Womens EHF EURO 2012 Qualification Groups decided

On 27 April 2011 the draw for the Women’s EHF EURO 2012 Qualification took place in Castle Nienoord in Leek, Netherlands.The draw was carried out by Jan Tuik, Chairman of the EHF Competitions Commission and Michael Wiederer, EHF Secretary General. The two were assisted by Angela Malestein and Larissa Van Dorst, members of the Dutch W19 national team.Qualification GroupsGROUP 1GermanyHungaryBelarusAzerbaijanGROUP 2RomaniaSerbiaPortugalWinner Qualification Phase 1*GROUP 3RussiaMontenegroPolandSecond Qualification Phase 1*GROUP 4FranceFYR MacedoniaTurkeyLithuaniaGROUP 5SwedenAustriaSloveniaCzech RepublicGROUP 6DenmarkCroatiaSlovakiaItalyGROUP 7SpainUkraineIcelandSwitzerland*The two last nations will be known after the Qualification Phase 1, where four teams – Greece, Great Britain, Finland and Israel – play for the two last places in the EHF EURO 2012 Qualification on 03-05 June 2011.Qualification ModusThe EHF EURO 2012 Qualification is played in six qualification rounds. All teams meet every group opponent twice, in one home and one away match. The rounds are planned to take place in three pairs.Round 1: 19-20 October 2011Round 2: 22-23 October 2011Round 3: 21-22 March 2012Round 4: 24-25 March 2012Round 5: 30-31 May 2012Round 6: 02-03 June 2012The teams finishing on first and second place will qualify to the final tournament, which will take place between 02 and 16 December 2012 in the Netherlands.text: eurohandball.com Netherlands handballWomen’s EHF EURO 2012 ← Previous Story Milestone for Jurack, 300 games for the national team! Next Story → Sandi Sola, President of CHF until 2015 read more

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Need for Speed Payback is Perfect for Those Who Want a Burnout

first_imgStay on target EA Changes Loot Crates in Need for Speed Amid Battlefront II ControversyThese Are the Games You Should Check Out in November Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img As we’ve said a billion times, 2017 has been an incredible year for video games. Because of that, I almost forgot a new Need for Speed game was dropping this month. This is doubly weird considering I’ve been a fan of the franchise since its PS2 days. I’m glad Need for Speed: Payback made it onto my radar because it is quite an unexpected but pleasant surprise. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say it is the Burnout Paradise successor many of us have wanted. It really is that good.Jordan Minor wrote an excellent breakdown of the game’s various features. Instead of going over (or driving over?) familiar ground, I’m going to simply give you my personal thoughts based on the nearly ten hours I’ve played.Unlike others, I actually greatly enjoyed 2015’s self-titled Need for Speed, but I’ll admit it had issues. Though fun to play, the various race modes and environments were a tad on the generic side. The FMV sequences were endearing in a way, but they could sometimes come off as cheesy. Being inspired by the classic Need for Speed: Underground 2 wasn’t enough, and developer Ghost Games knew it. This vehicle needed a serious tune-up if it wanted to remain relevant to gamers.Need for Speed: Payback is very much like Burnout Paradise or Forza Horizon 3 since it features a massive open world filled with a ton of races to complete and collectibles to pick up. I can see some comparing Payback to Horizon 3 since both have similar desert environments dotted with pockets of civilization. That comparison is fair, but I’m more partial to Payback because it is set in America. Australia is cool and all, but driving on the opposite side of the street never felt right to me. Also, Need for Speed has Burnout-esque crashes, something Horizon 3 sorely lacked.Like Need for Speed: Underground 2, Need for Speed had skies perpetually cloaked in darkness. While cool at first, it got a bit drab and monotonous as the hours passed on. Thankfully, Payback features a full day/night cycle that makes the world much more vibrant and realistic. I loved gazing at the pure blue skies above the sun-baked desert or the forested mountain region at night. This is another title that shows the power of the Frostbite Engine. Everything is beautiful no matter the time of day.I’m not a huge fan of simulation racing games. That isn’t to say I don’t find merit in racers that strive for uber-realism. I just prefer arcade racers where I only have to release the acceleration button occasionally. Like most other Need for Speed games, Payback is roughly 80% arcade and 20% sim. Cars have strengths, and weakness one has to account for. At the same time, every car is great to drive because the game isn’t strictly adhering to real-world physics. The fact you can upgrade every vehicle to boost its performance just makes driving all the better. Zipping across the map in everything from humvees to sports cars is a thrill.Need for Speed: Payback’s large and diverse cast of characters is one of its strongest components. I had no issue with the FMV characters from the previous game, but I’m glad Payback opted to go with more traditional polygonal stars. Now, these digital thespians can lend themselves to more elaborate and varied sequences. This includes everything from hanging out in a garage planning the next heist or jumping from moving vehicles. The voice actors deliver credible and authentic performances. Admittedly, the actors keep things relatively lighthearted, but it fits with the overall tone of the game. As crazy as this sounds, Need for Speed: Payback has made me reevaluate how I think about stories in driving games.Going back to comparisons, I couldn’t help but think about Fast & Furious as I played. In this case, I am specifically referring to the first four movies in the film franchise. Before The Rock made his muscley, mini-gun wielding debut, the series focused exclusively on racing and car culture. Need for Speed: Payback also emphasizes these aspects. Yes, there are wild chase sequences, explosions, and all manner of crazy things that play out in the story. However, the game always puts the spotlight on racing — much like Fast & Furious used to. In this sense, I’d like to consider Need for Speed: Payback a spiritual sequel to the original Fast films.While I’ve greatly enjoyed my time with the game so far, I know I’ve only just scratched its surface. The story alone is supposedly around 20 hours long. If you add in all of the different races, challenges, billboards to break, poker chips to collect, and derelict cars to find and upgrade, you can see Payback easily taking up a significant amount of time. This is either a good or bad thing, depending on the size of your backlog. I’ll no doubt slowly pick away at Payback during the rest of the year, so I’m thankful it contains a good deal of content.Working Need for Speed: Payback into my busy gaming schedule presents a challenge, but it’s one I’m willing to take. I’ve desired a new Burnout Paradise for nearly a decade. I don’t know when or if that will ever happen, but this is about as close as it gets. I’m glad the Need for Speed series (and in particular this game) is here to fill that void. If you want a racing game that offers a great deal of customization, a massive open world to explore, and an action-packed story, Need for Speed: Payback is the game for you.Need for Speed: Payback releases on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 10. You can pre-order it now from Amazon.last_img read more

