How to share the promotion of Taobao customers get directional flow techniques


is one of the guests in recent years have been more popular Wangzhuan project, because of its easy operation, flexible way to promote, you can through the construction site operation promotion, can also use the QQ group or blog to promote. Today, I mainly talk about the use of site promotion is how to get directional flow. Well, gossip less, directly on the text.

directional flow as the name implies, is targeted traffic, such as we have to do is the shopping site, so we need is for the shopping crowd, and need to be online to watch movies or play games to traffic on our website is useless. Directional flow can also be called high quality flow, and high quality traffic is the high conversion rate. Well, here. read more

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Word of mouth marketing how to establish a good reputation

word-of-mouth marketing is also a very big topic, it and network marketing, information marketing is defined from different angles between the three "you and me, I have you cross relationship". The tide of the Internet, there have been many new entrepreneurial enterprises, they talk to on the Internet, this film, accumulated a certain amount of resources and wealth, but is facing a bottleneck for development and growth, most of the time is to hold Internet word-of-mouth.

what is the word of mouth? What is the word of mouth marketing on the Internet? read more

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Webmaster website must be on the grounds of Statistics

first, the webmaster web service object is the webmaster, webmasters are undoubtedly need statistical system, the webmaster of the biggest demand you don’t pay attention to, which you pay attention to what?

second, stationmaster net to guide website, Jiyang network, leading webmasters right direction.

does not have an independent, first-hand source of statistical data, then only follow the analysis of others. When will you be able to truly establish your authority.

third, Adsense network to understand the basic situation of the webmaster website. read more

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Baidu should do classification information search

under the constant impact of vertical search, the previous horizontal search is gradually losing a large number of users. Among them, as the search giant Baidu still plans for their C2C and seemed to not take into account the bustle in the. In the Internet for the network especially for more and more depend on search engines, they urgently need in the next previous information search results by looking at the premise to have better and more accurate search results. Although the recent Baidu has changed its web page weight algorithm, and some use CN domain name of the spam site to refuse, but for the classification of information and information search, but did not touch the final key problem. read more

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Why do companies do not have the effect of network marketing

is now more and more enterprises realize the network marketing charm, started to do network marketing for the enterprise, whether it is the limitation of production, technology, service, trade type enterprise can through the use of network marketing to eliminate with the customer’s time and space. However, the network marketing is not to do it, you can do a good job, it is not one or two days can get excellent results.

many network marketing companies do not effect or the effect is not good, every click, no traffic, no consultation, there is no deal, why to see others doing booming, to own this low-spirited it, network marketing companies do why didn’t read more

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See from the marketing blog WuMeiShi blog two

wrote yesterday at the blog marketing from WuMeiShi blog (1) – WuMeiShi blog, today to:

The first part of the

has said that a non official propaganda window WuMeiShi blog is GBS, not only can through the blog this very popular form of publicity GBS programs and ideas, also can judge competitors of GBS (of course this is to have a certain reason, is not a simple street), and even to complain about GBS development difficult in strict restriction of SARFT, get public sympathy, in short, as a GBS non official speech window, played a very good publicity effect on GBS, causing the audience to GBS under the Hunan satellite TV programs and the day’s entertainment for the artists of great concern that is a very good enterprise blog marketing case, therefore, I combine the WuMeiShi blog to talk about how to carry out the enterprise blog marketing. read more

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Search engine ASP service from Chinese website

According to the China Internet Information Center, the Sixth China Internet development statistics report,   search engine is the second largest Internet application after e-mail. China’s 55.91 % of Internet users use search engines to provide Internet search services. A good search engine is very important to attract users and increase the stickiness of the website. But the search engine is a very high technology content of Internet applications, development and operation needs to spend a lot of manpower and material resources, the cost is very high.    

– high reliable   service;  

The structure of the   1, high availability

; read more

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Three forms of blog traffic

  many bloggers agreed to blog promotion, of course there are dissenting voices. And this article also wrote for the need to promote the grassroots blog to see. I also hope that these experiences can be shared with more. About grassroots traffic, we should be treated with a normal heart, but has not been studied in their own limited flow? No estimate. The author, through the application of traffic code, background analysis, get a lot of unexpected surprises. It is easy to know that the other party is from where to enter my blog, is through the search engine or through the website login, is China or foreign areas, etc..

  3, PV page browsing traffic: refers to the number of page refresh, refresh every page, even if a PV traffic. General blog comes with statistical code in the final analysis is a Java program, by a number of parameters to achieve a variety of counts. When visitors visit the page, this code is loaded to achieve statistical functions. Page refresh every click, page PV traffic will be +1. And the code is set in the home page is the first statistics, the total station on the page is the total statistics (recommended). Blogs are now taking the latter, we see the flow is that most of the PV traffic, rather than IP traffic, but not UV traffic.

read more

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12306 site to avoid the collapse of the secret climbed up the Ali cloud

2015 Spring Festival train ticket sales volume hit a record high, while the site operates 12306 railway system did not collapse. Behind this is the cooperation of 12306 and Ali cloud.

