Stewardess web site planning experience sharing


in fact, this is not a true sense of the site planning. First of all, I do not have the expertise of this site planning, and secondly, I am preparing for this semester, I do not have much time to delve into this knowledge. I just came up with a little bit of advice from the point of view of an ordinary Internet user.

first, the principle of site positioning

1 "airline stewardess net" serving as airline stewardess exchange platform perspective, "the airline stewardess nets" positioning should focus on strengthening and improving the construction of the forum plate and improved, making full use of the Internet, to mobilize the enthusiasm of this part of the crowd, and actively participate in the discussion. read more

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A few ways to improve the efficiency of network marketing

network marketing is a big aspect, for the network marketing, many of my friends know only through their own efforts to make the website to get a better ranking to beat competitors in order to obtain better effect of network marketing, but it contains a lot of skills in this effort components, if we cannot fully understand these skills is difficult to achieve good the effect, today I share a few myself network marketing skills and experience, I hope to help you.

The various advantages of

can fully explore their own websites, such as providing various investigation or feedback form on their own network marketing site, but pay attention to survey here is not to say that the complex is very detailed, but allow users to simply answer some questions on it, can give the user the best ebook or some virtual gifts and so on in after the answer, in the feedback form must contain the user’s name, email and so on, this way is to get a lot of the intention of the user contact, after obtaining these methods, we can through promotions or chase pin means continuously to provide users with value, greatly increase the purchasing power of potential users. read more

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Honeymoon get a good hit 100 venture capital fund million Angel round investment

days ago, maternal and child care professional institutions preferred honeymoon officially announced, has been hit off the 100 Angel round of investment venture capital fund of 1 million yuan, and settled in the 100 hit off the incubator, to accept each other to provide service after the vote and the depth of counseling, lay the foundation for future high-speed and healthy development.

Chong 100 venture capital fund and honeymoon good signing site (front left): Chong off Cao Jian, chairman of the venture capital fund 100, honeymoon founder Feng Wei ( read more

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Discussion on the operation of local portal website from decoration channel

Yuyao life network was founded 02 years has been more than 7 years, how many have some promotion and operation experience, out to share with you, hope to do is to place the portal to help some friends, this is the original, reproduced please keep the bottom contact.

I started from the operation of the decoration channel to say three points.

a website content must be localized

do local portal site basically know this truth, but few.

Yuyao life net decoration channel 04 years, but the popularity as the information has been launched, real estate, square personnel channel, summarizes the reasons, think the biggest problem is that the channel content is not localized, then only some of the decoration channels from information information and decoration pictures, and several other channels, such as the information users have come up every square, released nearly a thousand pieces of information, the information is Yuyao local, and timeliness is very high. Because of this information, the information square has a very high amount of access, and with the user’s reputation, the rapid promotion of the entire site. read more

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Baidu has ah can not add links outside the station to promote the promotion of the shop

Baidu has officially launched on-line operation, the number of people applying for shop surge.

Baidu shop also like Taobao shop can not add the station outside the link, which is extremely detrimental to the promotion of the shop.

in large and small web site, it is difficult to see the shop address was included.

this is because the site is required to log on to the web site, the first link to add as a prerequisite. Some also require top-level domain names. This led to Taobao, Baidu has ah and so on read more

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Since a on Taobao customer promotion

although very early to know Taobao off, but the real start of operation in 09 years in August. Why big brother gave me a "Taobao weight list" page at the time, and he told me that by the daily income of nearly 1000.

eggs recently asked me about the operation of Taobao, today I talk about what I know the promotion method.

a, ranking page.

was engaged in the time, the page landscaping, the following engage in some of the alliance LOGO, it can be fooled ah.


convenience, directly hang the window in the related sites of women, now spread, is not easy to do. read more

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Taobao free blog marketing


customers we are not unfamiliar, Taobao is helping Taobao promotion of goods and the seller in accordance with the turnover Commission (people may be individuals or website), formerly known as Amoy, since January 12, 2009, officially changed its name to Taobao customers. The birth of Taobao customers for the so-called forced to provide a living space. Don’t worry about supply, do not worry about customer service, do not worry about the channel and so on, so many webmaster pocketed a piece, while pregnant with sorrow, bitter sweet. During the bitterness and how many people will be? read more

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FLYTEK Yi heard CEO Liu Shu the ability to model the product manager nternet plus time

in May 8th, everyone is a product manager and Tencent Forum jointly organized the 2016 China product manager meeting, iFLYTEK executive Yi heard redefined Product Manager Internet plus the era of President Liu Shu: commercial ability, product ability, operation ability, is one of the three elements of product manager competency model.

