The importance of industry knowledge to vertical B2B website

for the new opening of the B2B industry segments soon, if the search engine promotion is not done, it will cause traffic is very low, the impact is not enough, naturally no one is willing to pay you. Of course, this view of many comprehensive B2B website, may not be too good, because of the large industry B2B website, the scope of knowledge, technology industry is too broad, and the big industry rely solely on the B2B website column also allows website business users to reach a level greater than the number, do not attach importance to the industry the knowledge section, also can. read more

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Community e commerce to promote electricity supplier market new weapon

according to statistics, in 2010 the scale of China’s online shopping has been close to 500 billion, accounting for 3.2% of total retail sales, and the Ministry of Commerce proposed goal is to strive to "12th Five-Year" final online shopping transactions reached China’s total retail sales of social consumer goods 5%, this means that China’s e-commerce market scale will be in before 2015 there are at least 500 billion growth space, enticing.

although the momentum of development of electronic commerce is very optimistic, makes, Jingdong, and a number of myths Eslite mall. But at the same time, the problems of traditional e-commerce model are also obvious. Among them, the pre-sale to trust, customer service is not satisfied, the two biggest weaknesses of e-commerce lies. read more

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Expert e commerce tax is a worldwide problem

vice president of Central University of Finance and Economics, Liu Huan,

electricity supplier tax should be set up

e-commerce companies or individuals should pay taxes should be, but the problem is not sign up." Central University of Finance and Economics Institute of Taxation vice president Liu Huan told the Beijing morning news reporter said, whether it is B2B, or C2C, the biggest problem is that the tax levy means and the level is not enough, not just Chinese, this is a difficult problem in the world. read more

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Sina micro blog electric providers have launched online promotional channels cut into electricity pr

webmaster network admin5.con news, September 20th, Taobao mall Sina official micro-blog said to join hands with sina, micro-blog, a new micro mall shopping channel. Users click on Taobao mall Sina official micro-blog home on the promotion channel, you can browse Taobao mall promotional information directly into the Taobao mall shopping. Taobao mall will also send 1000 stores every day to carry out promotional cash red line. At the same time, on the same day, a well-known electronic business platform Mcglaughlin also launched Sina micro-blog promotional channels. This is the second Jingdong mall, Sina and micro-blog once again with the well-known business platform cooperation. read more

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The United States seeks Guixian propaganda Liu Qiangdong pay 300 yuan more expensive than you

referred to the "double 11", recently attracts the eyeball is undoubtedly the "cats and dogs", what Ali registered "double eleven", "618 Jingdong Let’s wait and see" such information. But not to feel a little taste of what? Right, last year at this time, we will also argue that the lowest price of anyone, how little this year,


group senior vice president of Gome, Gome online chairman Mou Guixian today first proposed to the Jingdong to launch an attack, you will lose VS really low "slogan, if the Jingdong price lower than he was 300 yuan compensation for the user. read more

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Electricity supplier price war who is the biggest beneficiary

electricity supplier price war in full swing, the electricity supplier giants are hoping to win more consumers through price wars, expand market share. The electricity supplier giant to compete for market dominance caused by the electricity supplier price war has started further fermentation, now electricity price not only is their own business electricity supplier industry, has gradually evolved into the consumer market.

consumers are undoubtedly the electricity supplier price war beneficiaries read more

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Double eleven opportunities for electricity providers to reflect the line

Chinese brand 500 strong, electricity providers do money, resources, has a strong brand, but the failure rate is still as high as 65%, why? There is still lack of in-depth understanding of business, and the lack of empty cup mentality, misunderstanding on the basis of one-sided viewpoint. Entity and electricity supplier seems to pass through, specious, the author of this article from the physical perspective to criticize the electricity supplier business problems.

from the line to the line, the network into an isolated island read more

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The three major electricity supplier platform how leveraging electronic envelopes

red symbolizes happiness, when the red envelopes with the Internet after the relationship, not only to change the distance, but also a custom. Changes in the form of red envelopes, but also to the electricity supplier has brought some opportunities. No matter from the brand, or sales, or the number of users, used properly will be a great wealth, let the old yellow to tell you how to talk about the three major electricity supplier platform leveraging electronic envelopes.


