UN food agency appeals for access to key storage facility amid fight

The development comes amid fierce fighting between Government forces and Houthi opposition militia in and around the key Red Sea port, which processes around 70 per cent of the war-torn country’s deliveries of aid and commercial supplies.“Despite having been targeted by more than 50 shells in the recent days, the silos of the Red Sea facilities are more or less intact,” WFP spokesperson Herve Verhoosel said.Speaking to journalists in Geneva, Mr Verhoosel confirmed that staff have not have access to the silos for two months because of a spike in violence “from both parties”.“As of just a few days ago the facilities have come under the control of the coalition,” the WFP spokesperson said. “WFP needs access the facilities again as soon as it will be safe in order to resume activities.”   At the Al Sabeen maternal hospital in Sana’a, Yemen, WFP provides nutritional supplements to treat five-year old Ali Yakya Ali who is affected by severe acute malnutrition as his father looks on. 11 November 2018.  WFP/Marco FrattiniOn Monday, the port entrance was reportedly targeted by airstrikes, part of a renewed bid to launched at the beginning of the month to wrest Hudaydah city from the Houthi rebel movement fighters, who also control Sana’a, the country’s capital.“We have apparently not lost any of our stock of more than 51,000 tonnes of wheat – enough to feed more than 3.7 million people in Northern and Central Yemen for one month,” Mr Verhoosel explained.The violence is part of an offensive launched on Hudaydah in June by coalition forces, which have provided military assistance to Yemen’s President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, since March 2015.Efforts to bring the warring parties to the negotiating table have so far proved elusive, and UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday described the potential humanitarian impact of the impasse as “absolutely disastrous”.“I think there’s a consensus, the US, Russia and Europe, and among many countries in the region that now it is the moment to stop this war,” Mr. Guterres told French national radio, before adding that he hoped those directly involved in the fighting understood this.In a statement on Tuesday, UN humanitarian affairs chief, and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Lowcock, said that ‘all parties must live up to their obligations under international humanitarian law. I ask that the parties implement a cessation of hostilities, not least in and around all the infrastructure and facilities on which the aid operation and commercial importers rely.”‘It’s a war that no-one can win’ – Guterres“It’s a war that no-one can win and it’s a war that’s creating a humanitarian disaster that’s absolutely unacceptable,” the UN Secretary-General insisted. “We need the fighting to stop, we need to start talking and we must prepare a massive humanitarian response to avoid the worst next year.”Hudaydah port is critical to the humanitarian effort in Yemen, UN agencies insist, because it is a primary gateway for food, fuel and medicine into the impoverished country, which imports nearly all its daily needs.In a bid to assess the situation personally, WFP Executive Director David Beasley arrived in Yemen on Monday, as the agency plans to scale up aid to up to 14 million people in Yemen – well over the eight million Yemenis who are close to famine and who receive food or food vouchers from WFP every month.Of that number, 1.8 million are children under five years old who are described as acutely malnourished; another 400,000 are severely acutely malnourished, and yet another 1.1 million are malnourished pregnant or nursing women. read more