Hello, I’m Liu Shu.

I worked in Microsoft, Tencent, Alibaba, YY, from the beginning of the most basic product testing, and later to do product manager, and finally responsible for product, operations, business. It is easy to hear iFLYTEK ceo. read more

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Wu Feng Secret Google Analytics site traffic statistics

Language Guide: website traffic statistics is indispensable to the webmaster tools, general webmaster traffic statistical tools commonly used with cnzz, 51la, Baidu, Google Analytics, said the exact most owners in the use of CNZZ, 51la and other easy to use platform, Baidu, Google and other Analytics website traffic statistics platform webmaster is not much, the reason is to use a little difficult, especially Google Analytics.


traffic statistics platform is divided into two categories, "website traffic statistics platform", simply provide statistical data analysis, data mining services not provided, such as CNZZ, 51la and other platforms; web traffic data mining platform, domestic only Baidu can do, can be said that Baidu is the data statistics and data mining platform complement each other however, the data mining is not enough to deepen, but can see Baidu in the continuous efforts, the other one is Google Analytics, Google Analytics is a very good website traffic statistics mining platform, due to the high threshold for the webmaster is Lin Mao Feng angle. read more

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Hunting hired to complete the D round of over 100 million financing valuation of nearly 1 billion

Abstract: the investment community on June 28th news, talent development platform Hunter announced the completion of the D round of financing, financing amount of more than $100 million, valued at nearly $1 billion. Analysis of the industry, the D round of financing also means that the goal of hunting recruits from the market closer and closer.

investment community on June 28th news, talent development platform announced that the hunter has completed D round of financing, financing amount of more than $100 million, valued at nearly $1 billion. The capital is in the shift of innovation industry funds, Jingwei China, Celestica fund, XinDa, Chinese stone industry fund, Huatai new capital, thousands of days, Kaiyuan send huge investment and other strategic partners and financial institutions. read more

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Us grapefruit completed D financing menstrual management tools to change the current

[Abstract] the United States grapefruit data disclosure, the client application has accumulated more than 100 million users, daily active users reached 5 million.

Tencent technology Liang Chen reported on December 8th

from the tool to the community, and the introduction of electricity providers from the community, the U.S. grapefruit made this change in development over the past 2 and a half years in. With the previous rounds of financing, the U.S. grapefruit CEO Chen Fangyi told the Tencent of science and technology, "this round of financing is to be responsible for the whole business". read more

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From the blog to the site in 2009 really cattle

often heard many people say that use blogs to promote site is often used in the article said, through a large number of registered blog, can improve the site traffic, but I want to say is a blog that’s right, but also very effective, class do not ignore the quality of the blog, this is also very important.


began to learn SEO, they often see such articles, said a large number of registered blog can effectively improve the site traffic, I according to what they say has opened many blogs, including Sina, Hexun, 163, Tencent and so on, as long as the blog are open, but later I found out that no, why? Because I open the blog went bankrupt, no traffic, except myself every day to go outside, almost no what to see, this no more what, and too much I don’t have time to update their blog, some to later even landing do not remember the password. read more

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Do not play this hormone the product can not sell

text /grace

brand attention is rising, the market is bound to appear after the occurrence of extreme red sea. When supply is less than demand, as long as the focus on products to meet consumer demand continue to improve, to seize the channel can live in moist; since the beginning of 2000, the economy entered a rapid development period, people’s material life level increases rapidly, while the brightest products blossom everywhere, when we face the Super City, Ling Lang everywhere products has been dazzling, the development of electronic business platform, numerous fields the numerous small brand was born, imported goods become and make our choice with extreme ease, greatly increased. read more

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E commerce marketing trends

A, obtains the customer trust.

this is the primary problem of e-commerce, because online business and offline business. How to get customer trust is the key. Customer trust has several common skills.

1. page contact address, telephone number, and other relevant certificates. Mostly just a certain network, because now the site is too much, what is called what the network, so only the actual data show, in order to obtain customer trust.

