In late March the business of domestic domain name Top10 million net net increment by 32 thousand pa

IDC Review Network ( 03 reported on May 1: according to data, IDC review of the latest release of the network in late March 2014 China domain name registration report. According to the report, in late March, the domain name market in our country, Chinese civilink continues to lead the total domain has been increased to 1 million 584 thousand. And in the 3 month domain net increase in the amount of statistics, Chinese nets again won the top spot, become double worthy of the name of. The name China and a new generation of Guangzhou in two or three. Below, we have a specific understanding of the domain name registrar in late March domain name growth. read more

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Qihoo 360 won the global popular digital domain

digital domain in China has great market, recently Qihoo 360 low-key enabled digital domain name, from the case can be reflected, the digital domain can resist the charm of the page to access the domain name Qihoo 360 official website

industry for the Qihoo 360’s acquisition of domain a lot of attention, it’s not clear how the domain specific amount of the transaction, but the query understanding, domain name information last change time is September 2010, insiders speculated that the domain name system was acquired in September last year. read more

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500 thousand purchase of Shengdong pass Pang pushing rainbow IM

December 28th, according to sources, Pang Shengdong for the promotion of its self-developed IM products "Rainbow instant dating software, for a consideration of 500 thousand yuan for the purchase of top-level domain, as the rainbow IM official website.

According to the

51.comIM division general manager Zhang He introduced the name rainbow rainbow positioning a brief note that IM is a real-time dating tool, it is like a bridge in the bridge between people, can better communicate through interaction between the user and the rainbow bridge, the shape is like a bridge. It can be a good interpretation of the characteristics of the dating software. But he refused to disclose the relevant information on the domain name transaction, the rumor 500 thousand RMB price declined to comment. read more

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The father of computer viruses Paradox of shadow life

following the black hat conference in Las Vegas, another Internet Security feast will be held in china. The second China Internet Security Conference (ISC2014) with the United States as the biggest names gathered black hat, the world will have over one hundred security experts gathered in Beijing, and these heavyweights, the father of the computer virus Fred · Cohen is no doubt that the bright star in the propagation of the most dazzling light.

1975, the American writer John · Bleuler, published a book called "shockwave rider" of the book, John · Bleuler, the imagination in this book information society like, this is the first time someone sketched out the prototype for future information era, a close to the computer as good and evil the two sides struggle story, became the best seller list that year. This could not have happened for decades or even hundreds of years. read more

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The new IP protocol IPv6 more than 3 million U.S. users

George, a senior research scientist at the Asia Pacific Network Information Center, said IPv6 has been growing steadily since the launch in June of 6 this year in Michaelson. Michaelson gives a set of IPv6 current usage data. According to the data provided by him, the current U.S. IPv6 users over 3 million 300 thousand, accounting for the number of U.S. national number of 1.35%. In addition, although the IPv6 of Romania occupy 8.73% of its domestic, but after all, the country’s population base is relatively small, so in fact they IPv6 users only 756 thousand. read more

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PK Crazy Bird dare publicity seal

bird dream of "good"

      be sure to come here every webmaster friends have a dream heart, birds have a dream and "publicity bird", he is a "good" with this ideal in the heart of dedication and work. Read the bird, can be said to be very good. Especially for a new webmaster is definitely a big bird worship, no other webmasters experience the spirit of dedication. The bird is so simple but I don’t see any publicity. The bird I understand is: to teach the new owners how to step by step and explain some of the station site optimization experience and shortcut. A new webmaster read his article inspired a lot, if a webmaster do not have some basic knowledge website bird said, it is definitely not a secondary station. He is standing in a new webmaster how to solve the current premise of confusion to write, but also every webmaster will enter the road. read more

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The value of the domain name awesome double soon expire

more than 5 domain names moderate price and can Amoy treasure but depends on the specific meaning and business needs

recently, Suning announced the repurchase of Amoy shoes network.Com suffix Shuangpin domain name, domain name highlights the huge market value. Around the "let the bullets fly" and other related domain hit movies will soon be registered. As a business tool, investors or through low-cost registration of the domain name cybersquatting, then the transfer of high profit.

analysis of the industry, similar to the name of the film, such as short-term hot domain name, with the heat to reduce the public line of sight, the value of the domain name will gradually reduce. read more

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Sources said the number of suspects suspected of operating more than 40 executives arrested

October 12th, reliable sources revealed that, due to the involvement of pornographic business, more than a number of senior executives of well-known music website decibel.