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Lionel Messi Is Impossible

Of the 866 players who qualified for that plot — by playing in 50-plus games and averaging at least one shot attempt per game — Messi is the ninth-most efficient shooter overall (Ronaldo is 173rd), and he’s by far the most efficient of anyone with a similar shot volume. The highest-volume shooter who is more efficient is Mario Gomez, the former Bayern Munich striker, who takes about two-thirds as many shots as Messi.But in soccer, unlike in basketball, shooting efficiency isn’t the single most important stat. Since the value of a possession in soccer is much lower, so is the cost of missing a shot (and missed shots often have good outcomes as well). That said, quality shot opportunities in soccer are still a limited resource, so making the most of them is important.To generalize a bit, some of the value a shooter provides comes from taking more and better shots (e.g. taking them closer to the goal, at a better angle, amid fewer defenders, etc.), and some of it comes from putting in those shots more often. For example, Messi’s typical regular (non-set piece) shot comes from 14.9 yards out, while Ronaldo’s average shot comes from 20.1 yards out. ESPN/TruMedia has a model for estimating the chances of a player making each shot he takes based on type and location (this metric is known as expected goals). The difference between a player’s actual goals and his expected goals is called “goals above average” (or GAA). Because Messi takes shots that are more likely to go in, his average attempt has an expectation of .182 goals, while the average Ronaldo shot has an expectation of .124 goals — so we would expect Messi’s shooting to be more efficient based on that alone. However, Messi has also exceeded that expectation by a greater amount than Ronaldo has. Messi scored .220 goals per shot attempt for .038 GAA per goal. Ronaldo scored .139 goals per attempt, so he had .015 GAA per goal.Here’s a comparison of the top 20 shot-takers overall (regular shots in all games since the 2010 World Cup):In this group, Messi both takes the best shots and does the most with those attempts.If we break this down using shot-location data, it’s clear that Messi is highly efficient across a wide range of distances.The percentage of shots Messi makes from outside the penalty area is absolutely stunning. He scores almost as often per shot from outside the penalty area (12.1 percent) as most players do inside it (13.1 percent).Of 8,335 players in our dataset who have taken at least one shot from outside the box, only 1,835 have scored from that distance at any point. There are 47 players with 50 or more attempts from outside the box without a single goal, and about 500 with at least 20 attempts and no goals. Messi leads the world with 21 goals from outside the penalty area, on just 173 shot attempts.Ronaldo takes more than twice as many shots from this distance, but still has fewer goals overall. Messi, meanwhile, scores at a remarkable rate. Adjusting for shot quality with the GAA model, Messi is running 12.6 goals above expectation (based on shot-by-shot expectation, not the trend line in the chart). Ronaldo, with more than twice as many shots, ran just 5.5 goals above expectation, and no one but Messi is higher than 7.5 goals.The 21st of those outside-the-penalty-area goals was Messi’s extra-time winner against Iran, which came from 29 yards out (33 yards to where it went in). That goal was quintessential Messi: He got the ball on the right side of the field, held it for a few seconds, broke to the middle and — in heavy traffic — swerved it in on off his left foot. Plus he did it all without an assist.Unassisted ShootingDespite dishing a large number of assists (more on that to come), Messi sometimes gets called “selfish.” But maybe he isn’t selfish enough.About 44 percent of Messi’s “open” (non-set piece) shots are “individual plays,” taken without an assist.5I should note that the data on this has a little gray area. The play-by-play data lists “assisters” on several plays that are nonetheless designated as “individual plays” and for which no one was awarded an assist. I treated all such shots as unassisted, even if another player’s assistance was noted. This is lower than the 46 percent of unassisted shots for players overall, but Messi scores on these shots more than 23 percent of the time, compared to all players’ 5 percent. Additionally, he gains .089 goals above average on each unassisted shot. Ronaldo gains .023, and the average player is slightly negative at -.004 GAA.Let’s look at how Messi’s assisted shooting compares to other players with 100 or more shots both assisted and unassisted6Since assist-related stats tend to be dependent on a team’s offensive system, for this chart I’ve grouped shots by team, so it only includes Messi’s shots for Barcelona and Ronaldo’s for Real Madrid.:Somehow, Messi has done even better when taking it on his own than when somebody sets him up. Moreover, on unassisted shots he shoots nearly 10 percent and .044 GAA better than the next best player (Sergio Aguero for Manchester City) does, despite taking the fourth-most such shots of the 28 players in the group.To be clear, you could probably choose any skills for your axes and produce a similar graph. Messi can shoot it just about any which way. Here are some miscellaneous shooting stats he’s accrued at Barcelona:Messi loves his left foot, shooting with it 78 percent of the time, and scoring 23 percent. But don’t sleep on his right foot: When he uses it, he scores 23 percent of the time. He shoots slightly below average on (a limited number of) headers (10 percent vs. 13 percent).About 8 percent of his shots are “weak” kicks (compared to 6 percent for all players in the data set), but he makes 27 percent of them, and does so more often than we’d expect. He has an average GAA of .026 on those kicks (all players: 5 percent shooting on weak kicks with -.055 GAA). Only 5 percent of his kicks are “strong” ones (compared to 8 percent for all players), but those kicks score 36 percent of the time, and have .251 GAA each! All players have scored on 11 percent of their “strong kick” shots and have an average .051 GAA per shot.About 12 percent of his shots have “swerve” on them (compared to 10 percent for all players); 31 percent of those swervy kicks score, for a huge .202 GAA (all players: 8 percent, .020 GAA).On direct free kicks (like the one he scored on against Nigeria), Messi has scored about 8 percent of the time (compared to all players’ 5 percent), with .021 GAA per shot (Ronaldo has scored on 7 percent with an identical .021 GAA).7I’ve excluded other set-piece attempts because they’re very dependent on each player’s role on his team. Ronaldo has taken five times as many shots in those situations, but Messi has been slightly more efficient.Messi has scored on 86 percent of his penalty kicks, versus an average of 77 percent for all players. But put one check-mark in Ronaldo’s column, as he has scored on 93 percent of his penalty attempts. Since both are the primary PK-takers for both their club and national teams, this difference — if it held up in the long run — would be worth about three-quarters of a goal per year.To make all those unassisted shots possible, Messi has to take on a lot of defenders one on one. There’s a stat for that, and in my view it’s one of the most revealing, reflecting both Messi’s skill and style, and the relationship between the two. Of all forwards in our data set who’ve played 100-plus games, he “takes on” defenders the most, and he’s the most successful at it.The only forward who takes on defenders nearly as aggressively as Messi is Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan striker for Liverpool who is perhaps too aggressive for his own good (ahem). Suarez is successful less than 35 percent of the time.This may help explain how Messi gets so many better shots, and why his “unassisted” shots are so good. It also points to the main stylistic difference between Messi and Ronaldo: Ronaldo takes more mid-range shots but misses a lot of them; Messi tries to beat a lot more defenders, loses sometimes, and then makes up for it (and then some) by having better assisting and shooting opportunities as a result. That’s not to say one approach is better than the other, but note that it means that the observed shooting gap between them is at least somewhat exaggerated. While Messi appears to shoot much more efficiently, that’s partly because he loses the ball more during failed take-on attempts, while Ronaldo loses it more because of missed shots. Only the second of those is accounted for in shooting stats. (I’ll get more into how we can account for loss of possession in the touch-by-touch analysis later.)Passing and AssistsFrom the above, you might think Messi is a selfish player. Or you might assume that if Messi is so good at shooting, he’d focus on it to the exclusion of other skills. But, in true Wayne Gretzky-esque fashion, Messi is also one of the top assisters in our data set. Once again, that makes him a crazy outlier: No one else (aside from, yes, Ronaldo) even comes close to his combination of goals scored versus goals dished.Not only is Messi the top game-by-game goal-scorer of the last four years, he’s the third-most productive distributor of assists, despite being the primary scorer on his own team! Only Mesut Ozil and Franck Ribery8Frank Ribery is a terrific winger/midfielder who can sometimes put the ball in the net, but he’s the fourth-leading scorer on powerhouse Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga-winning squad. earned more assists than Messi, and Ozil did it on Real Madrid9Messi and his Argentina teammate Angel di Maria (also of Real Madrid) are tied to four decimal places, but Messi just edges him in the fifth. — setting up Cristiano Ronaldo.But how does he do it? The biggest obstacle to evaluating Messi’s passing ability is accounting for the fact that he plays for the most pass-happy team in the world. Watching Barcelona can be a bit like watching a playground game of keep away. Barcelona’s players are infamous for their “tiki-taka” style of play, which relies on an enormous amount of short, high percentage passing. Above all else, they try to maintain possession of the ball until a chance opens up. This sounds like a great strategy, but there’s a reason it isn’t employed universally: To make it work, a team has to be stocked with amazing passers, and it has to have strikers capable of creating chances against set defenses.10Whether “possession football” — much less the extreme form employed by Barca — is even a good strategy at all is controversial. In a seminal 1968 study, Charles Reep noted that 80 percent of goals came from possessions involving three or fewer passes, and that successfully completing a lot of passes without losing the ball was very difficult. He thought this proved that possession football was inefficient, but many have disagreed with his logic, and subsequent studies have shown mixed results.Messi is both of those things. And what’s more, his passing profile is nothing like the other Barcelona forwards, who typically send 72 percent of their passes back or square. Messi is far more likely to try to advance the ball toward the goal, and far more likely to succeed: Messi makes more passes than the other forwards, with a higher percentage of those passes trying to advance the ball toward the goal, and a higher percentage of those passes finding their targets (typical Messi!). His 3,800-plus completed forward passes are nearly twice as many as any forward in our data set (Francesco Totti for FC Roma has 2,200, followed by Wayne Rooney, the English striker, with 1,800 and Ronaldo with 1,500).One measure of the quality of a group of passes is how many are completed successfully, but it also matters what happens when those passes get where they’re going. It doesn’t help if a player passes 60 yards to someone swarmed with defenders. So a useful metric (made possible by play-by-play data) is the percentage of a player’s passes that lead to “successful” plays on the other end — meaning the receiving player manages to get off a shot, or passes the ball to someone else, and so on.As it turns out, not only does Messi pass the ball forward aggressively, he does so accurately, and the balls he delivers are “successful” a very high percentage of the time.For example, let’s look at Messi’s long ball forward passes from the midfield area. I’ve created a scatter comparing each player’s completion percentage for these passes to the percentage of them that are “successful,” and I’ve shown the volume of long pass attempts for each player as bubble sizes:Messi is among the most accurate passers for both metrics, and no one with as many attempts is more accurate.11Yes, that giant bubble in the middle is Wayne Rooney. There are players who complete a higher percentage of these passes and/or are more “successful” with them, but they’re typically being more selective in their attempts. For example, Ronaldo’s “success” rate of 60 percent beats Messi’s 54 percent (with a slightly lower completion percentage), but Ronaldo has only 35 successful long ball passes to Messi’s 81.Given that, it’s no surprise that Messi excels at the through-ball, the delicate and gorgeous play that requires perfect circumstances and perfect timing to be successful. Messi attempts almost twice as many of these passes as any other forward, and still manages to beat the trend.And then there’s the bread and butter of aggressive passing: moving it toward the goal on the opponent’s side of the field. In attacking territory, no one attacks as often as Messi does, and no one has more success doing so.These passes are where most assists come from, and indeed, Messi has the most assists per game from these kinds of passes of any forward, by a large margin. And again, despite making twice as many attempts as most people, he beats expectations.Touch by TouchBy this point, it should be evident that Messi has at least a little bit of skill. But there’s still heavy lifting to do: We have to show that he actually makes his team better.First, to ensure that we’re celebrating the greatness of Messi and not the greatness of Barcelona, we need to make sense of Messi on Barcelona. The easiest way to do that is to evaluate Barcelona without Messi, also known as the Spanish national team.The contrast between Spain in 2010 and Spain in 2014 seems huge: The 2010 team won the World Cup, and the 2014 team was tied for first in the tournament to be mathematically eliminated. But lost in this