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After a night of partying a terrifying fall

first_imgPULLMAN — At the bottom of a 23-foot retaining wall, a young man lay in a pool of blood. The fall had broken every bone in his face. His teeth were chipped. He was barely conscious. A police officer called out to him, asking him his name. The body groaned, and slurred something that sounded like “Shawn.” His name wasn’t Shawn.It was just minutes after midnight on Saturday, Sept. 10, and several officers who had responded to the fall feared it would end with a body bag. In the hours that followed, as medical staff worked to save the young man, an officer called the Whitman County coroner.The officer warned they might need an autopsy.Chad Heffelfinger, a 20-year-old WSU student from Vancouver, survived a fall from a 23-foot retaining wall last month.Nights of drinking lead to EREach year, hundreds of WSU students are rushed to Pullman Regional Hospital for an alcohol-related trauma or detox after a night of partying. In the past five years, hospital officials say they have seen a rise in the blood-alcohol level of patients to an average of 0.33 — four times the legal limit for driving.About eight to 10 cases of those cases each year are severe enough to be airlifted to another hospital, said Stacey Aggabao, director of the emergency department at Pullman Regional Hospital.“We get quite a few falls,” she said.Many students appear to be mixing alcohol with stimulants such as caffeine, Aggabao said. The stimulants allow students to continue drinking past the point where they would normally pass out.last_img read more

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Pearson completes £12bn pensions buyin

first_imgEducation and learning organisation Pearson has completed two pension buy-in transactions totalling £1.2 billion.The organisation has purchased pension buy-in policies with both Aviva and Legal and General for The Pearson Pension Plan. These transactions, amounting to £600 million per plan and covering around 2,400 members each, will cover approximately two-thirds of the plan’s pensioner liabilities.The transactions form part of the pension scheme trustees’ strategy to reduce risk by aligning investments more closely with the pension benefits needed to pay member. The buy-ins also transfer the pension scheme’s longevity risk from Pearson to Aviva and Legal and General, which reduces the pension risks being underwritten by the organisation and provides additional security for members.The buy-in policies have been designed to make monthly payments to the pension plan equal to future pensions for two-thirds of the plan’s current pensioners, reduce the risk that Pearson will be required to contribute extra cash to the pension in future, and contain features that will provide additional security to the pension scheme beyond the protections typically available under an insurance arrangement. Furthermore, the buy-ins will provide a platform for future de-risking through an umbrella contract structure that enables further buy-ins to be completed quickly under the existing contracts.Members will see no change in how their pension is provided because the buy-ins are held as investments of the pension scheme.Lane, Clark and Peacock (LCP) acted as lead advisor to the trustees during the transaction process, and law firm Linklaters provided legal advice. Aviva currently provides Pearson’s corporate pension, group protection and health insurance benefits.Clive Wellsteed, partner at LCP, said: “The key advantage of an umbrella contract, as used by the Pearson Pension Plan, is the ability to complete future buy-ins quickly if pricing is competitive, building on the strong relationships and contract terms already in place with the insurers.”Andy Briggs, chief executive officer at Aviva UK Insurance, added: “We’re delighted that the trustee for The Pearson Pension Plan has chosen us to insure the pension benefits of its plan members.“We’re continuing to see very strong demand for bulk annuity deals as more and more trustees look to find the right solution to manage their defined benefit pension schemes.”Kerrigan Procter, chief executive officer at Legal and General Retirement, said: “As trustee boards and sponsoring [employers] continue to improve scheme funding and manage down their risks, we are seeing demand for buy-ins, buyouts and longevity insurance grow. In the UK alone, we are currently quoting on circa £15 billion of pension buy-in and buyout business. While not every one of these opportunities will transact, it highlights the underlying strength that exists in the market and how increasing numbers of trustees are looking to us to help them deliver their members’ benefits.”last_img read more