, the sources said, DB network chat room in a large number of naked chat, pornography, and the porn business is fenbei initiative to carry out, this phenomenon has aroused the attention of Hubei Jingzhou public relations agencies, and last month arrested more than DB network executives involved in the case, for remote interrogation and detention. read more

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How to succeed Study on die site

compared with the traditional industries, the Internet industry is one of the first corner of the iceberg, its development speed, development prospect is not fundamentally undervalued. It is all basic necessities of life can be inserted to idle away in seeking pleasure, and a shot is higher than that of traditional means of a big cut, efficiency increase, is unable to resist the temptation. We simply have no way to recognize an unexpected rise of less than 30 years old hero.

Prior to

, I wrote an article "how to play in stationmaster a thousand miles away", always feel that too many webmaster like always want their website can develop one year, or even half a year, a month to expand the site, this quick success, how ambitious attitude can make a good website? read more

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The wedding wedding website booking site Taishan Angel venture investment fund

March 16 news, leading to provide wedding wedding wedding website booking service network recently announced the Taishan angels and venture fund "marriage", become the first domestic for risk investment of the wedding network platform. It is reported that Taishan Angel venture fund on the wedding network of the first round of investment is more than the average of the angel investment.

Taishan Angel venture fund founding partner Chen Liang said, "Taishan Angel venture fund has been looking for rich tenacity and entrepreneurial talent, broad vision. We see these qualities in the happy net of the whole team, they recognized the understanding for the accumulation of wedding consumer market and consumer demand, very happy to cooperate with them! "," wedding industry is a huge market for the creation of 500 billion new year nearly ten million, covering nearly 70 segments, the rapid growth of consumption also makes the industry the chain has been established gradually, the consumption and industry concentration dispersion, market share is generally low, the wedding wedding banquet reservation network to provide opportunities for the core business, the establishment of marriage service platform." read more

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Zhejiang Jiaxing blood center official website said a joke because the domain name was registered

on the evening of December 14th, a netizen in Jiaxing broke the news that the official website of Jiaxing blood donation is actually a joke site. The news was soon netizens reproduced to each big popular online forum, suddenly in an uproar, users have said that this is really ironic.

the netizen said, in December 4th, he went to Haining after blood donation, blood donation center gave him a brochure, there is blood donation center official website address. On December 14th, according to the brochure on the site to he check their blood information, turns out to be a joke web site. read more

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Review the hungry black storm takeaway O2O or will meet the changing situation

compared to previous years, this year CCTV 3 – 15 party "relatively calm, not as usual holding the big stick tiger. Before people predict the situation may be on the list are basically lost, such as Internet banking, electricity providers, environmental protection, telecommunications, micro business and other hot spots. Only the list of giant is Ali, the criticism is not the traditional impression of the business and selling platform, but Taobao platform businesses organized scalping suspected of commercial fraud, and the platform of relationship and responsibility is not too big. read more

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Ctrip Ctrip tens of millions of dollars to acquire Ctrip abbreviation domain name


domain name investment WeChat domaincom latest revelations: Ctrip today acquired two letter domain name XC.COM, according to reliable sources, the transaction price in millions of dollars, the price of more than 20 million previously known turnover of Jingdong registered in 1995, whois has changed in November 22, 2013. At present, all of the whois and Ctrip main domain name is consistent: James Liang, Ctrip CEO beam.


JD.COM, a Jingdong after the replacement shop replacing, purchased VIP.COM, Internet giants have joined the domain name change rhythm, now Ctrip Ctrip acquisition is referred to as, the purchase price is the most expensive domestic domain this year’s transaction, and are more than netdragon. Small series of two or three letter domain name is expected to rise again! read more

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In front of the opponent to establish their own powerful C2C website

C2C website construction can be divided into the following steps:

1, investigate customer groups, understand their needs, develop their expectations of the Internet

2, the needs of the target population to do a detailed analysis, such as different ages, different identities of the crowd on the site’s different needs.

3, according to the statistical analysis of the results, in the realization of the conditions to meet their needs.

