Network information office, the people interviewed 51job network, if the adjacent network 4 recruitm

according to the "Shanghai issue" WeChat May 25th news, Shanghai city network information office is to carry out the recruitment website of serious violations of dishonesty "special rectification action, on the basis of investigation and verification, solid card for reference, has interviewed graduate recruitment network, Wealink, 51job, people network four recruitment website. In addition, in the process of verification of the site for the record information, Shanghai net letter office also found that there are 51CMS nets, light recruitment network has serious illegal behavior. read more

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Love figure Park yellow website recently cracked the case May 15 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Wang Hengzhi, Wang Junyong) Jiangsu, Xuzhou police before cracked a major case of dissemination of pornographic material online, May 4th, Xie Moumou, Guo Moumou and other 6 suspects by the Xuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Yunlong branch prosecuted on suspicion of dissemination of pornographic material online.

in January 22nd this year, the Xuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau network police detachment in the collection of online pornographic clues combing, found that local people to maintain a large pornographic website forum love map park". After a preliminary investigation found that porn forum love map Park server address is located in the United states. As of January 23rd, the inquest found that the forum site consists of 7 sections, 58 sub sections, including pictures, movies, the 103906 themes, 494130 posts. The forum has a membership of 209422 people, management staff of 38 people, the site is divided into three levels of management, respectively, administrator 1 people, 11 people, 26 Super Moderator moderator, most of the theme of the forum posts involving pornographic content. read more

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Blue ants on the thigh of locusts

ant network founded by unknown to the public in the famous IT critics, because often see catcher in the blog, so in the online line after he pays attention to the ants under. The location of ant network is a social e-commerce community. I don’t know what it means to be socialized. It’s probably a relationship. Old friends bring new friends, new partners and new friends…… I don’t know if it’s right. As for e-commerce, online commodity trading. To sum up, the ant network is a network platform to achieve e-commerce through interpersonal relationships. If this is true, the ant network play and the usual rules of commercial transactions, a bit contrary to the. Usually the commodity trading, commodity based (object) as the connection, people shopping, the buyer and the seller, then, may extend for two times, three times and N times of shopping, relationship between buyers and sellers have been strengthened in the shopping process, and may have evolved into acquaintances or friends. The seller and the buyer because of the relationship between shopping, temporarily ignored by the ant network. The ant net is concerned about the sale after the end of the process: a commodity buys an item, he put this item on the Internet show, B also has this thing, he also know a love, so for this item and a start the discussion, then C attention to their discussion, have produced this item of desire, and C to the store to buy this item, and then join the discussion a and B, Ding B is that opinion leaders, so he is going to buy this item…… read more

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Private hospital network marketing promotion way out

private hospital of public enemy but public hospital, only to raise awareness through extensive publicity to the network marketing, but the most popular is the Baidu bid, but Baidu bidding competition, cost more and more high, the conversion rate is more and more low, leading to the recent Putian war Baidu picture then, the private hospital’s network marketing where the


highly competitive bidding costs, search engine marketing top up!

bid to promote the mode of hospital network marketing is the most common, although is a piece of meat and potatoes, but grab a lot of people, the amount is small, the more helpless, the cost of bidding every year, a word than a word seems to be expensive, so down conversion, profit space it is not very large, especially in the recent Putian War Department of Baidu, is not because the cost is too high. So what do you do? read more

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Education and training institutions to do the six reasons for network marketing

China’s marketing into the Internet era. The Internet also bathed in the spring breeze Chinese education and training institutions, through the Internet fortune enterprise meet the eye everywhere there are many small and medium sized, but still not engaged in education and training institutions, or engaged in network marketing, the effect is not ideal. I combine my experience in the education industry, analysis of the reasons.

first choice, the first analysis of why many training institutions are still not engaged in network marketing. read more

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Network marketing Taobao business activities planning

Author Zhou Xusheng

today to talk to you about the Taobao business strategy activities and some preparatory work! Come straight to the point, dry cargo;

activity preparation

a, commodity:

1 must be timely goods shelves, shelves of goods time will directly affect the activities of the time, if the shelves late will extend the activities of the time; if the business early, also will affect the activities of the


2 price: the price of the goods need to be set up before the event;

3 single page: must not exceed 2 megabytes, or the number of visitors will affect the speed of open; read more

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2015 AR VR industry financing nearly $700 million for the 6 consecutive quarter of rising