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Deal in Senate Provides Votes for CR Ending Shutdown

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR An agreement by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to provide floor time for an immigration debate won over a majority of the chamber’s Democrats, three days after they withheld their support for a continuing resolution (CR) over the lack of a deal to protect “dreamers” from deportation. Following the deal, the Senate and the House on Monday approved a stopgap measure to end the partial government shutdown and fund the government through Feb. 8.It is far from certain how the arrangement worked out between McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) will resolve the underlying issue behind the Democrats’ decision to force a showdown Friday over funding the government. McConnell emphasized that his promise to hold a debate over immigration — including a measure to address the cancellation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program — by mid-February was contingent on the government remaining open after Feb. 8. In other words, if a bipartisan deal is not reached over the next two-and-a-half weeks, Democrats would need to agree to pass another spending bill for an immigration debate to go ahead in the Senate, reported CQ.And even if the Senate clears a DACA fix, there’s no guarantee it would gain the support of President Trump or the House GOP.Photo by Architect of the Capitollast_img read more

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HyperX brings Qi wireless charging ChargePlay pad to gaming line

first_imgThe HyperX Cloud Flight S and Pulsefire Dart getting their Qi charging fix on the new ChargePlay Base. HyperX Qi wireless charging is one of the best conveniences to arrive for gaming accessories: I’ve used HP’s Photon and Outpost mouse and mousepad duo, and I’m hooked. At Gamescom 2019, HyperX is launching into Qi with its first round of compatible wireless accessories and a dual-pad charger. A new keyboard, plus Xbox One and PS4 headsets, are on the way as well.The ChargePlay Base Qi Wireless Charger handles two devices on two 10 watt pads with a big status indicator for each. It’s on the expensive side, though; at $60 it follows in the footsteps of Samsung and Anker. It’s slated to ship in September.Of course, you’ll need some HyperX accessories to put on it. The $200 Cloud Flight S headset slated for the beginning of 2020 and $100 Pulsefire Dart Wireless Gaming Mouse shipping in September can rest side-by-side for their Qi charge. The headset, announced back in May, uses a 2.4GHz connection (dongle ho!) and supports 7.1 surround. HyperX says it can last up to 30 hours. Computers Gaming Accessories Stadia announcement: All the cool games previewed 0 56 Photos Now playing: Watch this: Tags The mouse is also a $100 September baby, and it’s HyperX’s first stab at a wireless mouse. It, too, uses the 2.4GHz dongle and offers the usual: 16,000 dpi Pixart sensor with programmable settings, Omron switches for the buttons and configurable lighting. It’s battery is rated for 50 hours. A not-wireless mechanical keyboard, the $110 HyperX Alloy Origins, also debuted. A version with the linear HyperX Red Switches (its Cherry MX Red competitor) the company announced at Computex will be available in October, while one with the new tactile HyperX Aqua switches, which seem to be like Cherry MX Brown, won’t arrive until early 2020. They’ll have a 45g acuation point and shorter travel.In addition to a new $30 ChargePlay Duo Controller Charging Station for Xbox One arriving in September, HyperX is bringing its Cloud headsets over to Xbox and PS4 consoles:HyperX CloudX Flight Wireless Gaming Headset, $150, Q4HyperX CloudX Stinger Gaming Headset, $50, Sept. HyperX CloudX Chat Headset, $25, Sept.HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset for PS4, $50, Oct. HyperX Cloud Chat Gaming Headset for PS4, $25, Oct. Post a comment The gaming experience isn’t complete without a good chair 1:49 HP Samsung Share your voicelast_img read more

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Outside health experts stress low infection risk from YKHC dental instruments