2. familiar with the knowledge of the services or products they sell. For example, selling cosmetics, I have to be familiar with the relevant knowledge of beauty, with professional knowledge to answer customer questions and so on. So, although my mall is currently being revised because there is no publicity, only a few tens of thousands of people a day, but every day there are ten orders, business constantly. read more

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My opinion on the promotion of website navigation website

think that year to 50 million acquisition of Baidu hao123 launched a web site navigation of the storm, a rise time of various web site navigation, and site navigation station before long, a large slowly on the Internet to hide traces. But on the other hand, a part of the vision of the vision of people who have seen the industry site navigation business opportunities, began to establish a strong professional navigation site.

but the site navigation has its congenital defects: included less, low ranking. So how to promote the site has become a lot of problems facing today, I am here to share their views. read more

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Take a look at the nternet age 80% marketing is how to fail

modern society is the information explosion to unacceptable degree, every day people are surrounded by countless information tightly, and full of rubbish countless. Even if you do a good marketing plan, it will inevitably be overshadowed by the surrounding information noise. The position of the traditional marketing channel advantages and emphasis on the mobile Internet have collapsed and even changed the position of sale network, numerous slobber have drowned too much of the story.

is not a marketing opportunity? No, surrounded, in many of the noise are also some special rings can break through the information surrounding talent shows itself by everyone’s attention, but often, these impressive waves are usually some specialized marketing company achievements. Some "smart" enterprises put the marketing task is given to these agents, but the effect how? The stock market tells you that a stock of historical data for reference only, the future who also said not clear, if a marketing agency can guarantee some of what, then you be careful of his with a glib tongue. read more

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A5 financing briefing Bird cloud technology the poetry of Lili Nobel Kangda medical technology for

1 cloud bird technology

investors: United States Warburg investment group led investment, Jingwei China, Jinsha River and other investors with investment

investment amount: $100 million

February 13th, the city with service providers cloud technology announced that it has received $100 million D round of financing, led by the United States Warburg Investment Group investment, Jingwei China, Jinsha River and other investors with investment.


2 media

investors: Hong Jin investment

investment amount: 10 million yuan read more

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Octopus TV C round of billions of dollars of financing has been pushed to the end of the new model o

octopus TV recently announced the launch of new features: the barrage and sports combine live; the company said, hoping to attract the best anchor added a variety of interactive form.

octopus TV said that since April on the line, the average daily active users octopus TV nearly 3 million, in August revenue reached 1 million yuan. In addition to spending money to sign star anchor, the selection of fans is an important way to dig anchor TV octopus. The octopus TV has included Fu Xiaofang, the former striker Xu Liang, more than 3500 people every day TV anchor team, 1000 hours in the broadcast platform. read more

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Good use of classified information network for your network promotion plus a strength

a lot of friends in the network promotion, website optimization, but the ultimate purpose of only one or sell products, or sell service, I also have been studying the promotion and optimization of SEO network, through a lot of practice for a long time, now also is to help it, recently optimization and promotion of a computer maintenance and training the company website, found that if the use of classified information can also bring a lot of effect


below to analyze it, do the website is computer maintenance training, through the optimization of a period of time in which several keywords have lined up with the Baidu Google home page, which mainly do the business of computer maintenance and computer maintenance training, computer maintenance * * row to Baidu fourth, Google fifth, because the front some are old station, the weight is higher, and the chain are many, PR is not low, the word competition is intense, because also the word search volume is the largest, like other macrura * * * * computer maintenance, computer maintenance, computer maintenance company is * * three * *, computer maintenance training is the first time, according to said this situation should have very good results, but still not many customer growth, preferably through the analysis found that these add up the search volume Is not very large, to achieve good results, we must grasp every customer, increase the channel customers find. The classification of information is a good channel! read more

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How important is the five point of thinking about social media marketing

07 years began to pay attention to when Twitter reports, the beginning of the 09 year when playing any meal, then when Fanfou was shut and play the Sina micro-blog, did not think today "social media marketing" by industry and customers to give so much attention. In our service a number of customers, the practice of some projects, participate in some of the proposals, with some activities, after the experience of some experts in this field, there are certainly some thinking, or active or passive. These thinking may not solve a lot of problems, but if you can trigger a more in-depth thinking of the stakeholders, it is worth writing down, outgoing. read more

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