after the conversation is impatient, you know, you have to be patient and careful is can let the customer feel, if he thinks you are particularly serious and responsible, timely optimization during a little problem, but also can be easily solved, and more importantly, long-term cooperation customers will bring you Everfount wealth, more customers trust in you, will introduce my friends to you, which will increase the wealth of website optimization. read more

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From the website construction skills of others

said, referring to the techniques of others, a lot of people from various angles to write, I just from their own perspective. I usually love to see some of the more successful website, especially some successful enterprises or industry station station etc.. I will go to see the

simplicity from several angles

actually, I do not recommend doing this, why? The reason is very simple, ranking stage in the website this operation, it is prone to a problem, is the site in the optimization process, conflict expected with the optimization process, we need an eye optimization, site modification or adjustment. As a result, it is easy to cause the waste of time. Too much time delay at the site of the adjustment process, and the search engine will be re assessment and evaluation of the site. Easy to practice in the future, to the site to bring some more or less damage, but does not exclude you in doing this kind of adjustment, good site than before, but a waste of time, or will prolong the period of website optimization. Therefore, the best line on the site before they do this kind of thing, so as not to cause prolonged cycle optimization. read more

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How do earn the first pot of gold in the online shopFrom Fanfou’s Tragedy in front of the entrepre

is one of the most convincing example: SkyDrive 115, ylmf launched the first in the country, the cloud storage service, the use of first mover advantage, SkyDrive’s 115 registered users topped 400>

Fanfou founded a campus network in University, and later to 2 million yuan price was the acquisition of 1000 rubber group, then founded the sea network and Fanfou, and now the group purchase industry in the U.S. group net overlord. As early as in pushing the launch of the micro-blog website, Fanfou has the temperament of twitter in the early stage, once by users, the site launched shortly after will have more than one million registered users, it looks like a very good situation. read more

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mitation of nternet business is the first step to successThe network need to beware of scam money

now has a lot of money making projects on the Internet, and it has gradually posted news posts on major gateways, and even major network TV stations. From time to time and the slogan is, people in the U.S. a certain success of wealth and cheats, a well-known domestic portal cooperation etc.. When a network of money making projects, wearing a brand-name coat, a lot of people began to stir up trouble. In fact >

Let’s look at the

China’s social giants Tencent, whether it is business or development, are growing up in imitation. From the beginning, imitate OICQ, , and later in other fields, such as games, portals and other platforms imitation, micro innovation in imitation, and then beyond. Tencent is known as "the bane of Chinese entrepreneurs", and its success lies in the imitation of the basis of the strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and combined with other advantages of their own, beyond the opponent. read more

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Witkey and blog of the six differencesHow to make use of blog Wangzhuan do earn a thousand dollars

domestic sales link to make money, has been relatively perfect. Even a lot of companies, such as A5, buy PR sites in bulk and sell them. A lot of individuals and sites, also use the way to buy links, earn some extra income. Do not look down on the blog PR money earned income, although a connection a month, but can only sell 10 yuan, about 20 yuan. But it’s amazing, too. Of course, we can also cultivate 10, 20 such sites, and then connected for sale, generally can achieve monthly income of about 1 thousand yuan. read more

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Adsense alliance again note new blood speak East speak West words development2007 T2C Beijing webm

ADMIN5 has been concerned about the webmaster information, a lot of students. Recently saw the launch of the city station graph king brother alliance activities, I actively response to "talk about east west station alliance, based in West Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, Guangxi Province, the Hainan Province, three provinces to recruit brothers to join!

lively field discussion

tells a real little story: www.admin5 this domain name does not need to be shielded? There is no AD ingredient on his site the site is recommended to me by friends of the network, and later sh419 fainted, rave reviews. But the real story is the relationship with the Xiongyou graph king, listen to me one by one: read more

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