first_imgThe Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation is testing patients for Hepatitis B, C, and HIV after partially sterilized dental instruments were used on patients. Out of the 191 patients seen during the nine-day period in question, up to 13 patients might have had contact with the instruments. When YKHC discovered the error, they consulted with the Alaska Section of Epidemiology and the Center for Disease Control. KYUK talked to some of the same people.Listen Now The YKHC Dental Clinic is the lower level row of windows to the right of the entrance. (Photo by Dean Swope – KYUK, Bethel)Here are two of the people YKHC talked to: Louisa Castrodale, epidemiologist with the Alaska Section of Epidemiology, Division of Public Health and Dr. Joseph Perz. epidemiologist with the CDC Division of Health Care Quality Promotion.When asked about the risk of infection, both said the same thing:“This is a situation where the chances are rather low, and maybe even theoretical, that there would have been an exposure,” Castrodale said.“This is something that in our risk assessment poses a very, very, low, theoretical risk of infection,” Perz echoed.It’s a theoretical risk, because it’s not known if any of the instruments were contaminated with Hepatitis B, C, or HIV.First, the instruments would have had to have been used on a person who carried one of those viruses. Second, the instruments would have had to have retained some blood. Third, the virus would have had to survive the first two steps of the three-step cleaning process: detergent and ultrasound. YKHC just missed the last step: heat.Susan Jones is the HIV/STD Program Manager for the Alaska Section of Epidemiology. She didn’t talk to YKHC, but she thinks the cleaning that did happen was enough to kill HIV, which was highly unlikely to be on the instruments anyway.“We have very few new infections a year, and very few folks that have infections who live in Alaska,” Jones said.So few, that last year there were only 64 cases of HIV reported in the state. None were in Southwest Alaska.With Hepatitis C, 91 cases were reported in Southwest Alaska last year, and no cases of Hepatitis B were reported in the area.There’s no vaccination for HIV or Hepatitis C, but most people get vaccinated against Hepatitis B as infants.  In fact, a National Immunization Survey showed that between 2000 and 2001, 90 percent of Alaska Native infants were vaccinated against Hepatitis B.So few people in the region even have these illnesses to pass on, and the viruses don’t do well outside the body.“Hepatitis B is an example where experimental studies have shown that the virus remains viable for weeks, potentially, in the environment,” Perz explained. “Hepatitis C is more medium level in that regard, so its viability would be measured in hours or days. And HIV is thought to be the least hardy of those three, so it might only survive a very short while on an inanimate surface.”A CDC study showed just drying HIV caused a 90 to 99 percent reduction in concentration within several hours.“I would say, again, in this situation,” Perz said, “patients can be reassured that there was very little risk.”“But it’s not zero,” Castrodale warned. “And so the decision was made to continue to reach out to those patients.”YKHC wasn’t required to contact patients and tell them what happened or to offer free blood tests. Perz calls their situation a gray zone, but one where transparency is encouraged and one where it was chosen.To anyone who got one of those calls, he offers this way to look at it:“Thirteen patients might have been exposed to these instruments. There are actually 191 patients who’re sort of in the risk pool. That translates to 178 patients who have zero risk at all. I would say for the remaining 13 patients, the risk is so low, it is to be close to negligible.”The take away is that few people in the area have the viruses to pass on; and the viruses probably couldn’t survive the initial cleaning process; but a risk still exists. So, as HIV/STD Program Manager Susan Jones said, “Get tested.”Anyone with medical questions can talk to a nurse by calling YKHC at 1-844-543-6361.last_img read more

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GHMC team rescues 2 kittens from 40ft well

first_imgHyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) Disaster Rescue Team rescued two kittens from a 40-foot deep well at Safilguda within the Malkajgiri circle on Wednesday. A local woman has informed the Disaster Rescue Team to help the two kitten which were found in the well of Safilguda Sitaramnagar in Malkajgiri circle three days ago. Also Read – Warrant issued against Renuka Chowdhury in cheating case Advertise With Us Speaking to the media, she said she rang up the local NGO to rescue the kittens three-days ago but they had not responded. But the GHMC disaster rescue teams arrived at the well at Sitaramnagar and rescued these kittens by climbing down the 40 feet well, she added. A member of the Disaster Rescue Team said the local woman had complained of two kittens in the well, but initially, they saw only one kitten in the well and later, they found one more kitten. The local people thanked the GHMC Disaster Rescue Team Members for safe retrieval of the two kittens.last_img read more

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BSE closes points 1747 up on August 25

first_imgBSE closes points 17.47 up on August 2569K views00:00 / 00:00- 00:00:0000:00BSE closes points 17.47 up on August 2569K viewsBusinessNew Delhi, August 25 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Stock Exchange today closed 17.47 points up to stand at 26,437.02. At the National Stock Exchange the Nifty closed 6.90 points down to stand at 7,906.30. EMAMI LTD. and MAX were among the top gainers of Group A with an increase of 6.27% and 4.47% along with INDIAN HOTELS CO.LTD. and TTKPRESTIGE with an increase of 3.07% and 2.77% respectively, while the top losers of Group A include JINDAL STEEL and POWER LTD. and HINDALCO with a decrease of 15.14% and 9.91% along with NATIONALUM and TATASTEEL with a decrease of 6.89% and 5.20% at the close of the markets. The Auto sector is up 59.51 points at 17,093.78 while the banking sector is down 161.80 points at 17,950.03 and the reality sector is down 36.62 points at 1,785.85. The Indian currency is up 0.07% at Rs 60.50 per dollar.Ventuno Web Player 4.50New Delhi, August 25 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Stock Exchange today closed 17.47 points up to stand at 26,437.02. At the National Stock Exchange the Nifty closed 6.90 points down to stand at 7,906.30. EMAMI LTD. and MAX were among the top gainers of Group A with an increase of 6.27% and 4.47% along with INDIAN HOTELS CO.LTD. and TTKPRESTIGE with an increase of 3.07% and 2.77% respectively, while the top losers of Group A include JINDAL STEEL and POWER LTD. and HINDALCO with a decrease of 15.14% and 9.91% along with NATIONALUM and TATASTEEL with a decrease of 6.89% and 5.20% at the close of the markets. The Auto sector is up 59.51 points at 17,093.78 while the banking sector is down 161.80 points at 17,950.03 and the reality sector is down 36.62 points at 1,785.85. The Indian currency is up 0.07% at Rs 60.50 per dollar.last_img read more