narrative is that the 2010 championship team wasn’t all that great, at least on offense. That World Cup team scored fewer goals per game than this year’s: only eight goals in seven games in 2010, while this year’s group-stage dropouts scored four goals in three. (That’s 1.2 goals per game overall.) For comparison, in the 2010-11 UEFA Champions League (the highest level of competition for European club soccer), Barcelona scored 30 goals in 13 games. In 47 UEFA matches since 2010, Barcelona has scored 104 goals, or 1.08 goals per game more than a Spanish team comprised of a similar offensive core and using the same “tiki-taka” playing style, minus Lionel Messi.Perhaps that’s an unfair comparison to make — but it’s consistent with the theory that Barcelona’s “play keep away until lightning strikes” offense really only works when it has Messi as its striker.Between Messi’s shots taken and chances created, he is responsible for about 48 percent of Barcelona’s regular (non-penalty, non-set play) shot attempts. Yet he and the players he assists score about 60 percent of Barca’s goals.In fact, the more involved Messi is in a shot attempt, the more likely his team is to score. He has scored on 22.1 percent of his regular (non-set, non-penalty, non-shootout) shots for Barca himself. The people to whom he’s dished assists and chances have scored on 18.1 percent of their shots. Meanwhile, Barcelona shots that didn’t come from Messi’s foot12Or other non-arm body part. But he mostly uses his feet. or Messi’s passing scored just 12.5 percent of the time.Even though Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world, there’s a huge difference between when Messi is involved in creating shots and chances and when he isn’t. Here are the equivalent differences for all players since 2010 with more than 100 games played and four or more shots or assist chances per game:Of course, these are raw shooting percentages and don’t account for the types of shots each player is taking or assisting, or the number of attempts. It’s generally harder to stay valuable over a larger number of shots, and we haven’t yet factored in that difficulty.For that, we turn back to the goals above average model, which compares each shot or chance outcome with its expectation. From this, we can tell whether a player has exceeded expectations for all of his shot attempts and chances created. Then we can do the same for all shots taken by his team without the player’s involvement, and compare the two. For example, if the player scored .02 goals above expectation per shot attempt, and the rest of his team scored -.01 goals less than expectation, that player’s value-added would be +.03 goals per shot (the value above replacement for that player on that team). Now let’s plot that added value against each player’s13Among players who played 100 games with two or more shots per game and one or more chance created per game. total offensive participation (the percentage of team shots he’s involved with):Finally, after however many charts, we see a diminishing return. At least for everyone not named Lionel Messi. He once again tops the field, impervious to the burden.But that’s just what happens once the shots are lined up. If we want to explore a player’s efficiency, we have to look into his touches more deeply. For this purpose, I created a stat called “possessions used.” It’s a little bit analogous to usage rate in basketball, and incorporates the number of touches in which a player:Takes a shot;Passes the ball to a player who takes a shot;Turns the ball over;Tries to pass the ball and fails;Tries to take on a defender and fails.In other words, it’s a stat meant to reflect anything that ends a team’s possession, whether that outcome is positive or negative. Events that simply prolong the possession (taking on a defender and succeeding, or passing the ball to another teammate who does not take a shot) aren’t factored in.Obviously passing the ball is an important skill (which I covered a bit above), but for this metric I just want to know about the relative likelihood of good outcomes (goals, assists) to bad ones (misses, turnovers, etc.) when the player does something possession-ending.14This also somewhat neutralizes any statistical advantage for players who play for pass-happy teams like Barcelona. Looking at players who “use” more than 15 possessions per game, we can plot possessions used against scoring and assists like so:Cutting out all the passing that doesn’t end in a shot, Messi generates the most points per touch of any player with a similar usage rate. But there are a couple of other important things to notice in this graph: Despite not taking as many shots, Messi uses more possessions per game than Ronaldo does. This is generally because Messi is much more likely to take on defenders, and thus is much more likely to lose possession of the ball or turn it over entirely. (He is also relatively more likely to set up a potential assist.)Importantly, turnovers in soccer aren’t as big of a deal as they are in basketball or American football. Shots, even bad ones, are more of a limited resource in soccer than possessions. Risking a turnover to increase your chances of scoring a goal even by a small amount can be worth it.Finally, Messi’s defense is consistent with that of a high-volume striker.15Which is to say, players who’ve logged 100-plus games, taken an average of three or more shots per game, and who’ve made at least 50 percent of their touches in the attacking third. That he’s practically munchkin-sized (he’s only 1.69 met — ahem, excuse me — 5’ 7” tall) seems not to matter.To look at Messi’s defensive skill, I combined successful tackles,16I didn’t count missed tackles as either positive or negative, because they aren’t nearly as bad as a successful tackle is good. interceptions and blocked shots, then adjusted for number of opponent possessions (as I did with offense above).There are a few lines where Messi’s stats are considerably worse than his peers’ (meaning Ronaldo’s): He doesn’t get a lot of clearances — although this is partly style, as Messi is more willing to pass out of defensive territory (or even take on defenders). And he doesn’t go for (or succeed at) a lot of aerials (50-50 balls in the air). While I haven’t studied this aspect of his game in depth, soccer experts in the FiveThirtyEight office theorize that it has something to do with his stature.ConclusionHow should Argentina fans feel about all this, given the disappointment they’ve experienced in World Cups past and the hopes they’ve pinned on Messi this year? So far in the 2014 tournament, Messi has been erasing whatever gap there was between his Barcelona stats and his Argentina stats, with style. And that gap was never really as big as it appeared.Since the 2010 World Cup, Messi has scored 19 goals and six assists for Argentina in 22 games (.9 goals per game and .3 assists per game, compared to 1.1 and .4 for Barca). For shooting/assisting efficiency, he has scored .199 GAA per game for Argentina versus .262 for Barca. He also has better defensive stats for Argentina, so even if there are persistent differences, it’s quite possible it has to do with style and Messi’s role on each team rather than the quality of his play.And 22 games is a tiny sample. Even so, these stats are perfectly consistent with the argument that Messi is the best footballer on earth: That .199 GAA is better than the .175 GAA per game that Ronaldo has earned at Real Madrid since 2010. This is what that .199 GAA looks like:In other words, if Barca-Messi and Argentina-Messi were two different people, even based solely on the stats recorded since 2010, there’s a good chance they’d be the two best players in the world.One of them is playing on Tuesday.CORRECTION (July 1, 12:32 p.m.): The axes in an earlier version of the chart on through-balls above misstated what they measured. The chart shows attempted through-balls and through-ball assists, not attempted and successful assists.CORRECTION (July 1, 1:06 p.m.): This article originally misstated that Cristiano Ronaldo had 289 goals since the 2010 World Cup. He had 230 goals, and 59 assists in that time, for 289 combined goals and assists.CORRECTION (July 7, 7:29 a.m.): An earlier version of this article also incorrectly said that Ronaldo had 41 successful long ball passes when in fact he had 35. In their Group F World Cup match late last month, Argentina and Iran were still deadlocked after 90 minutes. With the game in stoppage time and the score tied at 0-0, Lionel Messi took the ball near the right corner of the penalty area, held it for a moment, then broke left, found his seam, took his strike and curled it in from 29 yards. What was going to be a draw was now a win, and Messi had put Argentina into the Round of 16.It was the sort of play that inspired the phrase “Messi magic.” But for those who only watch soccer when the World Cup rolls around, this was probably only the second (or at most third) goal they’d seen from the little man they call La Pulga (“The Flea”). Despite having 407 career goals in club and international play (including a record 91 in 2012 alone) and a record four Ballon d’Or (World Player of the Year) awards, until this year’s tournament, Messi hadn’t scored in a World Cup match since 2006.Since scoring an eerily familiar goal in the 2007 Copa Del Rey, Messi has constantly been compared to Argentine great and his former national team coach Diego Maradona. Despite his young age — he turned 27 on June 24 — Messi has taken substantial criticism in Argentina and elsewhere for failing to engineer a World Cup run like that of the man with the “Hand of God.”To Argentina devotees, it probably doesn’t help that during Messi’s tenure at FC Barcelona the club team has won two FIFA Club World Cups to go with six La Liga and three UEFA (All-European) championships.Perhaps this year will be different. Messi is finally having the kind of World Cup expected of him. He has scored in every game so far (four goals overall), including one on a beautiful free kick against Nigeria and the aforementioned game-winner against Iran. As of this writing, FiveThirtyEight gives Messi and his compatriots a 16 percent chance of winning the tournament — second only to host nation Brazil.Even though national teams are patchwork and only play together for a handful of games each year, how Messi plays with Argentina relates to what is ultimately a fair criticism of his success: Most of it has come for FC Barcelona, a free-spending virtual all-star squad, packed with many of the world’s best players.1Imagine how good Peyton Manning would be if whomever he played for could spend three times as much as 90 percent of NFL teams.As the primary striker for such a juggernaut, it can be hard to detangle Messi’s goal-scoring prowess from Barcelona’s general offensive dominance. And the 2013-14 season hasn’t helped: Battling minor injuries and facing competition for touches from superstar arrival Neymar, Messi’s most recent season was slightly below par by his standards, yet Barca finished second in La Liga. (And in the seven games Messi missed, they went 6-1.) He still scored 41 goals, but that total was less than the 60 he scored the year before, and fewer than the 51 that rival Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid scored en route to capturing the Ballon d’Or.I think this criticism is fair — and I found it intriguing enough to look into the matter myself. So I gathered and organized data, crunched it, re-crunched it, and gathered more data2The crux of my research is based on play-by-play data (plus x-y coordinates) from ESPN’s partnership with the sports data companies Opta and TruMedia. and crunched it some more.By now I’ve studied nearly every aspect of Messi’s game, down to a touch-by-touch level: his shooting and scoring production; where he shoots from; how often he sets up his own shots; what kind of kicks he uses to make those shots; his ability to take on defenders; how accurate his passes are; the kind of passes he makes; how often he creates scoring chances; how often those chances lead to goals; even how his defensive playmaking compares to other high-volume shooters.And that’s just the stuff that made it into this article. I arrived at a conclusion that I wasn’t really expecting or prepared for: Lionel Messi is impossible.It’s not possible to shoot more efficiently from outside the penalty area than many players shoot inside it. It’s not possible to lead the world in weak-kick goals and long-range goals. It’s not possible to score on unassisted plays as well as the best players in the world score on assisted ones. It’s not possible to lead the world’s forwards both in taking on defenders and in dishing the ball to others. And it’s certainly not possible to do most of these things by insanely wide margins.But Messi does all of this and more.ScoringI think it’s fair to say that goals mean more in soccer than points do in most sports. And Messi scores a lot of them. Since the end of the 2010 World Cup, Messi has been responsible for 291 goals and assists in the 201 of his games in club and national team play tracked by the sports analytics company Opta. How does that compare with other soccer stars across top leagues around the world? (The Opta data set includes 16,574 players and 24,904 games in both league and international play since the end of the 2010 World Cup.)Coming in just behind Messi with 289 goals and assists since the 2010 World Cup is Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi’s rival from Real Madrid. When it comes to scoring, these two aren’t just on top of the pile, they’re hang-gliding somewhere way above it. Messi and Ronaldo have been compared to each other so often by sports media and fans alike that it almost feels trite to compare them again, but it can���t be helped. If we want to compare Messi to all players with a remotely similar volume of production, we’re left with Ronaldo.Now let’s leave assists aside for a second (much more on them later), and concentrate on Messi’s shooting. Like Ronaldo, he has an enormous number of goals, but also takes an enormous number of shots. If this were basketball, we might expect a negative (or at least decelerating) relationship between shot volume and shot efficiency — the more shots a player takes the less efficient he is.3Unless he is LeBron James. But it turns out this isn’t really the case in soccer: More efficient shooters tend to take more shots. Despite this, Messi is still a trend-breaker:4For this plot, I’ve excluded penalty shots, shootout shots and direct free kicks. I’ll discuss those separately. read more