Sina micro-blog red fly great in strength and impetus the more than 1 enterprises, institutions, and individuals launched # red fly # activities, but not all enterprises and fully tap the value of this platform. The red fly in small and medium-sized enterprises using the above part of a good grasp of some good cheats, because the first time perhaps is not enough, and the small and medium-sized enterprises of great electricity suppliers are put on this activity. Commercial enterprises are beginning to fly in red has been prepared and the activities of the set, the entire electricity supplier issued red envelopes summed up the following: (1) red activity coupon (2) product trial activities (3) by red fly activities do their own activities and programs (4) did not participate in that this is a no effect, but it seems that this effect results were generally satisfied with the activities. read more

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Beijing mobile where customers and other enterprises in Beijing Business Services Alliance

newspaper news (reporter Zhang Yan) yesterday, in the "integration of the two depth – Beijing action" to start the ceremony, Beijing mobile, VANCL, treasure island and other 13 enterprises initiated the establishment of Beijing e-commerce service alliance, in pushing the development of.

Beijing is one of the most abundant areas of China’s e-commerce industry chain, through e-commerce, enterprises to reduce the circulation, consumers have been facilitated.

After the establishment of the read more

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CN domain name registration policy expires today


technology news December 31st morning news, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) confirmed that carried out two CN domain name "one yuan experience" today due to expire at the end of 2009, CN will automatically adjust the domain price by the market. From the major CN domain name registrar of the news that CN domain name will start next year, the price will be between 10-100 yuan.

is reported that, CN domain name 1 yuan registered experience activities are implemented from March 2007. In the implementation of CNNIC 1 yuan promotion within two years, CN domain growth of 10 times. As of October 2008, CN domain name registration volume reached 12 million 915 thousand, exceeding Germany to become the world’s largest country domain name. Two years ago, CN domain name registration for 1 million 190 thousand. read more

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The essence of A5 genuine goods at a fair price webmaster group purchase mode

to write this article, I first introduce, I am loyal station A5 webmaster friends, myself and friends run a startup business, I is the actual type of network marketing strategy of the website, I also Fuzhou local the most popular Fuzhou convenience net forum "consumer complaints" edition the moderator, to write this article "A5 webmaster group purchase mode of genuine goods at a fair price" my experience is completely combined, not from any model essay writing A5 group purchase strategy, ha ha, if wrong please forgive me. read more

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B2B2C fully open up the e commerce ecosystem in Guangzhou held a grand network

today, trading fourth net goods jointly organized by the Guangdong provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, Guangzhou Municipal People’s government, China E-Commerce Association, Alibaba group will be held in Guangzhou Liuhua hall. Guangdong and Guangzhou, the relevant government leaders and chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma attended the meeting.

Alibaba has about 39000000 members of China’s small business, with a variety of good reputation and good quality sources, Taobao has more than 200 million of individual members and large sellers, the transaction volume of more than $09 over the past year. To build a platform to open up B2B, B2C market, to provide direct communication and transaction services, buyers and sellers are urgently needed, but also the road of e-commerce will be the road, but also the original Alibaba. read more

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SAC vigorously promote the development of e commerce

April 2nd, the Interim Measures for the network behavior of commodity trading and related services and management of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce drafted "(Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures"), began to seek the views of the public. This is the first time for China’s e-commerce online shopping industry to develop laws and regulations, indicating that the state attaches great importance to the development of e-commerce and support. read more

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Not handsome and the country’s top five registered business that B thing

the first direct agent is Xinwanghulian, because the early registration of the domain name is their habit, transfer agent is also more convenient, but advance from 2006 100 thousand of them can get 20 yuan price will not think so, they were locked in order to protect the conversion, is the agent of interest, Interest Protection Agency naturally, some people lose interest, the loss is not to say who I

went on to do, Chinese channel, the second names of my partners, chose them for fast parsing, parsing the number, then out of a ID, called countercurrent in the rain, he just made Chinese channel channel estimation at the time, still in the trial period, low cross regional development agency, I was on the set. Other than laggards pay double the money, get the same and the price of other agents, and later because other registered developers have cut prices, their registered price is too high to sell corn, they put my agent level to a minimum, why did he drop my contact level, he said spending too little, should fall into ordinary members, automatic money and in his communication difficult, often do not speak, sweat, and other agents at the same time, he developed the contact he was also said not good, his agents have also put self Agent number has sold read more