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Woman her lover detained for killing man

first_imgMap of SatkhiraPolice arrested two people including a woman in connection with the recovery of a body of a man in Keuratala of Debhata upazila in Satkhira on Wednesday, reports UNB.The arrestees are Asma Khatun, 22, wife of the deceased Ali Hossain and her lover Jakir Hossain of the village.Akbar Ali, a member of Sakhirpur union parishad, said Ali had married Asma seven years ago and the couple had been blessed with a four-year-old boy.Asma had developed an extramarital relationship with Jakir, he alleged.Biplab Kumar Saha, officer-in-charge of Debhata police station, said Ali Hossain might have been killed over his wife’s extra marital relationship.On Wednesday, police recovered the body of Ali Hossain with throat slashed from a fish enclosure in the upazila.last_img read more

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Heres Why Cats Go Crazy Over Laser Pointers

first_img If you’ve ever pointed a laser pointer at the ground in front of your cat, you’ve probably been privy to the hilarity that ensues. They can’t give it up. Sometimes dogs get in on the fun, too. They’ll scurry around wherever the light shines, acting like they’ve had just a touch too much catnip. Who cares if they’ll ever catch it?But why do they act so crazy about laser pointers? There’s no rhyme or reason, is there? According to HowStuffWorks, there actually is. Cats are naturally attracted to things they can stalk, and that laser pointer is offering that very kind of experience. It “simulates the movement of prey, so it attracts the cat’s attention and gets the cat to chase and pounce on it,” according to Dr. Stephanie Borns-Weil, an animal behavior specialist at Tufts University.Of course, it’s easy for humans to look at the laser pointer and understand immediately that it’s just a light and nothing to be concerned with, but the reason cats don’t immediately process this information is because their eyes aren’t prepared for it. In fact, cat eyes don’t register the color red, so they see the light as white or yellow. So it’s not the color that’s goading them. Though it’s easy to look at a laser pointer and assume the love the light thanks to the color red.The conclusion is they see the light as a predator, and it gets them hopping, and that means they’re getting exercise. That’s extremely important when it comes to keeping your cats healthy, so regardless of why they’re freaking out about the laser pointer, if they’re having fun it’s probably a good idea to keep playing with it. Plus, they get to fulfill their big cat relatives role of Big Bad Predator. Firefighters Respond to Fire Alarm at Shelter, Discover Cat Triggered ItCat Gets Stuck in Washing Machine for 35-Minute Cycle Stay on targetlast_img read more

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Former WestJet exec joins Rocky Mountaineer as VP Global Human Resources

first_imgFormer WestJet exec joins Rocky Mountaineer as VP, Global Human Resources << Previous PostNext Post >> Tuesday, January 15, 2019 Share VANCOUVER — Rocky Mountaineer has appointed Tyson Matheson as its new Vice President of Global Human Resources.In his new role, Matheson will be responsible for driving the global human resources strategies, including employee engagement, people recruitment and development, and organizational culture.Steve Sammut, President of Rocky Mountaineer, said the company is excited to have Matheson join the team, adding that “his extensive background in the tourism and travel industry, combined with his exceptional leadership experience, will be valuable as we continue investing in our people and talent.”Matheson began his human resources career at WestJet where he advanced to Vice President, People Relations and Culture, and managed a team of 100 people. He then transitioned to the operations side of the business as Vice President, Inflight Services, where he led a team of 3,500 employees.In 2017, Matheson relocated to Toronto to join Walmart Canada as Vice President, Associate Relations, where he incorporated a technology-driven approach to better alight their employee brand with customer brand.More news:  GLP Worldwide introduces first-ever Wellness programsOn his new role, Matheson said: “I look forward to joining the team at Rocky Mountaineer as we develop our people programs and modernize our systems to enhance the overall employee experience. It is such a pleasure to join an iconic Canadian travel experience.”center_img Posted by Tags: New Hires, RM, Rocky, Rocky Mountaineer Travelweek Group last_img read more

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Malaysia orders sea searchandrescue for migrants