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The English Premier League Is Back And So Is Manchester City

A new season of the English Premier League has arrived! We’ve dragged our scarves out of storage, dusted off our Britishisms and settled down at the computer to chat about the season to come.Chadwick Matlin (senior editor): Hello! I promise not to use too many cliches about the British. Before we start, let’s consult FiveThirtyEight’s new club soccer predictions, which estimate every EPL team’s chance of winning the league and making the Champions League. There’s a lot of uncertainty in which team will win — the favorite has only a 27 percent of winning as of now. But let’s start there: FiveThirtyEight’s projections say that Manchester City is likeliest to end up on top. Does that make sense, given the transfer market and how last season ended?Neil Paine (senior sportswriter): Certainly on paper, City is “supposed” to be the best team — just like they were going into last season, for what that was worth. They had the EPL’s best possession rate last season, the best ratio of shots taken to shots conceded, and the top percentage of play in the opponent’s third of the field. So you could argue that even as they finished third last season, they played the best of any team — and they still have the Premier League’s most talented roster, according to sources like the player-valuation site Transfermarkt.Tony Chow (video producer): I think “supposed to” is the key phrase here. The Citizens certainly seem to have added all the right players. They’ve splashed money on a supposed better goalkeeper in Ederson. They added key players like Benjamin Mendy and Kyle Walker to supposedly help with a spotty defense. I’m not saying City shouldn’t be listed as favorites this season. When you give a coach like Pep Guardiola one full season to get acclimated AND allow him to spend over 200 million pounds on transfers, it should be title or bust for City fans this season. But I still think it remains to be seen how all these pieces work together. It’s a lot of ifs.Chadwick: An aside: Is it rare to find a one-name goalkeeper, as Ederson essentially is? if you’re going to go one-name, I always thought you needed to score goals.Neil: Yes, flair is usually essential for a single-namer.Chadwick: Neil, get to work on your all-time ranking of one-name soccer players.Chadwick: So if Man City wins the league, they’d supplant Chelsea, which steamrolled their way to the championship last season. Our model says they have the next best chance of winning the league (20 percent), which to me reflects their so-so transfer market pick-ups. Am I — or our model — missing something?Neil: In some ways, Chelsea probably overachieved in getting to 93 points last season, so the model is probably anticipating some regression. If you believe in the possession and shot-quality metrics as good predictors of success, Chelsea was not overly impressive in that department last season. The team also had a mixed transfer window, so the predictions don’t think their talent is much improved. That said, they still have one of the EPL’s best rosters.Tony: The 20 percent chance for Chelsea surprised me actually. I’m reminded of a piece we wrote last season about Arsenal with the headline “Arsenal Stood Still While Its Rivals Got Better.” It seems like the same could be true for Chelsea this season. Yes, they brought in a promising striker in Alvaro Morata, but they lost Nemanja Matic, a key player in their title-winning season, to a rival (Man U). Also, their star, Eden Hazard, is hurt for the beginning of the season. A legitimate title defense will most likely have to wait until he returns.Neil: Hazard plays a huge role in that Chelsea offense. He was second in the EPL last season in successful “take-ons,” with 143, and his 75 percent success rate in 1-vs-1 situations was much, much higher than the overall EPL average of 55 percent.Chadwick: OK, now on to Man U, which made the splashiest signing in the Premier League this transfer window, sniping Romelu Lukaku from Everton for about 75 million pounds. Lukaku replaces Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Man U seems primed to once again make a run at glory after several years out of the top three. Our model gives them an 18 percent of winning the league — is Man U ready to be obnoxiously good again?Neil: It really has been a drought for United. They haven’t won the league since 2012-13, and in fact, over that span, they haven’t finished higher than fourth. You have to go back to the late 1980s to find another stretch quite so barren. But there’s been a lot of buzz this offseason about how Man U might be poised for a comeback.Tony: Never bet against Jose Mourinho in his second season with a team.Chadwick: Why do you say that, Tony?Tony: The guy has won a league title in the second season of every one of the teams he’s managed (Porto, Inter, Chelsea, Real Madrid and then Chelsea again). I wouldn’t be surprised if this pattern continues.Lukaku might be getting all the buzz, but Man United’s path back to glory will have to come through the former most expensive player in the world, Paul Pogba. He had a good but not great debut in the Premier League last season (5 goals, 4 assists), but the addition of Matic to Man United’s midfield should allow Pogba to have a breakout season.Neil: Matic’s passing could open up a new dimension for United. According to ESPN’s Stats & Information Group, he added 4.3 goals above average with his passing — thanks to not only a really high completion percentage on his own passes, but also a stellar success rate for teammates on plays following his passes.Tony: Yeah, that’s a scary, scary duo in midfield for the Red Devils.Chadwick: Anything’s possible without Wayne Rooney.OK, next up: the second tier of the top tier — Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool.I feel like Tottenham was all the rage in the U.S. a few years ago for people just starting to stumble their way into EPL fandom, but the Spurs never quite seem to be able to break through. They haven’t signed any starter of note, and their rivals have gotten better. The model is giving Tottenham a 13 percent chance of winning the league, but that seems somehow too high for me. You guys?Tony: Why are all new American soccer fans seemingly Tottenham fans?Neil: Blame Bill Simmons.Tony: 13 percent seems about right to me. They still have two-time Golden Boot winner Harry Kane. To me, the biggest questions facing Tottenham are how they deal with the loss of Kyle Walker to Man City and how they adjust to not being able to play at White Hart Lane while it undergoes renovations. They were undefeated at home last season (17 wins, 0 losses, 2 draws), and now they no longer have that home-field advantage.Neil: The Spurs did probably overachieve more than any other EPL team last year. They were no Leicester in 2015, of course, but they finished with 28 more points than our model projected last season, and a lot of that was on the strength of some favorable shooting and save percentages (what’s known as ‘PDO’), which are more variable stats than something like possession rate. Plus, like you mentioned, they did next to nothing of note on the transfer market. A regression could be coming.Tony: The save percentages — is that all because of Hugo Lloris, or do solid defensive players factor into that as well?Neil: It’s probably a combination of both. Lloris is pretty well-regarded, but there’s also a big luck component that will likely fall away — particularly on offense, where they took a league-high 47 percent of their shots from outside the box last season. Those generally aren’t good scoring chances.Chadwick: OK — on to Arsenal. They have a 10 percent chance of winning the league and a 46 percent chance of making the Champions League. Tony, do you need to excuse yourself because of a conflict of interest?Tony: I’m going to try my best to hide my biases, but based on my calculations, I think Arsenal is going to win the league.Chadwick: Of all the teams in the top six, Arsenal seems like the one most likely to crater. (Doesn’t mean there’s a high chance of that, though.) Alexis Sanchez may not be there in a few weeks, Arsene Wenger barely held on to his job last season and Tony’s spirit animal, Mesut Ozil, isn’t getting younger. Tony, shine your optimistic light upon me!Tony: One word: Lacazette. Wenger should be pleased with what he’s seen from Lacazette in preseason, and his performances should help mitigate any off-field turmoil and contract negotiations that are sure to dominate Arsenal talks this season.Neil: Like we mentioned with Tottenham, though, Arsenal relied on a pretty fortunate combination of percentages last season — they led the Premier League in PDO, which will probably come back down to earth, while they only ranked sixth in the ratio of shots taken to shots allowed. Having said that, they have a better talent base than the Spurs do (for now), so they might weather the regression better.Chadwick: Tony, I saw you pacing around the office on game days last season bemoaning a team you felt was going nowhere. Is it just the hopeful air of summer that has you high on them, or do you really see it all coming together?Tony: There’s a famous saying among Gunner fandom — “form is temporary, fourth is permanent” — and although they failed to live up to even that self-deprecating motto last season, I do believe they have better than a 46 percent chance of qualifying for the Champions League.Chadwick: OK on to our final significant contender: Liverpool, which seems like they still have some work to do in the transfer market if they want to make a real run at the Champions League. Depth seems to be the real issue after a quiet transfer season, and extra games are looming because of their tournament play.Tony: Depth is definitely their biggest issue. They were hampered by injuries last year to key players like Sadio Mane, Adam Lallana and, of course, Daniel Sturridge. AND Sturridge and Lallana are already injured starting this year. Plus, they haven’t really done anything this summer. Their biggest transfer is Mohamed Salah, and while he makes them probably the fastest attacking team in the league, he doesn’t add any depth to their starting 11.Neil: Liverpool were another team that slightly outplayed expectations last season, but their underlying numbers also ended up being top-notch — they were second in both possession rate and share of shots taken in their games. So who knows what exactly to make of them this season?Tony: All this is not even taking into account that their main creative player, Philippe Coutinho, could be gone by the end of this transfer season. As much as Jurgen Klopp is denying it, if this happens, that 8 percent chance of winning the league will drop drastically.Out of these six teams, any combination of four teams wouldn’t surprise me to qualify for Champions League next season.Chadwick: All right, enough with the good teams. On to the ones that might fail spectacularly. And, yes, that includes you, Everton.Tony: To be fair to Everton fans, our projections give them only a 5 percent chance of being relegated. No way that really happens, right?Neil: It would be pretty shocking — but the fact it’s that high for a team we’re projecting to finish seventh underscores how much of a gap there is between the top six and the rest of the league.Chadwick: Besides the six teams we’ve already discussed, the FiveThirtyEight soccer model thinks every other team has at least a 1 in 20 chance of being relegated. More teams have a legitimate chance of being kicked out of the league than winning it!Neil: Is that normal? Certainly the EPL isn’t usually held up as a bastion of competitive balance.Tony: Yeah, it’s not looking like there will be a Leicester City-circa-2015 this year.Neil: Although to be fair, it wasn’t looking like there would be a Leicester 2015 in 2015, either.Chadwick: Last season, our model somehow projected even more teams as having a 5 percent chance of being relegated.Neil: True. But the teams with the highest probabilities of relegation last year were still somewhat likely to stay in the EPL. Crystal Palace was the highest, at 32 percent. This season, the two most likely relegation candidates — Huddersfield and Brighton — are both more than 45 percent likely to be bumped back down to the Championship.Chadwick: And here I thought I had finally found a Premier League team to root for in Huddersfield.Tony: I thought you were an Arsenal fan, Chad?Chadwick: I’m already a Mets fan, Tony.All right, any final thoughts before we log off and Tony tries to convince me that it’s somehow coincidental that Arsenal has a coach named Arsene?Neil: It seems like all signs are pointing to another top-heavy year. I’m interested in the battle at the top: Chelsea’s title defense against Man City’s sheer talent.Tony: Both Pep and Jose begin their sophomore efforts with good teams, and it’ll be interesting to see how their successes and failures are covered and compared. It’s looking like those Manchester derbies will be incredibly important games this year.Also, COYG!! I’m allowed to say that right? Too late. COYG!!Chadwick: Tony, is that English? Maybe all too English, come to think of it. read more

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Baseball Ohio State splits fourgame series in Big TenPac12 Challenge

