Taobao judicial auction will take Qingxin sland starting price up 200 million yuan network judicial auction starting price will once again refresh. Zhejiang province Chunan County People’s court before the news release, in May 20th 10 to May 21st 10, a public auction on Qiandao Lake Qingxin island in the Taobao online network, starting price up 200 million yuan. If the auction is successful, will be the new high Chinese network judicial auction starting price record.

in March 30th this year, Haining City People’s court to auction a state-owned industrial land use right transfer, then refresh the network judicial auction record – starting price up 155 million yuan, 159 million yuan for the successful bid price. read more

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How to share the 11 double diamond show is how to break out of 300 thousand yuan

double 11 although it has been in the past half a month, but this morning I was on the company’s distributors to do the training, of which there are 11 pairs of drills in the course of the exhibition summary.

The double

11 cost nearly 300 thousand yuan, while the ROI is 1.5 times higher than the industry average, in two categories which should be arranged first. Because in the double 11 after a few days, there are several categories in the hearing for the promotion of the group of people complaining, double 11 day Click cost is too high, I dare not put. Some of the shops are still on the strength of our shop. So, I think the reason why I can give myself 99 points is the idea of the way out, there will be good results. read more

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Taobao absorb huge amounts of advertising sustained blood supply can be the helm of the future

With the development of

joint economic effects of the Internet e-commerce market, online advertising and e-commerce market is one of the burning of the link, with the exposure of the effectiveness of online advertising, also began to favor and recognized by investors. The Internet advertising market growth also soared. It is understood that the fourth quarter of China’s online advertising market size will reach $10 billion 560 million, an alarming growth rate. But the most impressive is non Taobao perfectly, according to analysts, Taobao 2010 total revenue is about 5 billion, but advertising revenue accounted for 8 of total revenue, 4 billion yuan, has been peer envy. read more

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Suliao com juzi com blog Cn and other high quality domain name will be spent who

domain name auction is a domain name trading, the seller through the third party platform to sell the domain name within the specified time the highest bidder. This way also gradually recognized by the market, it is not necessarily a sale or sale, not on sale, the price is not fixed, competing with 2 or more than 2 of the buyers, the highest bidder.

currently, CN ( on many domains are auctioned, including,,.Cn, and dozens of blogs and so on three letter domain. read more

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The new regulations came into effect in August Taobao accumulated points over 48 points shall be se

Tencent Francisco July 19th message, released the first half of July 18th the rights data show that 1 to June this year, processing commodity information infringement of intellectual property rights up to 47 million, in which only a quarter of Taobao launched the "suspected counterfeit goods infringing intellectual property rights and special operation, processing relevant information about 25 million.

in the system construction, the information security department on, also formally established the first half of the commodity inspection system, the line on the protection of intellectual property rights and the platform, involving a violation of intellectual property rights of the "Taobao" rules according to the rights of experience and market trends were revised, "rights system upgrade perfect, will provide continuous power for promoting the rights of work platform, with Taobao as the representative of the online shopping industry, and even the whole economic field of intellectual property to improve the environment." read more

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Analysis of the modern new e commerce model

said that e-commerce model everyone knows B2C, C2C, B2B model, these three models are product centric, customer demand oriented, service oriented business model. The development of network marketing has been inseparable from any of the three models. We are on the Internet before 2010 is the most trouble everywhere let you pay the consumption of product advertising, what is the most annoying since 2010 US? Of course is everywhere for you to earn 1 million opportunities, but missed the kind of advertising contrite life. This can make people rich soon it is fool things? Advertisers will tell you that this is the fourth generation of new e-commerce platform, also reminded that if you miss this business model is equal to a few years ago miss Alibaba like Taobao. Make you dizzy ringing, I do not know! More people headaches is now all sorts of people to find your platform model that his is the fourth generation of new business models, are able to success in your life platform. To tell the truth, I am now very disgusted with this ad, but I am not sure whether these fourth generation business model is not good or very good. But I dare say that now all claiming to be all kinds of platform of the fourth generation of new business models, as long as you can get to tell, the way they are operating product contains B2B, C2C, B2C, is a superficial reform, the following will mode you click La analysis of a new electronic commerce: read more

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O2O transformation of traditional enterprises trap and antidote

some business owners heard the speech of the airport Ma, know that the world is not difficult to do business, the Internet thinking, all day clamoring to transform, to embrace change.

watched Ma’s business is getting better and better, but they have no business to do.

a few days ago also heard a friend say that he do Jiezhuang company intends to invest 5 million to do a APP, thinking of using the Internet to do the decoration, they believed in: or electronic commerce, or no business can. read more

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Double eleven practical operation process counter attack at end of dry cargo details

said the double eleven, can not be described as a major event in the electricity supplier and even the domestic market. In today’s electricity supplier in the world, increasingly high traffic costs, various costs have increased, by the end of the "double eleven", is undoubtedly a booster, how to end a sales counter attack, achievements, and even create a your ecommerce sales myth seems to lie in the "double eleven" of the war.

it is good, is not good, eleven double negative information, negative news and so on to the seller but this is not the focus is also a superb collection of beautiful things, we should pay attention to, after all, we are currently Tmall Taobao this platform operation, negative see too much, people tend to feel pessimistic, the boat as long as we don’t go to the data no, to those grandiose digital abandon their profits, the real use of "double eleven", do their business to read more

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VANCL Yuzuo whole category or electricity supplier will affect its brand awareness

Beijing daily news (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) vertical class electricity providers have begun to accelerate the road to the platform. Beijing Daily reporter yesterday login to see VANCL by 3C digital goods, third party merchants and sales of small household electrical appliances has been officially on sale in china. VANCL said, the future will take the "brand + channel mode. According to the insiders, after the Jingdong, such as B2C, the curtain open platform that will open vertical class electricity supplier. read more

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To excellent network security buy navigation site will not disappear


to CEO Youwang anchenghai

handle network stranded after IPO, the domestic buy industry pessimism unprecedented condensation. Coincidentally, 24 was one of the giants of group purchase coupons exposed owed wages, and removed a number of local outgoing station, seems to be pushed to the first domino. At Gaopeng, Wo Wo Group, Groupon and other giants have also lit group purchase, knife cuts.

said that if the group purchase just so big weight, many small and medium-sized group purchase website is worthy of the name of the dead. According to statistics, the original more than 6 thousand sites have fallen to 1324, there are more sites are no longer updated, disguised death…… Considering the current group purchase industry, to sum up in a word, group purchase industry is facing the winter. read more

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