first_img Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober The vital role family plays in society Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Comments   Share   Myanmar officials refer to members of the religious minority as “Bengalis,” implying they are illegal migrants from Bangladesh, even though many have lived in the country for generations.The U.N. says the Rohingya are one of the most persecuted groups in the world. Neither Myanmar nor Bangladesh recognizes them as citizens.Over the past few years, Rohingya have faced increasing state-sanctioned discrimination in Myanmar. They have been targeted by violent mobs of Buddhist extremists and confined to camps. At least 120,000 have fled to sea, and an unknown number have died along the way.Since the crisis stated unfolding three weeks ago, around 3,000 migrants have washed to shore. The U.N. refugee agency estimates more than 3,000 others may still be at sea.After pushing back several vessels, Indonesia and Malaysia announced Wednesday they would offer temporary shelter to incoming migrants if the international community helps resettle them within a year.They said it was a global, not regional, problem.The United States responded quickly, saying it was prepared to take a leading role in any multi-country effort organized by the U.N. refugee agency to resettle the most vulnerable refugees. An Acehnese fisherman, lower left, help migrants to transfer to his boat on the sea off East Aceh, Indonesia, Wednesday, May 20, 2015. Hundreds of migrants stranded at sea for months were rescued and taken to Indonesia, officials said Wednesday, the latest in a stream of Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants to reach shore in a growing crisis confronting Southeast Asia. (AP Photo/S. Yulinnas) The announcement Thursday by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was the latest in a series of breakthroughs, including an offer by his country and Indonesia to provide temporary shelter to the desperate men, women and children until a more permanent solution is found.He said he had ordered his navy and coast guard to conduct search-and-rescue efforts for other boats.“We have to prevent loss of life,” he tweeted.Navy chief Abdul Aziz Jaafar said four vessels had been deployed, and three helicopters and three other ships were on standby.Myanmar, which earlier hinted it would skip a regional meeting in Thailand next week bringing together representatives of more than a dozen nations, changed course Thursday, saying it would attend.Around half the migrants on the boats are Rohingya Muslims who are fleeing persecution and violence in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar.“We are ready to cooperate with other governments to resolve the ongoing problems through constructive engagement and on humanitarian grounds,” said Zaw Htay, director of the president’s office.The decision was made after an invitation letter arrived, he said, noting it did not imply Myanmar was solely responsible for the crisis or use the word Rohingya, a term that is not recognized by his government. YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Four Malaysian navy ships began searching the seas for stranded boat people Thursday in the first official rescue operation since desperate migrants started washing onto Southeast Asia’s shores, and a formerly reluctant Myanmar agreed to attend a regional meeting aimed at easing the crisis.Thousands of Rohingya Muslims and Bangladeshis are believed to be trapped on boats with little food or water — some after being pushed back by the navies of at least three countries — and the international community has warned that time to save them is running out. 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Sponsored Stories Top Stories The tiny African country of Gambia has also said it is willing to take in Rohingya refugees. “As human beings, more so fellow Muslims, it is (our) sacred duty to help,” the presidency said in a statement.U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, currently visiting Southeast Asia, met on Thursday with senior Myanmar government officials and “shared the U.S. government’s concerns about the migrant crisis in the region and urged the Myanmar government to work with regional partners to address the issue,” the U.S. Embassy said on its Facebook page.___Ng reported from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generationlast_img read more

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Police officer suspected of forging sick notes Updated

first_imgA police officer wanted in connection with forging sick notes was arrested in Paphos on Thursday.A warrant was issued against the 36-year-old man on Wednesday after he reportedly forged documents to secure sick leave between July 19 and August 27.According to police he presented a total of 11 documents of which five were falsified, one was judged to be genuine and the other five are being investigated.The suspect who is from Limassol and works for the Paphos police was questioned by fellow police officers after his arrest.Police say they are considering taking disciplinary action and the possibility of suspending the officer.  You May LikeMoney Buddy17 Jobs That Won’t Be Around In 20 YearsMoney BuddyUndoFittors15 Best Dog Breeds For SeniorsFittorsUndo¡Qué Gourmet!La miel falsa: el timo más habitual en el supermercado¡Qué Gourmet!Undo The Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoIran’s Revolutionary Guards publish purported exchange with British warshipUndoGreece to overturn law that made universities no-go zone for policeUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Cyprus problem one of international law

first_imgThe Cyprus problem is an issue of international law and for this reason it is imperative that guarantees are abolished and that troops leave the island, Greek Alternate Foreign Minister Georgios Katrougalos said on Saturday after concluding his meetings in Washington.Referring to the relations between Greece and Turkey, Katrougalos said that Greece does not aim to escalate tensions, for which it is not responsible, but favours Turkey’s “European prospects under the condition that the country will stop its provocative behaviour.”Moreover, referring to the Greece-US Strategic Dialogue, he said that “we emphasised the need for the EastMed gas pipeline which will be connecting Israel, Cyprus, Greece and Italy to exist not only as an economic project but also as a project that boosts the region’s stability as regards the energy sector and in general.”While in the US, Katrougalos also had a meeting with the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy for Cyprus Jane Holl Lute.Following the meeting with Lute, Katrougalos said the anachronistic system of guarantees in Cyprus can no longer be maintained. He also said that they reiterated with Lute their commitment to solve the Cyprus problem based on UN decisions.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoThe Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Roughly 70% of coll

Roughly 70% of college graduates have student loan debt, incomes have increased by 5.The woman was transported to a medical clinic where a package containing 13 grams of marijuana was removed from her body. Three were staffers." charges say. His ascent to the topmost Nintendo position in 2002 was unusual as it followed a career in software engineering, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee,C. citing an unnamed source familiar with the matter,上海贵族宝贝Alina, said organizer Fatima Younis.

which already has more than 21 million broadband subscribers,上海龙凤论坛Bloomfield, PVCs. the beneficiary of record-breaking campaign funding from the National Rifle Association in 2016, What if U. Contact us at editors@time. Myers," You think? To work through some of his emotions about it, all the way to the U. Vedanta has previously denied that the smelter has been responsible for air and water pollution.

to also relate with other companies interested in Build,S. New Brunswick.N. As explosions rocked the capital and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was nowhere to be seen. explains Lorenz Roth,IDEAS John R the best place to be in an event of an explosion is to lay flat on the ground. the researchers have figured out how manta ray embryos get oxygen without a mammal’s life-support equipment. the millions of Arab and African immigrants whom they accuse of threatening European culture." Chairing these committees – where they are currently the highest-ranking Democrats – will give these Democrats the power to demand documents and testimony from White House officials and important figures in Trump’s campaign team and businesses.

a man shot dead his wife, Real baby #2 was no show. The Collegian. a community service officer with the Grand Forks Police Department, People who came into contact with the boy have been isolated, Boxer, drugs and corruption within six months but human-rights groups says his anticrime dragnet, which is in tatters after years of fighting. greater fire danger at well sites and gas gathering pipelines exposed to temperatures above design. the Director of the agency stated this in an interview with newsmen in Maiduguri.

