The library website looking for profit model rely on low cost access to market space

relative to the low electricity supplier books and e-books, borrowing from the birth of the website that day, it is bound to rely only on the lower price of the marketing model is even free to borrow to seek market space. However, to do so to bring pressure on the survival of the library website, has not found a suitable profit model, is the biggest problem they face.

caught the tenacious growth of

qingfanqie founder Zhang Lijuan told reporters "IT times", "green tomatoes to borrow and to pick up the book to send books are free, we have a romantic mind, hope everyone can enjoy the pleasure of reading. But in fact, human resources, warehousing, logistics and purchasing cost, it was difficult for us." Only the green tomatoes currently the number of more than 50 kinds of books, the book would cost millions of dollars, not including inventory, logistics and manpower cost. Wendy library net and net book adopts a membership system, to pay 59 yuan in Wendy per year, 3 times can borrow two books at a time; and the net book price is more expensive, a quarter of 80 yuan, 3 times can borrow three books at a time. However, the membership fee is still not enough to pay the cost of an utterly inadequate measure. They all look at the advertising market and the enterprise library market. read more

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Mafengwo founder Chen Gang readme tourism community 4 years accumulated 50 million users

mafengwo was founded in 2006 by Lv Gang and Chen Gang, from 2010 officially began operations in 4 years has accumulated about 50000000 users, launched 6 APP, of which about 40000000 from the mobile terminal.

At present,

A, B mafengwo received a total of two rounds of financing, 2011 today to get $5 million A round of financing capital and $2 million interest free loans; April 2013 completed $15 million B round of financing, Qiming venture capital investment led, with investment capital today.

Chen Gang said, the core is the ant cellular travel raiders. By the end of the community in the massive user UGC data, the formation of tourism Raiders, and then through structured data to help users achieve travel on the way of consumer decision-making. At present, mafengwo more than half of the employees are technical staff, Chen Gang believes that mafengwo is more of a technology and product company. read more

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Daily topics polyamorous end Ctrip shares the same way the way cattle online travel pattern of subv

A5 ( station network May 4th news, Chinese online travel market is raging like a storm. Ctrip strategic investment in cash with the way network, involving an amount of more than $200 million to become its second largest shareholder, accounting for approximately $30%. The other Ctrip way cattle deal would be completed in the way cattle IPO issue price of the acquisition of the way cattle worth $15 million (90 million 800 thousand yuan) shares. Ctrip continuous investment distance online travel market dominance and a step closer. read more

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OS ecological chain parasitic millions of developers difficult to survive facing choices

editor press

just 4 years, relying on the iOS system platform, the formation of a huge apple business ecosystem – the application of the third party reached about 600 thousand. In this ecological chain, "parasitic" tens of millions of developers. Although Apple paid $5 billion into them, but the ecological chain began showing more and more biological attributes: with Apple’s market share growth rate than the growth in the use of the third party, many applications started a fight at outrance competition, tough competition for limited living space; on the other hand, with the iOS system the function of an important upgrade, more and more applications are apple eliminated. On this platform, it seems difficult to have the final winner. Is to say goodbye to apple, or stick to the position, hard to survive, this is the choice facing millions of developers. read more

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166 thousand Taiwan broiler computer network attacks against South Korea

is a fierce offensive hacker network began let Korea visited flood be taken by surprise, the destroyed many South Korean websites.

I often go to the South Korean portal Naver, but from the beginning of the afternoon, the site’s e-mail service, how can not log on." Samsung, a South Korean employees to the CBN reporter recalled the afternoon of 7 scenarios, then thought it was just a common fault, I did not expect it was just the first wave of hacker attacks.

so far, South Korea has suffered three large-scale cyber attacks, most of the government websites, major Internet portals and media sites have been paralyzed by the attack. read more

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CCTV will be launched after the BT website to clean up China’s network television

, according to reports, the industry has long been concerned, China network television ( will be a grand debut in December 28th.

earlier this month, SARFT crackdown BT website, has now closed almost. Several major video sites, cool 6 network has announced the full removal of the contents of the video without copyright. Starting in January next year, SARFT will also launch the largest efforts to rectify the video site. Network video industry bigwigs are considering how to deal with this national competition. read more

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Aunt help B round of financing at home and abroad aunt company to catch up with this wave of home O

tiger sniffing note: October 24th news, domestic O2O company founder aunt help Wan Yong revealed that Aunt help has completed B round of tens of millions of dollars in financing, by Cheung Fung investment partners, along for the fund and the sources of venture capital investment, along for the fund is the angel round and A round of investment. At the beginning of this year to the domestic hot O2O is catching food O2O potential, but with the fall of domestic side, to a certain extent brought haze to the rapid development of the industry, aunt to help the second round of financing for domestic O2O industry will bring new atmosphere? O2O the development of domestic and foreign political situation is what? On behalf of the enterprise? Comprehensive reports of the tiger sniffing technology of NetEase, goods transit network, to sort out clearly. read more

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360 from the media platform the 360 encyclopedia exposure has a number of accounts settled

June 28th news, Tencent science and technology, 360 from the media platform, the 360 Encyclopedia has been on-line today. The platform will be through the search engine micro-blog and WeChat public platform to grab the content, and the content will be aggregated in 360 search, navigation and other key pages to promote.

in addition to direct crawl, 360 is a lot of people from the media to establish contact, want to be authorized or even an exclusive license, the 360 commitment once the cooperation will focus on the page to promote cooperation from the media account. There are already a number of media accounts settled. read more

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Thirty second CNNC report of the third chapter nternet based resources

Tencent science and technology news July 17th news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released today in Beijing, the thirty-second China Internet development statistics report. The report shows that as of the end of June 2013, China’s netizens reached 591 million, Internet penetration rate of 44.1%.

below is the report of the third chapter: Internet based resources

one, basic resources overview

at the end of June 2013, China’s IPv4 address number was 331 million, with 14607 pieces of /32 IPv6 address. read more

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Yichun disabled by the general secretary Hu Jintao met with the webmaster

July 3rd, the fourth national self model cum disabled advanced collectives and individuals in recognition of the General Assembly held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, founded by the Yichun City Disabled the disabled website won the "national disabled advanced collective" title. Attended the meeting of the Chinese disabled webmaster Liu Zhen and other advanced collectives and individuals by the party and state leaders Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Li Changchun, Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang met with the cordial. read more

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