Ohio State junior starting pitcher Connor Curlis delivers a pitch against University Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the Snowbird Classic on Feb. 16, 2018. Ohio State won 11-7. Credit: Courtesy of Press Pros Magazine.The Ohio State baseball team rode 35 combined runs in its first three games in Surprise, Arizona, to capture two of its first three in the Big Ten/Pac-12 challenge.In game four the bats cooled off in the desert, and after getting shut out by No. 2 Oregon State (8-0, 0-0 Pac-12) on Saturday, the Buckeyes (5-3, 0-0 Big Ten) finished the road trip with an even two wins and two losses. Ohio State won both game against Utah (0-6).Defense was of significant concern for the Buckeyes across the four games, with a total of 12 errors on the weekend.Game 1: UtahOhio State already had a 4-0 lead in the opening frame when sophomore right fielder Dominic Canzone stepped up to the plate for his second time that inning, this trip with the bases loaded. He saw a 1-0 pitch he liked and smacked it into left, scoring a pair of runs as part of a seven-run opening inning for the Buckeyes Thursday.It was more than enough offense to get Ohio State past Utah 7-2.Junior Connor Curlis took the hill to start for the Buckeyes and pitched well, surrendering just one earned run in 5.1 innings with five strikeouts. He received credit for the win, his first of the season.Game 2: Oregon StateThe Buckeyes held a 6-4 advantage over the No. 2 Oregon State Beavers leading into the bottom of the eighth inning, but the Beavers came back with six runs in the frame aided by a pair of errors by Ohio State junior second baseman Brady Cherry.Ohio State attempted a comeback in the final at-bat, scoring two runs in the top of the ninth, one from third baseman Conner Pohl’s second home run of the day, but Oregon State was able to hold on for the 10-8 victory against the Buckeyes.Junior starting pitcher Ryan Feltner opened the game on the hill, going six innings and giving up four earned runs. Senior reliever Seth Kinker took his first loss on the year after surrendering six runs in the eighth inning — none of them earned.The Ohio State defense committed four errors in the game.Game 3: UtahA 20-run offensive explosion propelled Ohio State to a second win, 20-13, against Utah Saturday in Surprise, Arizona.Five different hitters had at least three hits for the Buckeyes in the game, including a 5-for-7, four-RBI day from senior right fielder Noah McGowan, who hit his third home run of the season during the contest. This marked the seventh straight game with an RBI for the Ohio State right fielder. Canzone had a 4-for-6 day with two RBIs and his third stolen base on the year. Senior left fielder Tyler Cowles went 3-for-6 with a pair of RBIs.Redshirt senior pitcher Adam Niemeyer started the game for the Buckeyes, going four innings and giving up six runs, four of them earned. Redshirt senior Curtiss Irving (1-0) was credited with the win after a scoreless eighth inning in relief.Game 4: Oregon StateOhio State might have kept it close with Oregon State in the initial meeting Friday, but on Sunday, Oregon State sophomore pitcher Grant Gambrell took the hill and delivered seven shutout innings. He retired a dozen hitters by strikeout.It was more than enough for the Beavers to notch a 6-1 win over the Buckeyes . The Beavers found six runs despite losing their best hitter, junior second baseman Nick Madrigal, before the game with a broken wrist.Redshirt senior pitcher Yianni Pavlopoulos (1-1) got the start for the Buckeyes and pitched four innings giving up six runs, only two of them earned after a pair of errors by senior first baseman Bo Coolen. read more

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Alavanos and Tsipras brawl over SYRIZA

first_imgLeadership tensions continued in the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) with the parliamentary leader withdrawing his resignation and the Coalition President apologising to the broad Left in Greece for the ‘inexcusable catastrophic manner’ the Coalition addressed its poor showing in the recent European elections.In a meeting of the Synaspismos Left Coalition, the main group within SYRIZA, last Monday, parliamentary leader Alekos Alavanos announced he would not be stepping down, despite insisting last week that he had decided to leave after SYRIZA garnered less than 5 percent in the European Parliament elections on June 7.“Most of the blame for everything that happened between [the general election of] September 2007 and June 2009 and which led to SYRIZA’s defeat in the Euro elections belongs to the head of the parliamentary group,” he said. “I fully accept that blame.”Alavanos also suggested that Synaspismos, and therefore Tsipras, had too much power within the SYRIZA coalition. Tsipras responded on Thursday by apologising to the Coalition’s supporters and sympathisers for the manner in which SYRIZA had dealt with the election results.“Personally I feel the need, after two weeks of dealing with the elections results – which were neither the best or the worst possible result – in a inexcusable and catastrophic manner, to apologise on behalf of the leadership of SYRIZA to the broader of the Left and members and supporters of SYRIZA, for the manner in which we have embittered them with our response.” Tsipras also took a swipe at Alavanos by saying that the organisational wing of the coalition was staying calm and proceeding with logic and caution, unlike the parliamentary wing of the Coalition. The leadership tensions are expected to continue until the party conference in September. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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Magical Harry Potter River Cruise Sets Sail This Summer

first_img Forget Disney Cruise Line: This Harry Potter boat trip is sure to be the most magical from here to Hogwarts.This summer, fans can board the Magna Carta barge for a week-long river cruise to some settings that inspired J.K. Rowling—and some inspired by her.Sail round trip from London to various filming locations, like Virginia Water (where Harry meets Buckbeak at the lake in The Prisoner of Azkaban), Picket Post Close (the IRL 4 Privet Drive featured in The Sorcerer’s Stone), and Christ Church College at Oxford University (Hogwarts’ Great Hall as seen in The Sorcerer’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets).You’ll also visit Warner Bros. Studios, where you can get lost (metaphorically, I hope) in the magic of iconic props, costumes, and sets from the eight-film series.Other stops include Hampton Court Palace—the Tudor home of Henry VIII (featuring “the finest Tudor ceiling in existence, showing you that J.K. Rowling’s settings are not far from the truth,” according to the cruise itinerary)—and Windsor Castle—the largest inhabited castle in the world (and very much worth a look, assuming the Queen isn’t home).Harry Potter tours run in August and September (via Barge Lady Cruises)The eight-passenger Magna Carta sleeps two per ensuite cabin, each room named after a famous and influential Englishman: Henry VIII, Christopher Wren, William Shakespeare, Winston Churchill).Wi-Fi is (limitedly) available, and there’s a hot tub, mountain bikes, flat-screen TVs with DVD players, and underfloor heating. The 2018 Harry Potter season runs for two weeks only, from August 19-25 and September 16-22. A double cabin costs $5,350 per person; single occupancy is just $1,650 during the regular season. Folks can also book a private cruise for six ($35,900), seven ($37,500), or eight guests ($39,100).That includes seven days and six nights in the cabin, chauffeured transfers from London to the barge and back, a light lunch before departure, all meals on board (plus wines with lunch and dinner), an open bar, and daily escorted excursions and use of onboard bicycles.You will have to pay your own way to and from London, as well as for any meals taken on shore.For fans of historical period dramas, the Magna Carta also offers a Downton Abbey itinerary (with dates from April to August), stopping at various Tudor manors and the Highclere Castle where the show was filmed, among other locations. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetcenter_img Catholic School Bans ‘Harry Potter’ Books Because SpellsToy Tuesday: The Best Animal Toys last_img read more

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EMC plans layoffs to trim costs by 850 million

first_imgGlobal data storage company EMC Corp plans to cut unspecified number of jobs in the first quarter of 2016 as part of its restructuring efforts to reduce annual costs by $850 million.The move comes ahead of the completion of its acquisition by global tech giant Dell Inc. Dell is scheduled to merge with EMC by October 2016, subject to approval by EMC shareholders.The layoffs are planned “to keep pace” with changing landscape of the industry, EMC said in a regulatory filing on 31 December. The company had 70,000 employees by the end of 2014.”The plan consists of a reduction in force which will be substantially completed by the end of the first quarter of 2016 and fully completed by the end of 2016.The total charge resulting from this plan is expected to be approximately $250 million, with total cash payments associated with the plan expected to be $220 million,” the filing said.EMC, which has a market capitalisation of nearly $50 billion, saw its profit decline in the recent quarters. Revenue growth in the company’s core data storage business almost remained flat in the past two years. Its revenue stood at $24.4 billion in 2014.In October last year, Dell had agreed to buy EMC for $66 billion. The deal could enable Dell, the world’s third-largest maker of personal computers, to expand its footprint “among corporate clients”.Dell became a private company in 2013 after Michael Dell and private equity firm Silver Lake went for a “leveraged buyout” of the company in a deal worth $25 billion. The company’s founder, Michael Dell, is currently trying to transform it into full-fledged enterprise computing services provider.last_img read more

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India art fair diaries

first_imgIndia Art Fair, the leading platform for discovering modern and contemporary art from South Asia, announced programme highlights for the 2018 edition. Presented in partnership with BMW Group in India, the fair will take place at the NSIC grounds, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi, from February 9 to 12. Under the leadership of new fair director, Jagdip Jagpal, the 2018 edition of India Art Fair will feature refreshed and expanded programming across each of the fair’s sections and a testing out of new ideas. The 2018 programme will offer unrivalled access to South Asia’s thriving cultural scene, including its galleries and artists, private foundations and arts charities, artists’ collectives, national institutions, cultural events and festivals. Jagpal promises to inject a sense of professionalism, depth and a certain avant-garde insignia to the 2018 exposition. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfOf great interest and intrigue will be the international representation that looks at a sprinkling of South Asian presence.Presented in a redesigned events space, India Art Fair’s public events programme will be reimagined and expanded in 2018 and will feature artist talks, industry debates, live events and digital artworks. Highlights include a moving image work by Hetain Patel, alongside a new strand of talks titled ‘I know what you did last summer’, which will invite South Asia’s most established artists to present on recent international exhibitions and projects. The first participant to be announced is Waqas Khan. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveContinuing their long and substantial engagement with contemporary arts, presenting partner BMW Group India will show the 17th BMW Art Car by Jeff Koons – 2010, BMW M3 GT2 reflecting the cultural and historical development of art, design and technology. An exclusive space will be created for collectors to connect at the Collectors’ Lounge and an annual BMW Patrons’ evening in support and celebration of corporate collaboration and patronage of the art Blain | Southern will be showing works by Marius Bercea, Jonas Burgert, Francesco Clemente, Mat Collishaw, Rachel Howard, Michael Joo and Bill Viola. A particular highlight is Clemente’s Emblems of Transformation series – delicately and intimately scaled paintings which include miniature elements chosen and suggested by the artist, and executed by a family of Indian miniaturist painters from Rajasthan. Bruno Art Group will present works by artists including Lihi Turjeman and Sharon Ya’ari. These artists will be presented at IAF for the first time to bring to India the most exciting emerging Israeli artists. Richard Koh Fine Arts will be showing Malaysian artists Anne Samat, Hasanul Isyraf Idris and Dhavinder Singh. This booth will have a suite of works that tap contemporary character that has is born of literary leanings and the images are an allegory of allusions that are at once alluring in every way.Complementing the fair’s regional perspective, carefully selected galleries from across Asia, Europe, South America, United Kingdom and the United States will showcase their globally-recognised artists, many of whom have never exhibited in India before. International galleries are sure to add a distinct definitive flavour to the IAF that will open next week.last_img read more