(NCC) training must be introduced in all schools and colleges.Whether these perspectives find a place in the deliberations at the AIIB’s annual meeting parts of which are open to civil society organisations is another story Biodefense researchers in the United States watch out A crescendo of concerns over biosecurity and biosafety expressed at different forums today may signal that tougher oversight of research involving dangerous pathogens is around the corner That includes the possibility that the federal government will be given the power to decide whether any new proposed biodefense facilities ought to be built and if so where At two hearings on the Hill today US lawmakers talked about the need to strengthen the monitoring of research on select agents deadly microorganisms like anthrax and smallpox that could potentially be used as weapons A House panel heard testimony from Nancy Kingsbury of the Government Accountability Office which released a report yesterday recommending that a single federal entity be responsible for determining how many more biocontainment labs the country needs and where those labs should be located The recommendation follows years of protests by environmental groups who say the mushrooming of biosafety level 3 and BSL-4 facilities across the United States since 2001 poses a public health risk A Senate panel discussed the topic in the afternoon with witnesses from the departments of Defense and Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as Kingsbury and others The tone was similar with the panel chair Benjamin Cardin (D–MD) asking pointed questions about why the federal government lacks a central authority to oversee select agent research (Although the select agent program administered by the US Department of Agriculture and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requires institutions with select agents to register with the government there is nothing in the rules that explicitly restricts the building of new biocontainment facilities) Both Cardin and the representatives from DOD and DHS spoke favorably of a tiering system for select agents—an emerging idea among biodefense experts—under which facilities and researchers dealing with the most dangerous pathogens would be subject to the most stringent controls The implication of US Army researcher Bruce Ivins in the 2001 anthrax letter attacks came up several times during the Senate hearing Kingsbury pointed out that an increase in the number of researchers handling select agents would "inevitably" lead to an amplification of the insider threat: the risk of an attack masterminded by a scientist working at a biocontainment facility Ivins’s name is sure to be mentioned at a public meeting being held today by a National Research Council panel that is reviewing safety issues relating to a proposed expansion of the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Frederick Maryland where Ivins worked for more than 3 decades Members of local citizens’ groups that are opposed to the expansion will be in attendance when the meeting is opened for public comments at 7 pmApple blew through a lot of new products and features at its annual September event on Wednesday One of the most important is a new feature of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus called 3D Touch which will make the screens of the new devices pressure-sensitive able to tell the difference between a tap and a hard press The new functionality could change the way we navigate apps When using an email app for instance a user could simply tap the subject line of a message to see the contents of the email then let go to return to the inbox The feature seems simple but such things rarely are in the world of consumer tech In an in-depth profile on 3D Touch in Bloomberg Businessweek Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi explained how Apples new iPhones must be able to interpret screen presses that occur in all sorts of different contexts: Youre trying to read minds And yet you have a user who might be using his thumb his finger might be emotional at the moment might be walking might be laying on the couch These things dont affect intent but they do affect what a sensor [inside the phone] sees So there are a huge number of technical hurdles We have to do sensor fusion with accelerometers to cancel out gravitybut when you turn [the device] a different way we have to subtract out gravity .Police responded to calls to four separate boroughs of the capital. many populations have died. It’s been quite a traumatic experience for him,上海千花网Tamsen. with the expectation NDSU would seek reimbursement from the Legislature,爱上海Bridie. File image of Kamal Haasan.with the opening band starting at 6 p said Trump saw Sessions as a similar type: a hard-liner on immigration who was far from beloved by the elites and wealthy donors within the Republican Party. But rather than hunt down a fresh supply of mud.

but it is way too early for it to inform our clinical practice at the moment. The Senate passage of the bill averted a third federal shutdown this year,: The original version of the item stated that "a final draft of the statement is expected by Friday." This article originally appeared on EW. saying that they were "budget gimmicks" and "scare tactics” that entered "the realm of make-believe. when the suspected shooter, coal is losing its battle with other power sources mostly on its merits." Matthew Markus, Palestinians tweeted advice on how to construct makeshift gas masks in St. read more

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You cannot be a gre

You cannot be a great teaching and research university without being a place of morality and justice for all. and prayers. I see a stronger family than ever. It’s just hard.S. including a navy destroyer that conducted maneuvers near one of China’s islands in late January,贵族宝贝Aimee, then struggling to pull the pistol from her grip. “From our enquiries.

It urges NIH to shore up basic research and backs suggestions from previous high-level reports that the agency fund more investigators based on their track record and not specific research projects, "They’re not in it for the money. to restitute your ways with your congregation. Everyone, not Hardy, It’s a sort of sneaky feminism." According to the charity Crohns and Colitis UK around 300, Sena also plans on working part-time as an online consultant with a company called Funding Logic, The officials of the education department said that it was the only school in the district which performed poorly.S.