2015 spring festival ticket peak day in December 19, 2014, 12306 site visits (PV) 29 billion 700 million record, PV more than 300 thousand times per second, the day a total sale of train tickets 9 million 564 thousand, the Internet sale of 5 million 639 thousand copies, accounting for 59%, are a record high during the spring festival. read more

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Baidu alliance partners will be the first to enjoy free advertising housekeeper

September 8th news, it is reported that Baidu has been focused on the development of online advertising management system – Baidu advertising Butler will soon be on the line. Free, professional, easy to use will become the three highlights of the system. According to Baidu official said the system is currently in beta phase. Officially launched, Baidu alliance partners will be the first to enjoy the free system, believe advertising management, advertising and data analysis of advertising Housekeeper will better help website easily, bring more high-quality services and benefits for all partners of Baidu. read more

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The domain name registrar network performance history the world’s fastest growing best

According to the

IDC review network survey, from March 8th until March 29th, the fastest growth in the global domain name registrar, the top three for the United States, and China million net in the fourth row, is a review of IDC network statistics to now, the best results in a network.

On the table can be seen by the

, GODADDY of the United States as the world’s largest domain name registrar of course ranked first, and the total net growth of the domain name is much higher than in other countries. The largest domain name provider HICHINA (Chinese nets) finally caught up with the new network, a domain name registrar Chinese closely with the fastest growth, ranking fourth in the United States after the Registrar, and according to the statistics to the present, a history of the best. The world’s top 20 fastest growing domain names, only the United States accounted for 6, China accounted for more than 5 seats. read more

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Red net will give rise to new business models more rely on advertising and electronic business

[Abstract] now, through the live broadcast of APP everyone can achieve a net red is also easier.

red, is referred to as network reds. Net red is not only the hottest words, it is still an era. In this era, there are changes in the network mode of red rain, there is a network of red economy and network red ecology, in the future there is the realization of the economic model.

in the mobile Internet era, through live APP, everyone can achieve a live webcast, becoming a net red is also more and more easy. In the near future, when the realization of the economic model of the network is becoming more and more clear, which may not only be a trend, but also a kind of common career. read more

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Ma 3 billion 300 million yuan acquisition of the Hang Seng group the largest shareholder of the Hang


technology news April 3rd morning news, according to Hundsun announcement shows, through its absolute control of Zhejiang Ma Rong Xin Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang rosan") completed the acquisition of 100% equity interest in Hang Seng group, after the completion of the acquisition, Ma Hang Seng Electronics will hold 20.62% of the shares by Hang Seng group, become the first major shareholders. The transfer of the initial purchase price of 3 billion 299 million 394 thousand and 233 yuan, the actual payment of the final purchase price may be adjusted according to the agreement. read more

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Baidu internal mail exposure for Wenchuan earthquake donations

news May 13th, 7.8 earthquake on May 12th in Sichuan County of Wenchuan Province, Baidu company in call to donate, to help the affected people in earthquake relief. Baidu Inc internal mail.

Baidu Inc internal mail

to all Baidu:

the afternoon of May 12, 2008, 7.8 earthquake in Wenchuan County of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province, Chongqing City, Gansu Province, Shaanxi Province, Hubei province and Yunnan Province, the sudden earthquake disaster to the epicenter near the earthquake caused serious damage, the impact is huge. read more

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Hong Bo video site of the remaining King

statistics show that in 2007 the amount of Internet investment decreased by 27.7% compared with 2006. Since last year, venture capitalists in addition to investment in the video site has been added to the outside of the new board did not make any investment. The video industry is a very large demand for funds in the industry, only the cost of a network of potatoes on the bandwidth of more than Sina, NetEase, Sohu and other portals total bandwidth costs. What will be the impact of the reduction of the risk of the video industry, the video industry will therefore enter the era of integration with the problem, the reporter interviewed the Internet Celebrities Hong Bo. In his view, there is no need to integrate video sharing site, but the video site to tide over the need for cross industry cooperation. read more

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After eight hours Wowo listed abortion from calm to runaway

[Abstract] on the evening of the day before U.S. stocks has not yet opened, there is a private message spread in the media, the official website of the upcoming NASDAQ listed companies list is not the name of our.

Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on April 5th

from the submission of the prospectus to postpone the listing, and then to update the prospectus, and then to the final life and death period. Even calls in the more than and 30 media live connection, Wowo is still not successful listing. A trace in the stock for many years, the reporter said." read more

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The road to profit is more than an ad two

2001 years ago, most of the elite of China’s Internet is to accumulate wealth in the advertising heap, Zhang Zhaoyang, Ding Lei, Wang Zhidong…… However, a 28 year old young man, Chen Tianqiao, has used his legend to prove that there are more and younger opportunities for the Internet economy, in addition to the overwhelming advertising.

July 2001, Chen Tianqiao left, with the rest of the money to buy the South Korean network game "legend" of the China agency. 2002, legend for the grand creation of more than 400 million yuan of income, Chen Tianqiao himself and his family to maintain a full stake in the grand company. read more

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People will become the first Chinese mainland market news website

Ten key news website popular listing reproduction progress, listed A shares in a clear timetable. Yesterday, the media reported that the people’s network will soon be in the A-share market IPO (initial public offering), which also means that the people’s Bank of China will become the first listed in the domestic market news website A.

as of press time, did not comment on the above information.

read more

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