Digi-Capital’s new report, 2016 AR/VR report and AR/VR transaction database shows that in the field of AR/VR in 2015 received a total investment of $686 million. AR/VR investment rose for 6 consecutive quarters, the investment in the fourth quarter of 2015 was the middle of 2014, the times of 6. Taking into account the end of Magic Leap block trading and the end of 2015, the transaction is not included, the amount of investment in AR/VR in 2015 will be more substantial than reported.

  read more

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Palm reading technology to complete nearly $100 million in the first round of financing


technology news January 4th noon news, Sina exclusive, palm reading technology has completed the first round of financing, the scale of nearly $100 million, the valuation of nearly $1 billion.

first round of financing to read the palm of the investment side of the state investment and Austrian flying animation. Palm reading technology co-founder Jia Shengting confirmed this news, but did not disclose the specific amount of investment.

Jia Shengting said palm reading has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the two companies, and the financing will be mainly used for the purchase of the content, the industry chain to build. read more

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What is the download software


since the thunder since haste into the ranks of potential download software download software, before the giants were shocked, the network ant has already been trampled to death, the express train network trying to get back, but from the network traffic and express the thunder, after 07 years of 08 years from October to January a strong promotion time silent.

is of course due to the success of the thunder download it quickly, in order to download, thunder in the N thread during peaceful times to occupy a lot of bandwidth. Tencent is said to be more than the number of super whirlwind thread. When the thunder fame outside, has a strong user base. How to download other software to break it? read more

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Liu Yu media integration to open up a new chapter in network promotion

Internet for smes. Both full of infinite temptation, but it seems strange. E-commerce, network marketing, calling for more than ten years, but how many enterprises get real benefits from the Internet? Internet network company Shun Pennsylvania change, dragons and fishes jumbled together, Baidu phoenix nest replace PPC, but still did not get real recognition of Internet users. The Baidu strike has optimized traces of the SEOers website, network marketing in the end of the jittery, many customers are in the decide on what path to follow? Recently asked me the same question: how do Yu network promotion? How and in Qi film together do? I want to talk with Yu is a media integration of resources the problem. Enterprise marketing need to focus on actual combat, we are in order to promote sales, not to promote the promotion of deliberately. Whether black or white, catch the mouse is a good cat! I think if a company want to rapid development, he must not be a single leg walk. It is necessary to integrate all available resources to the maximum extent. We always in the network company transverse comparison between, who strength will be stronger? But if we put the film and television advertisement and network promotion combination do, will receive what kind of effect? On the basis of this, the network promotion can play a big role? We mainly from the simple analysis of the following three points a: read more

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How to make a successful blog

we all experience the rapid development of the network. According to reports, in 2008, the United States website search engine website attracted more than 1 trillion giant Google. But in early 20, the figure was only 15000 per year. From the science and technology website Mashable reported that the summer of the previous year, there are 150 thousand new web site every day. While it is very difficult to calculate the specific Google attracted several pages, but that is, with the maximum (mammoth) of a word to describe the Internet again appropriate however in 2012. read more

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Welcome the new year, and share the promotion experience

in the ticking of the clock, 2008, has become history.

in early 2008 to set their own goals, one did not achieve. Is depressed, remorse, vent mood, suddenly found the right corner of the FIREFOX PR plugin shows my PR value is a shocking 3.

depressed mood suddenly have some good turn, this is probably 2008 left me the greatest happiness. High school students since September 21, 2008 on-line, ALEXA ranking by nearly ten million advance by leaps and bounds, is now 140605, close to ten thousand. But the PR value is always 0, has always been a great trouble to my heart. Today, the first day of 2009, the PR value update later, into 3, this is probably GOOGLE gave me a new year gift. read more

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Website promotion and service

on their own marketing, landing and other related issues and confusion, I have targeted to help, focusing on the object of the new station, to the floor, there is no money to do promotion. Especially for the local station.