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The vitality of the plant on the nternet domain name

daily daily news (reporter Wang Jiajing) plants around us everywhere, and humans to plant as a spiritual totem has a long history, like lotus, bamboo, grass etc. are endowed with many spiritual symbol.

with the advent of the Internet era, from social networking sites, video sites to the shopping website, apple, mango, potatoes, watercress and other plant nouns has become an indispensable element in the Internet world, the Internet world is full of vitality.

closely related to plants and flowers in recent years, flowers and electricity supplier courier has become one of the fastest growing industries in the country, has been sought after by the market and capital. Chinese flower network as a flower gift courier service providers, the domain name was originally used, in order to better access to the development of the domestic market, the cost of millions of acquisition of flower corresponding domain name In the boost quality plant under the domain name, China flowers has become the most influential Chinese flower gift website, according to iResearch ( statistics, China flowers market share has for many years ranked first in the Chinese flower industry. read more

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Taobao is the largest single auction hammer two bidders the crowd of people thirty thousand

concern network judicial auction finally first hammer. The day before yesterday, after 5 rounds of bidding, Zhejiang Hongchang Leather Co. Ltd. all right to use the land and buildings and ancillary facilities, with the price of 159 million yuan is a Haining investment company beat, higher than the starting price of 4 million yuan. Interestingly, the online auction only two bidders to participate in the network, but the number of spectators is more than 30 thousand.

it is reported that in March 15th this year, the people’s Court of Haining City, Zhejiang Province, announced in March 29th 10 to March 30th when only 10 (delay except) in the Taobao online a public auction of land use rights and building, starting price up 155 million yuan. The judicial auction object again set a starting price, known as the highest standard of network judicial auction. read more

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Ali Zhang Yong explosion 11 new features are not just buy buy buy

October 20th news, today, Tmall 11 global Carnival has officially unveiled in Hongkong. Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong (flower name: Xiaoyao) delivered an opening speech, which mentioned this year, including 11 pairs of globalization, entertainment attributes, large data driven personalization, full channel upgrades and other new features.

globalization, globalization continue to hold high the banner, last year’s global businesses through the online platform to reach Chinese consumers further this year, to help businesses to enter new markets in Hongkong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, all over the world, launched the "buy global sell global project, the first step is to open the EWTP. read more

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Darunfa acquired legend the retail life of Tmall Office

[] "dozens of billion state power network is the traditional retail business and Tmall merger negotiations, these enterprises also talked with a Jingdong."

, a retail heavyweights said, following the Sanjiang shopping, a number of traditional retail companies want to marry Ali, looking for a way to the future of retail the right way. Among these, there are darunfa.

2016, Ma Yuncheng retail drugs, even with minced a little while, can make purchases of suspected price changes, pulling the "new" retail "Ma" and "Alibaba" will follow the broad concept of plate. read more

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Click on the price increase of 10% Beijing PR

Click on the

cool products can be said to be a good product on the market at present difficult to see… Hei hei ~ so many do not say, put it on a clear.

I think since it is a rare good product, then can get him to do for a long time and maximize the value of it is the key, therefore, on the one hand and told everyone about the requirements of advertisers, in addition to tell you some good methods to create the best effect.

The following

1, advertisers explicitly prohibit the delivery method: read more

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Who created Taobao brilliance rebate network

with the launch of a variety of Taobao rebate program, more and more tourists joined the ranks of Taobao open operations such as rebate, rebate website, promote a variety of open source rebate website makes the operation rebate network is no longer mysterious, is not what the high technology live, as long as to spend a few hundred dollars can buy a a complete program, you can start your career in Taobao rebate. The Taobao rebate network believe that most of the webmaster is to see the successful examples of the rebate network prospect and rebate websites. Who created the rebate network brilliant? You think cash back rebate network by Taobao platform, Taobao brilliance Taobao buyers, sellers, Taobao passenger multi joint creation, the four are indispensable. read more

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