4, determine the direction of the operation of the site and specific business strategy. read more

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Network information office, the people interviewed 51job network, if the adjacent network 4 recruitm

according to the "Shanghai issue" WeChat May 25th news, Shanghai city network information office is to carry out the recruitment website of serious violations of dishonesty "special rectification action, on the basis of investigation and verification, solid card for reference, has interviewed graduate recruitment network, Wealink, 51job, people network four recruitment website. In addition, in the process of verification of the site for the record information, Shanghai net letter office also found that there are 51CMS nets, light recruitment network has serious illegal behavior. read more

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Love figure Park yellow website recently cracked the case May 15 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Wang Hengzhi, Wang Junyong) Jiangsu, Xuzhou police before cracked a major case of dissemination of pornographic material online, May 4th, Xie Moumou, Guo Moumou and other 6 suspects by the Xuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Yunlong branch prosecuted on suspicion of dissemination of pornographic material online.

in January 22nd this year, the Xuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau network police detachment in the collection of online pornographic clues combing, found that local people to maintain a large pornographic website forum love map park". After a preliminary investigation found that porn forum love map Park server address is located in the United states. As of January 23rd, the inquest found that the forum site consists of 7 sections, 58 sub sections, including pictures, movies, the 103906 themes, 494130 posts. The forum has a membership of 209422 people, management staff of 38 people, the site is divided into three levels of management, respectively, administrator 1 people, 11 people, 26 Super Moderator moderator, most of the theme of the forum posts involving pornographic content. read more

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Blue ants on the thigh of locusts

ant network founded by unknown to the public in the famous IT critics, because often see catcher in the blog, so in the online line after he pays attention to the ants under. The location of ant network is a social e-commerce community. I don’t know what it means to be socialized. It’s probably a relationship. Old friends bring new friends, new partners and new friends…… I don’t know if it’s right. As for e-commerce, online commodity trading. To sum up, the ant network is a network platform to achieve e-commerce through interpersonal relationships. If this is true, the ant network play and the usual rules of commercial transactions, a bit contrary to the. Usually the commodity trading, commodity based (object) as the connection, people shopping, the buyer and the seller, then, may extend for two times, three times and N times of shopping, relationship between buyers and sellers have been strengthened in the shopping process, and may have evolved into acquaintances or friends. The seller and the buyer because of the relationship between shopping, temporarily ignored by the ant network. The ant net is concerned about the sale after the end of the process: a commodity buys an item, he put this item on the Internet show, B also has this thing, he also know a love, so for this item and a start the discussion, then C attention to their discussion, have produced this item of desire, and C to the store to buy this item, and then join the discussion a and B, Ding B is that opinion leaders, so he is going to buy this item…… read more

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Private hospital network marketing promotion way out

private hospital of public enemy but public hospital, only to raise awareness through extensive publicity to the network marketing, but the most popular is the Baidu bid, but Baidu bidding competition, cost more and more high, the conversion rate is more and more low, leading to the recent Putian war Baidu picture then, the private hospital’s network marketing where the


highly competitive bidding costs, search engine marketing top up!

bid to promote the mode of hospital network marketing is the most common, although is a piece of meat and potatoes, but grab a lot of people, the amount is small, the more helpless, the cost of bidding every year, a word than a word seems to be expensive, so down conversion, profit space it is not very large, especially in the recent Putian War Department of Baidu, is not because the cost is too high. So what do you do? read more

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Education and training institutions to do the six reasons for network marketing

China’s marketing into the Internet era. The Internet also bathed in the spring breeze Chinese education and training institutions, through the Internet fortune enterprise meet the eye everywhere there are many small and medium sized, but still not engaged in education and training institutions, or engaged in network marketing, the effect is not ideal. I combine my experience in the education industry, analysis of the reasons.

first choice, the first analysis of why many training institutions are still not engaged in network marketing. read more

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Network marketing Taobao business activities planning

Author Zhou Xusheng

today to talk to you about the Taobao business strategy activities and some preparatory work! Come straight to the point, dry cargo;

activity preparation

a, commodity:

1 must be timely goods shelves, shelves of goods time will directly affect the activities of the time, if the shelves late will extend the activities of the time; if the business early, also will affect the activities of the


2 price: the price of the goods need to be set up before the event;

3 single page: must not exceed 2 megabytes, or the number of visitors will affect the speed of open; read more

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