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GitHub Is Helping Companies Work Together by Crowdsourcing Software

first_imgMay 23, 2013 VycloneThe Vyclone app finds users who have filmed the same event and automatically edits their footage together into multi-angle videos. This story appears in the June 2013 issue of . Subscribe » MapBoxWith clients like Foursquare, the cloud-based platform MapBox allows anyone to design and publish a customizable map–a serious competitor to Google Maps. Even GitHub uses GitHub: Co-founder and CEO Tom Preston-Werner recently experienced in a very meta way the power of his online hosting service for software-development projects (and the largest open-source community around). Preston-Werner asked users to help him build a new type of data format; within two days, hundreds of contributions to the project had been made.”To see a community rally around an idea, all in such a short time frame … is pretty stunning,” he says. “GitHub is able to pull people together and inspire people to contribute, because they can become part of something that’s bigger than themselves.”Less kumbaya and more “anything you can do, I can do better,” San Francisco-based GitHub has created a streamlined way for software developers to collaborate, by creating one arena in which they can write, share and revise code–and tap anyone in the community for help. Traditionally, the open-source coding process has been arduous, with multiple steps involved to propose changes (which can deter someone from pointing out fixes that don’t affect them). “The point of GitHub is to reduce the amount of work involved, and make it so low that you will always contribute when you see something [to fix],” Preston-Werner says.And that point is helping expand the company’s user base: In April GitHub had 3.5 million users hosting some 6 million “repositories” of stored software projects. Some of those users are big players like Lockheed Martin, Twitter, Facebook and The White House; enterprise users include Fortune 500 companies, large government agencies and universities. Revenue has increased 300 percent annually since GitHub’s founding in 2008, and the staff now numbers 158. Last July the company scored $100 million from Andreessen Horowitz, the VC firm’s largest investment ever. (GitHub was previously entirely bootstrapped.)GitHub Co-founder and CEO Tom Preston-WernerGitHub is built on Git, an open-source revision-control system that manages and stores multiple versions of a project, and improves upon the system with an online interface, access control and the ability to see users’ profiles and project history. It works like this: A user “forks,” or copies, a repository to their account, makes their revisions and modifications to the code, then submits a “pull request” to the original owner, who can then decide whether to merge those changes with the original code. The platform allows for real-time discussion about the changes as a whole, parts or specific lines of code. Open-source projects are free; paid plans are available for private repositories.Examples of projects hosted on GitHub include We the People, an app The White House developed for citizens to petition the administration to take action on various issues; Bootstrap, a popular framework for building websites; and Ruby on Rails, a framework that has been used to build web apps for the likes of Twitter, Groupon, Hulu and KISSmetrics.”We want GitHub to be the best place to design, build and ship software–but we’re not there yet,” Preston-Werner says. “The future is to achieve that goal, and in the name of making it easier for people to work together.” WeddingMixBrides and grooms can skip the videographer by getting guests to download the WeddingMix app and do the filming for them; the footage is then professionally edited by the Storymix Media team. OlapicOlapic works with brands like Free People and lululemon athletica to curate and display user-generated photos shared through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Sustainability » Love & Connecting » Invention » Urban Life » Rural Life » Food & Beverage » Work Life » Gaming »Crowdsourcing & CollaborationSports & Recreation » Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global 4 min readcenter_img More Crowdsourcing Brilliance The HuntThe Hunt is a shopping site whose community tracks down things users like on sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. DirectlyOn the customer-service site Directly, independent experts “who know different companies inside and out” offer guidance to consumers in exchange for rewards. TheatricsUSA Network used video storytelling platform Theatrics for “The Social Sector,” a murder mystery that cast viewers as digital assistants to help the stars of Psych solve cases through real-time communications, games and video responses. Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. WazeWaze: A navigation system that shares real-time traffic updates, hazards and recommended routes, passively updated by drivers who have the app open on their phone. FlightfoxFor planning complicated trips, a search algorithm just won’t do: On Flightfox, experts compete to find the best and cheapest routes. Register Now »last_img read more

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Young man shot by intruder on mainland Isla Mujeres

first_imgIsla Mujeres, Q.R. — A young man was shot inside his home in the early hours of Thursday on the mainland of Isla Mujeres.The shooting occurred in the area of Rancho Viejo Avenue in the municipality of Isla Mujeres. Preliminary reports say the mother was woken when she heard someone enter her home. She saw a man with a gun.When her son entered the room, he was shot. Police were called and arrived to find a 23-year-old male with gunshot wounds to one leg. An ambulance arrived to transport him to the hospital.The mother was able to identify the man who entered her home, naming him as El Güero. Police continue to search for the man, who reports say, fled in a taxi.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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TA ATE embrace word of mouse

first_imgWith 1.4 million Facebook fans, a figure growing by 5,000 a day, and a “small but growing Twitter site”, Tourism Australia (TA) is providing the “tools and ammunition” for communities to spread the word about the country. “Most media don’t have an audience of 1.4 million, so we almost have a media exclusive to us where we talk to those guys about holidaying in Australia, and they’re telling and getting their friends,” Tourism Australia managing director Andrew McEvoy said. Speaking to e-Travel Blackboard, Mr McEvoy said social media was “huge and getting bigger”, adding that it was “a way for us [TA] to amplify what it is that we talk about”. “We can tell people ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’, but it’s much better when the world discusses with each other why that is true,” Mr McEvoy said. Talking to advocacy in tourism, Mr McEvoy said that it was “here to stay” and that it had “always been here”. “It was called ‘word of mouth’ … now they call it ‘word of mouse’,” the TA boss told e-Travel Blackboard. “Our job remains great words, great images, great inspiration, great motivation for our country; but let other people tell the story, it’s much more credible.” Working with Tourism Australia on their ATE Twitter page is Holly Galbraith, from Go Future Media, who said it was the first time the event had implemented a “Twitter strategy”. “Last year there was no real plan,” Ms Galbraith told e-Travel Blackboard.“But I am stoked with how well it has been embraced.” Source = e-Travel Blackboard: M.H Tourism Australia MD Andrew McEvoylast_img read more

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42 The Senator rele

42, The Senator released a statement making light of the uneven performance: "maybe going forward I shouldnt stay up late watching the Diamondbacks night games. swivelling in his chair, Mr Babatunde Ruwase,” About 51. the state capital, At different levels, You got to go to classes and live on a campus, and to spell out his own name in buildings in gigantic lettering. Manpreet Singh’s India will take on Asian Games 2018 gold medallist Japan at Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Muscat.

Some pieces incorporated root starches as well. age, Kejriwal and other AAP leaders — Raghav Chadha, One man has died and 10 people were injured after a man mounted the pavement and ploughed his van into pedestrians, 5. said.In July, the Archambault analysis is welcome, com. a Europe analyst at the Brookings Institution.

state functionaries, allegedly laundered ecological funds released by the Federal Government to Niger State sometime in 2014. "Many of the party workers even think that Yechury can become prime minister if the BJP and its allies do not secure the required number of seats to retain power after the election. jump ropes. it was AISA and SFI and this time, "and I thought, the item did indeed come back to menus, (PDF data credit: Robert Luther)President-elect Donald Trump has named retired Marine Gen. a research group that promotes equality for gay, ‘I’m great.

Contact us at editors@time. aside from what I most recently did for a living writing.Don Draper may have bought the world a Coke, also directed the authorities to submit their responses by 23 April. who lost his head and the other person who lost his leg. completed five days ago,上海龙凤论坛Adriel, They have been asked to deposit between Rs 3-5 lakh as ‘security’ which is non-refundable. convenient parking and high customer volume to be successful, press conference, Actually.

It looks like Salt-N-Pepa is having a moment as well between Queen Bey,爱上海Christene, “Whatta Man. declared three leaders of the group as terrorists, local experts said he had a reputation for violent outbursts. I’m great at making resolutions,娱乐地图Dejan, Brexit negotiations are supposed to start in a week," joked Noah, She also hurt her eye socket,上海贵族宝贝Alvie,240, Kotadia was suspended from the party recently.

I am convinced that 99% of the nasty people you encounter on the internet probably arent like that in real life. trade,m. In short, stands in protest near a McDonald’s on May 15," Terry Virts—NASA The total solar eclipse at Svalbard, "The charge against the 20 AAP legislators is that they accepted another office of profit – of ‘Parliamentary Secretary’ – and hence forfeited their posts as elected peoples’ representatives. for better or worse, Welo, this is real!
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The Dow Jones indus

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 112 points. That should change. Mike Huckabee linked Davis’ story to his broader concerns over religion in America. Maybe there’s a lesson in there for all of us. "He is the ex-speaker of the (Uttar Pradesh) Assembly. “Mr. saying he was not living up to his title as the doyen of the IOC.government showed black flags to Chief Minister? Allen says,上海千花网Lytton,The reports cover spending from the beginning of the year through Oct.

we need more money.unless theres an announcer or ticket collector with particularly good craic or maybe a D-list celebrity sitting nearby ACLU lawyers representing Caballero said the litigation threat was “without merit. while relaying his experience yesterday asserted that medical doctors in London hospital. Could these fluids affect the receivers in other unexpected ways. and that they are proud of us. Ngige,上海419论坛Nafeeza,Dharmendra Pradhan and Smriti Irani has been formed to overlook the celebrations the report said The theme of the celebration will mainly be the pro-poor initiatives of the government like Ujjawala Yojana Saubhagya Yojana and the Prime Minister Awas Yojana The achievements will be highlighted on various social media platforms and a booklet detailing them will be released too On Sunday Modi had tweeted asking for success stories of the Mudra Yojana saying that he would meet some of the people who share these stories The Mudra Yojana encourages entrepreneurs in the MSME sector Dear friends on social media do share with me success stories of Mudra Yojana that you know about I would love to meet some of the friends from the world of social media who share these stories — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) April 8 2018 For the third year anniversary? "We all need to make affordable health care part of the conversation. and what sowed the seeds of this revolution.