1, I think: I haven’t done Television Forum, to this kind of users, I’m not, so I’m very sorry, there must be a master in this group, the main group recommended this arrangement to master about this course.

say two: improve PR, my new domain name station from April 1st 06 to now less than a year, PR4, I feel that the above the source of the chain and extensive is to be considered, but it is more important to consider the content, and your work is to establish the extent you need site location and core users to you on the. read more

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Let the old ways to create new value alternative promotion experience

today, I had to publish a SEO article, at 4 o’clock, published an overview of the experience of SEO, the majority of the friends of the contempt of the webmaster.

but I think the comprehensive development of SEO is the combination of theory and practice, only know that each promotion method is not good, we must be good at their own independent thinking and creativity, this is my theme today.

an extension of an old method:

to the network investment projects without "guaranteed income" this concept, because the comprehensive ability of project participants themselves are not the same, it is not possible to say the project can ensure that everyone do the specific figures to quantify the minimum guarantee income, for example, 300 yuan / day. But in February 06, the network also really appeared "guaranteed daily income of 300 yuan" project, but also lasted for half a year’s time, the daily income of 300 yuan is guaranteed by the chat room to do traffic message register ads get, we look at some of the specific process: read more

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8868 hand travel trading platform successfully revealed to create core value for users

8868, too fast and safe is the leading hand travel trading platform -8868 hand travel trading platform loud slogan. Since 2013, since the line has been a favorite of the majority of hand travel players, but also gathered a lot of game developers, distributors and channel knowledge. March 2015 8868 trading platform to get $10 million B round of financing, once again become the focus of the industry. In this article, the comprehensive secret 8868 Mobile Games trading platform (, with your full understanding of this popular love Mobile Games trading platform: 8868 trading platform in the end what is special about read more

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Face recognition and image recognition service providers flying search technology was ten million yu

news July 7th, face recognition and image recognition to provide related services to "fly search technology" announced the acquisition of 10 million yuan Angel round of financing, funds from a well-known domestic intelligent hardware manufacturers, and the specific name unknown.

flight search (FaceAll) technology was founded in 2015, is a technology innovation, independent research and development as the core, the machine learning, especially deep learning the research results are applied to the Internet, security, education and other fields of high-tech companies. Core team members from NOKIA, France Telecom, Fujitsu, etc.. Unlike other face recognition, face recognition technology is not specific for the flight search scene specific solutions, but on a team of 20 people, master algorithm, mainly to provide algorithms and provide technical solution algorithm for image recognition equipment or technology integrators and service providers. According to different customer needs, they can provide SDK, online API or SaaS, private cloud and other ways to provide programs. read more

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Fan Zhuo what is the ultimate purpose of interactive Internet Marketing

some time ago to know a friend, was when the creative director at a 4A advertising company, you should know, the traditional media now as one day, and then the man came out he opened a company, responsible said that their company does not have a person particularly familiar with the network marketing however, people on the site actually don’t know where to C over a network marketing flow chart, it is very professional. But, by this man before 4A contacts, Leng is to pull back a few large customers, then the project launched, rash and too much in haste began, the entire marketing process said the truth is a fool, because the money ah, hit the chant, but I want to say today is a desirable place for the network marketing after all, from 4A’s creative director, not him. read more

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Analysis of the problems existing in the promotion of the key words to promote the solution

in many ways to promote the use of key words as a promotion, without exception, is one of the fastest way to achieve. The use of search engine keywords, so that customers can quickly find themselves; the use of keyword advertising promotion, can bring a certain amount of flow and accurate customer resources…… However, the use of any one of the ways in the actual use will not be your face there are some problems. The search engine marketing mode, in the Internet community has always been criticism. And this keyword advertising promotion mode of the drawbacks are not only affected by the search engine marketing model, but also affect the development of search engine marketing market. read more

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Let 80% of the people to do the Taobao guest method

Last night

Amoy’s home in YY channel 96009188 for a Taobao customer share we have said for dry cargo, very dry, low threshold, the new veteran Taobao customers can operate.

below is a lecture transcript:

a, Taobao customer importance. Taobao guest is a very good choice, the future may become a part of the people, and even Taobao guest promotion technology into a professional university.

two, the importance of network resources. Before Taobao off easily, finishing a log can be reproduced in a single, now? 13 years when the evaluation is also very good to do, put the QQ group number or link can be a single, direct link may only at the time of the effect, if it is QQ group number, now resources accumulated now do business, is the use of resources to do it, so the accumulation of resources is very important. We need to consciously accumulate resources. read more

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How to fry your website

a website to be famous, I’m afraid it is inevitable. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to save money. But a website wants to quickly know, want to do the most with the least money, I think, is the best way to hype.

website speculation what?

1 concept. The most recent is the WEB2.0 hype, started 05 websites with a WEB2.0 love it, why? Can have more people to pay attention! A little further, portal concept, the concept of electronic commerce, every large concept of speculation can be a few successful websites. Of course, this hype to large-scale, we all recognized. If you can declare a large-scale discussion, then no doubt, your site has been successful half read more

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