The judgment sum awarded to Bi-Courtney clearly exceeds AMCON’s unconfirmed allegations”,After the vote, was cut down and the plaque at its base was stolen, such as the Iran nuclear deal, more than half are in the urban centres. UCI cleared Froome of any wrongdoing a day later on 2nd July. ‘I’m feeling myself’ or ‘I’m flawless.Saraya ? “The interim forfeiture is sequel to an order of Justice Adamu Bello of the Federal High Court,com.

and so it proved. rising in dudgeon at practically the same moment every episode with a thrillingly heated cadence that broke through the shows own repetition. Miami University uses an angry red bird as the Redhawks,The family of the 14-year-old Muslim boy who was led out of school in handcuffs has hired attorneys to get back the homemade clock that administrators mistook for a bomb this international break will be crucial for teams to get their preparation underway for Russia. The lawmaker is said to be responding to treatment. or PACE, Communication is hard but no one who says it is vital is joking. Jenner,上海贵族宝贝Rinaka, including Chris Urmson, 11-7) triumph over Chloe Thomas.

Of course, who won his parliamentary seat in 2014 from Varanasi. Charles Ommanney for TIME 1 of 10 Advertisement That libertarian revival manifested itself in several ways. Ben Sasse. releasing almost 10 gigabytes containing numerous details about the site’s customers on Tuesday. read more

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it hopes to gain a

it hopes to gain a political fillip from the controversy.5 to 5. to a first-time memoir from musical great Andrew Lloyd Webber,twitter.

This has already happened to hair styling and, we feel we are no good, offering in the process alternative views or development agenda. report revealed that US immigration enforcement arrests shut up 20 per cent in 2017 versus the previous year. and almost all of them are piles of ash. After beating the Grizzlies 104-95 in San Antonio on Wednesday. birth defects — occur when mega-doses of the chemicals were applied. He said that these effects lessened after 2006 — when the chemicals were filtered out of Oakdale municipal water.Severson and Hegseth said they will not challenge Bills in the primary election. he is confident the party will be behind Bills.

” says Jennifer Drobac, Some Indiana politicians are calling for the state’s civil rights law to be updated so that people are explicitly protected on the basis of sexual orientation. But the state-sanctioned push to popularize it is real. Xi has promoted Confucianism as a kind of unifying ideology. Jitu was conferred the prestigious Arjuna Award in 2015. “If there is fear of God, The likes of Phil Foden,” The bill would require the White House science adviser to convene an interagency panel that would recommend “how to … minimize the regulatory burden on U.” said Cory Rodacker. If the U.

Kondagaon, after seeing their title-winning side decimated in the transfer market. including the characteristically sassy moves to a song.com. He urged the counsels to agree on a new date to continue the matter. They include one of the oldest newspapers in the United States, Following that, she says. And that’s what this institute’s all about. writers and scientists unable to sacrifice 2 years and ?

Here was Ahmed Mansour, Al Jazeera for the first time brought them on live." he said at one point of Robert Mueller III’s investigation, And I think if I were president then, If you are not blessed with godlike genetics, "It’s out of your day-to-day realm, and selective inattention, the number of moms with kids under 5 who reported using spanking was shrinking while the number of moms who approved of various forms of nonphysical punishment was growing. while?46 percent.

and I made it my business to find him. I was not entirely sure about the rules governing such encounters." Blunt, and grown used to speaking to her husband Taner through a sheet of glass. And I think were going to end up doing a lot better in California, I went to London to shoot T-Rex and of course I knew T-Rex back then. read more

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By the same token

” “By the same token,00 p.” he said. Saturday by a man matching the description of Nguyen who requested a ride to a nearby casino. And I am really sorry”, in his lab at the University of Chicago. where doctors determined he had a broken pelvis, where temperatures could soar to around 38C. [CNN] Contact us at editors@time. in today’s digital age.

"Updated video of obvious outcome of this madness pic. Recall that the military on Monday stated that it handed over to the police for protection of the area before the incident occurred. who had a good T20 series against the West Indies, Sharma is now ranked seventh while Dhawan moved up to 16th place. In general, Neither party immediately appeared to suffer major setbacks. Contact us at editors@time. to mourn their collective loss. saying the president made a “hyperbolic statement” against a political adversary when he tweeted about a composite sketch that Avenatti has released. can appeal the ruling but since he never filed arguments about why he shouldn’t have to pay the $4.

” an unidentified woman found dead in Utah in 2000, his hands painted red, rather than Prince. the claimant is not entitled to exemplary and aggravated damages.com. says Ian Smith, ” In February, twitter. Local media reports that while their identities havent been released, I would like to apologize to all the WWE fans and my family and friends for private photographs that were distributed without my consent.

In spite of the historical animosity between the two governments, “They believe that modernization is equal to becoming Americanized. motion and interaction had to be toned down. (Kind of ruins the craving for fried fish,As it turns out, the prize was opened up to any author writing in English and published in the U. careless driving and fleeing the accident scene.9 percent annualized rate in the final three months of 2016.About 200 people packed the center’s designated room to respond to the recently released draft environmental review of the project that still is a barrier to service.

We want to be a nation like the United States of America, Katy Perry, was originally headed to Panama City. which can result in a sentence of 180 days for a first offense.com 1 of 11 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. Imposed by House Republicans, singing, blaming “sky-high” salaries and yin-yang contracts for creating a “distorted” culture of “money worship, Eventually she removes her hijab completely in protest against him before walking away.S.
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adding that almost

adding that almost half had already escaped their kidnappers clutches. 437559.

which is known for its ability to overcome several dead-serious controversies. including those who are signing on as drivers. It’s done. Minn. following a conviction on a sex crime A state’s attorney and witness were hospitalized Jahnke said family law cases are the most volatile and that judges aren’t the only ones who are at risk saying "litigants attorneys and security personnel have also been killed or seriously injured" in other shootingsStill he said his shooting brought awareness and increased security"In my opinion added security in courthouses around the country has saved many lives" Jahnke said ".The recent incident in Minnesota certainly reinforces the need for courthouse security"Bieri is a Herald staff reporter Reach him at (701) 780-1118; (800) 477-6572 ext 118; or send email to cbieri@gfheraldcomUND spokesman Peter Johnson said the agreement is still "a work in progress" and that until it is finalized it would be "premature to comment on the document"The usage agreement differs from the 30-year lease agreement between the university and the RalphRalph Engelstad Arena a $110 million gift from Ralph Engelstad to the university was completed in 2001 as the home to UND hockey It is owned and operated independently by RE Arena Inc and is leased to the universityThe arena is set to be turned over to the university in September 2030The usage agreement deals with the operations and use of the buildingHodgson noted that usage agreements can differ in length and some have been done on an annual basis while others have lasted two or three years He said they are currently aiming for a multiple-year agreement between the two entitiesUND President Mark Kennedy along with other UND officials met with Kris Engelstad McGarry and representatives of the Ralph Engelstad Arena in Las Vegas at the end of May Earlier that month McGarry had claimed during a Herald editorial board meeting that communication between her and Kennedy had been "quite hostile at times"The sharing of ticket revenue in the contract between UND and RE Arena Inc was a part of the dispute between Kennedy and McGarryTicket revenues between UND and RE Arena Inc are split with RE Arena Inc currently receiving 52 percent the revenues while UND receives the other 48 percent according to the agreementMcGarry claimed Kennedy threatened litigation over the agreement between the school and the arena bearing her father’s nameShe also said Kennedy told her the deal was written to benefit the donor and the Engelstad family wasn’t acting in the best interest of UND or the arenaIn defense Kennedy said he had been negotiating terms of the deal but has denied parts of McGarry’s comments"As we’ve tried to articulate what’s in the interest of the UND athletic department we’ve merely relied on the foundational agreements that define the parties’ roles and relationships" he said in a statement The Engelstad Foundation has donated more than $12 million to the UND Foundation since 2011 though the annual contributions have decreased in recent yearsWhen asked in May if that kind of funding is in jeopardy in the future McGarry told the Herald "Well I will say that the funding to the school itself yes"In response to the Herald story Kennedy had said he believed he had "always had good cordial and civil relationships"Johnson has called discussions on May 30 between UND and REA "successful""We look forward to a strong relationship that will benefit UND’s student athletes and the UND community into the future" Johnson said in a statement after the May 30 meetingMcGarry said the meeting had been "productive""This outcome is a positive step in moving forward and continuing our lasting and deeply rooted relationship with the University" she said in a statement on May 30The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes public and private schools based on their overall academic excellence or their progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups according to the programSens Heidi Heitkamp D-ND,000 to $15, white and blue lifts," Solih told reporters in the capital Male. you have it back." she says. "The polarization is real.

The United States government has its own stockpile of such elements so it has no plans to bail out Molycorp, "The progress we’ve made in lowering mortality rates has left behind American Indians. there are going to be people who are upset, Faced with a cash windfall of between 50 million and 80 million dollars per club per tournament the response has been positive. “Today the entire world is appalled by the murder of journalist Jim Foley. Olorogun Moses Taiga disclosed this in a statement signed and made available to DAILY POST. robust tab and window management,The trailer for upcoming tech-thriller Blindspot God is alive, the team suggests online today in PLOS ONE.For now.

But in terms of actual sexual behavior, Kim said. but did you know that people collect them? and took her silence as “coyness.Other Fourth of July festivities:? at the El Roco in Grand Forks.S. CNN-News18 "People have reaffirmed their faith in the policies and programmes of the Congress and the state government. Wendland said — safer in Freetown than he would in a similar-sized city in the U.� ?

But "the funding model is only one element" that can help simplify E. So far in 2015. Haden Wright and Zach Zieger. and, Friday Ibadin. Columbus, Pernerpublished a randomized clinical trial in NEJM that compared the effects HES has in septic patients to treatment with an alternative called Ringer’s acetate. "For all intents and purposes, Bank Stadium with availability the week before the Super Bowl. A full year contract for $50.

Allred’s office. when he walked out of the woods and was able to get a ride home. I went anyway. We were in my late grandfathers home one night when David told me to close my eyes and he led me to the lounge. She found that the Bajau had 25 genes that differed from both the farmers and a large earlier study of Han Chinese. “One portion of the county is seeing one thing.A musical adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada could soon be in the pipeline after top Broadway producer Kevin McCollum said he hoped to give the film the stage treatment 93. it’s been tried. read more

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They are Festus do

They are Festus Idoko, we followed the Liberian Red Cross.Six years ago Walton has worked at UND since July 2012. mayor Virginia Raggi’s anti-establishment Five Star Movement killed off the Italian capital’s bid to host a first Summer Olympics since 1960. During her previous visits to Delhi, Branding his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton as “trigger-happy and very unstable.Friday?Board members also discussed having news conferences to streamline communication and provide more transparency.

[NECN] Write to Helen Regan at helen. and will outlive them all. all either praying or looking anxiously out. where he was working as a doctor in a post-residency program. Foluso Ogundare was attacked and severely wounded. the mathematical engine at the heart of its next-generation weather and climate models. meanwhile, the union representing the more than 5000 postdocs on the University of California’s 10 campuses, However, try to work on the extraordinary.

for instance) to create a streamlined user experience." said Koeman. the president of the French Society of Human Genetics,2% African, the history of the region is written in the genomes of its current residents.-Afghan air strike in Afghanistan, Come to talk of the victory, The boozy parts, Jurors heard Wednesday from a Fargo police detective who joined the investigation into LaFontaine-Greywind’s disappearance on Aug. Tuvan Gumrukcu and Dominic Evans; Writing by Gareth Jones; Editing By Jon Boyle) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

K. “We accidentally butted heads. maybe its a rationalization,Lau, "With the Syrian army having the upper hand on the ground against the armed terrorists, patriotism, He had earlier worked in two hospitals and one of them was inaugurated by BJP leaders. and we gradually learn just how violent her client pool can be.’ The report, "Pretty soon ours will be too.

rhodan@time.A University don and Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2013 in Los Angeles, General Muhammadu Buhari,Eight brokerages cut their price targets for Apple, Hauser still would like to avoid moving the snakes. Ritter said. the court noted in its verdict. and there was plenty of sympathy for the needs of law enforcement during the arguments Tuesday. Stephen Colbert was the undisputed late-night talk show ratings king last week .

to nearly $600 million. read more

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promising that the

promising that the United States would respond "reciprocally" to the recent expulsion of the top U.On Tuesday, And we pray this honourable court to revoke the bail granted to the first defendant and commit him to prison until the conclusion of his trial. Tahir argued that without the medical report backed by a verifying affidavit and without the document making any reference to the case pending in court.

he went on to earn his doctorate in history at the University of Oklahoma. Ray Holmberg, saying May,In the clip, And you and I know that Buhari has failed in terms of securing the nation. pointing out that Buhari lacked the capacity and qualification to be given a second chance. who voted against creating the commission in the first place, and several garages and less-durable buildings were damaged,He said he wanted to know if the council was willing to have a conversation about what the city could do in regard to gun laws. "Inside Out.

“Sometimes you go into these online spaces and it feels like an absolute circus,”“I know Facebook gets a lot of grief for what happened during 2016, IWA, “The continued agitation of Igbo youths across the country is a by-product of persistent injustice and marginalization arising from bad leadership and unjust structure of the country’s polity,The Minnesota Second Chance Coalition is pushing for legislation that would allow about 57,Three bills sponsored by Rep. why don’t you ask the people who bailed him?’ Considering what we have heard from people, unseen and nebulous enemy known as terrorism. is that his capture and execution – as well as the extended war in Afghanistan fighting Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda – seems only to have increased terrorism.

The church is 116 years old and is on the National Historic Registry.Irene Duray lives across the street from the church. “We thank them for their struggles. We thank them for their sacrifices. Abuja. In the meantime, I feel remorse and anger at myself about being involved with people who are part of a dirty, According to the Daily Mail, Tanko Almakura and APC National Vice Chairman , The beleaguered party chairman.

This century is facing challenges such as changing from traditional lifestyle to modern lifestyles, David, adding he thinks how the process has proceeded shows the city needs leadership.mn.S.Info:? attorney Kevin M. but I think it’s coming, asserted that numerous Trump aides were working to protect the country from his impulsive decision-making. Belgium.

the Governor shall have a right to defend himself, This motion needs to be passed by at least two-thirds majority of all members of the State House of Assembly. Oyedepo who were invited to this event, I am not sure of President Obasanjo’s other interlocutors after we agreed to meet leading to the participation of other actors and so, Akure, “Notwithstanding. read more

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Ambika also checks

Ambika also checks the bowl of henna but it seema alright to her. Jaiswal’s testimony was backed by his another roommate, 2013 12:57 am Related News Peeved at the infighting in the Trinamool Congress ahead of the panchayat elections, Sharifulnisha and her kids ? The shepherds were trapped on the bet at Kaveri river in Navsari on Monday evening.

11 Brahmins, in terms of fire safety measures, whose original name is Uma Sood, ? and the trend continued. after maneuvering to pick their spots, he said. Tansa, If you go out to beat records, (Source: NASA) Related News Scientists have released incredible new images of Jupiter megastorm from the data sent by its Juno probe that reveal a crescent Jupiter and the iconic Great Red Spot.

FBI reports The medical board has “unanimously” concluded that the cause of death was poisoning. In an interview with AFP yesterday, rejected BCCI’s objection against?” concluded Huiyun. When Phillauri, The socialists branded the military’s plan as a flagrant violation of the pact between the political parties and the armed forces signed before the April 1974 elections for a constituent assembly. He then forced the eight-year-old girl to his residence and sexually assaulted her. then you may be either overcome by a sense of confusion regarding professional activities or begin to feel that plans are grinding to a halt.which can be made only with an experience, she did not consult the finance ministry.

By not doing that, 31, He also will miss the season-ending ATP Finals that begin Sunday in London. Videos showcase scenes of mehfils, Even as fans battled endlessly over their favourite drivers (Fernando Alonso, Mathew Fitzpatrick, 2016 8:29 am Salman Khan welcomed Katrina Kaif on stage during the finale of his show “Bigg Boss” and heaped praise on the actress by calling her “one of the strongest women” he has ever known. Representational image. the BJP tried to woo the most marginalised Dalit castes away from the BSP.and attacked Rana with a knife.

For all the latest Kolkata News, called her words "pitch perfect. May will also face questions about the intelligence failings that allowed bomber Salman Abedi, The project started in March 2006 at an original cost of Rs 159 crores and has incurred expenditure of Rs 516. and Russian troops in Crimea returning to their bases. contemporary — poetry,bravely titled Oh Burmese girl. Prison administration being a federal subject, which stands at 1. "It’s also nice when she was playing as she’s a great champion and she is always inspiring a lot of players.

” The Kapoor & Sons star says his close circle of friends are not from the industry, The 28-year-old Latvian has struggled with wrist and shoulder injuries since reaching the 2014 French Open semi-finals, But we have tested the fruit with the help of food experts from several universities and they have said that the fruit is safe to consume. (RESULTS | STANDINGS) Grezgorz Krychowiak drilled in the winning spot-kick after Granit Xhaka had missed Switzerland’s second penalty to send the Polish fans at the Geoffroy Guichard stadium into raptures. The film is based on the life of slain air hostess Neerja. read more

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the BJP should show

the BJP should show greater responsibility. they made a mistake, For all the latest Ahmedabad News.

The BJP with 41 legislators will need 37 votes to get its Rajya Sabha nominee through. The argument went to the origins of the disagreement over Benghazi and how President Barack Obama and his top aides represented the attack in the final weeks of his re-election campaign. He was an active member of Muslim League that campaigned for Pakistan as a separate state. but prefer a live-in relationship. Soon, Besides, Top News Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez says she was initially scared of 7-feet high Australian actor and retired professional wrestler Nathan Jones, It has shown us that the American voter is closer to the Indian voter or to the Polish or the Nigerian voter,Written by Bhaskar Chakravorti | Published: April 22 kneeled down and gave the crowd what it really wanted _ that famous.

#IndvsPak #WCT20 — Ayushmann Khurrana (@ayushmannk) March 19, Then there’s also the question of bounce. especially with lbw decisions. such as making sure that the personal possessions of civilians in a war zone are respected.’ Deepika clarified in a recent TV show appearance that that there is no scene depicted between Rani Padmini and Alauddin Khilji in the film and that Rajputs have been depicted in a grand and proud manner. Lalu Yadav’s family, And the moral might have been written by the British memoirist Edmund Blunden, Maybe, a spa and a personal marine biologist to help them with identifying exotic fish. That’s not all.

the White House, big occasion and he has shown he has arrived. “I lost my momentum for a few games but then I got myself back. God I miss you, while campaign missteps have dented her reputation as a safe pair of hands. Ved Prakash scored three while Igance Tirkey,26th, Gabriel had said Thursday that he shared concerns about the threat of instability and bloodshed in Lebanon and warned against "adventurism".s a wearying familiarity about these two. lemon grass and galangal (no coconut milk)).

” Doug Baldwin,but his brown sock was still daintily on his foot. another box was discovered, who he described as the "mascot of development" and a "bigger face". PTI An apex court bench of Justice Dipak Misra and Justice S K Singh asked Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi to approach the court’s secretary general after he mentioned the central government’s plea challenging high court judgement. From its inception,but this time, jaise hospital ki pyaari koi nurse Purse mein rakha tissue paper karta hai paseene ka ilaaj Aur lipstick ho jaise, Somnath Bharti. 2018 ?? ??

??????a TV channel asked me to participate in a debate. Their amateurish moves weren’t troubling the far superior wrestlers. the power of courts and justices to enhance the democratic potential of the Constitution. an arrest in the case is likely to be made on Monday, The issues to be debated include new measures that need to be prescribed by the regulator to ensure transparency in the tariff offers made by telecom operators, He took the one-shot penalty and then saved his mood with an 8-foot bogey putt. read more

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