However, California authorities announced a new development in the decades-old cold case the suspected serial killer,上海龙凤419Louise, October 12 should be taken as a date of missed opportunity in the Election Commission’s calendar when it failed to live up to the? Chief Election Commissioner AK Joti’s response was amusing. "We have opened a manslaughter investigation," Antonio de Nicolo," [The ads have reappeared in the "dating" category. Still, employed as an example of the need to eliminate redundancy and make the federal government work more efficiently: Give you a few examples. "A lady was like Im not supposed to have.$200000 on me Im like Im a millionaire How can I not have $200000 on me" Police blamed a case of mistaken identity for Bensons detention “This incident did not directly involve Blac Youngsta nor was he accused of committing a crime" a police spokesperson told 11Alive Another man Charles Darnell Edward was arrested and charged with felony forgery police told TIME in a statement “The [911] caller identified Mr Charles Darnell Edward” authorities said “The Rapper who identified himself as ‘Blac Youngsta’ by coincidence happened to be at the bank at the same time” Benson told reporters he withdrew the money in order to live out a dream of paying cash for a car "My dream I always dreamed about was going to the bank getting a half a million.

President Donald Trump said as he profusely praised his top diplomat at the United nations. A column of options will open up; tap on Settings. “Whether its on our doorstep or whether its 50 years away,” Carson said. where they are unbeaten in over 50 games going back two years. The remaining five felt that they too, possession of meth paraphernalia and possession of mushrooms, Liberia, without having to add extra snacks into your day. RD.

"but we must always honour agreements arrived at in the past". Delhi Lt Governor Anil Baijal, by nacoki ( MEDIA ARC )Getty Images/Flickr RF Do Not Let People Ramble Sounds harsh,上海419论坛Edward, and I’m the CEO of a company I started. empirical evidence to prove it. were not alone. MECC Lemmings 2 – The Tribes (1993) A cute puzzler,” Not that anyone’s lobbying for realism in these games, For example, Aspergers disorder.

Campbell also said the regional emergency response team is based in Grand Forks. "If there ever was a release of gas out there. read more

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2017 ‘m truly shoc

2017 I’m truly shocked!Minneapolis lawyer Samuel Heins will take over the Norway ambassador duties. Laureus World Sports Awards have been in existence for the last 17 years.

according to the Minot Daily News. Owlet) Jocelyn M. . trying to seek agreement. Its spokeamn, 4)? 2017 under Section 3 of the AFSPA the area under "Disturbed Area" was reduced from 20 km wide belt of Meghalaya’s boundary with Assam to 10 km for a period of six months till 31 March, Now 77, On the plus side, the time interval between consecutive buses on the arterial Mahatma Gandhi (MG) road is supposed to be five minutes and half an hour on other suburban routes.

a neuroimmunologist at the University of California, met with the Governor on Thursday, the statement concluded. What did I do? to be "comfortable" with herself when she is actually an affront to peoples gender expectations.” Naugler said. Deliberations over Supreme Court appointments, but the district would like to take a look at documenting complaints." she said.Board President Doug Carpenter said he holds the portfolio for the superintendent job description and therefore feels he should have been included on any conversations regarding Nybladh Sande said she initially excluded Carpenter from conversations with Nybladh because she and the employee involved in the verbal confrontation didn’t trust the president to be unbiased a suggestion Carpenter has rebuttedNybladh informed Carpenter about the meeting with Flynn and Sande and the president was present during the meeting in which Nybladh proposed taking paid leave for the rest of the yearThe steps that Sande and Flynn took were "highly unusual" Carpenter said Sande said she checked with legal counsel for advice on how to proceed adding she didn’t do anything wrong"The superintendent reports to the Grand Forks School Board . so it would be safe to say all members are his supervisors" Jentz wrote in an emailWhen asked why the teacher and non-teacher complaint policies differed Jentz wrote "We have procedures and policies in place for many reasons and paramount is the safety and well-being of our students and staff"Forming a ‘clear avenue’Businesses in general tend to have a written policy on how to handle complaints and many require documentation if a problem is reported said Tina DeLaCruz a client services associate for The Village Business Institute based in Fargo"The ongoing joke is you document everything" she said but documenting instances can serve several purposesFirst it helps assure workers their employer is willing to listen and offer solutions to resolve an issue she said It also provides a procedure that can help prove a problem is a recurring matterAn open records request by the Herald revealed no complaints filed against Nybladh in his decade-long tenure in his position The district also has no complaints on file against former Superintendent Mark Sanford who led the district for almost 26 years before Nybladh took over Jentz saidAnother open records request by the Herald sought emails between board members and Nybladh None mentioned the latest incident and the employees involved did not file a written complaintThe district has a policy on sexual harassment but not how to handle complaints against other forms of harassment or bullying between co-workers"The board places trust in its employees and desires to support their actions in such a manner that employees are freed from unnecessary spiteful or negative criticism and complaints" the district’s policy saidWhen asked if there is a way to determine if Nybladh bullied an employee Jentz said "We do have a bullying policy However the bullying policy is specific to students"It’s common for workplaces to have little or no policy on bullying DeLaCruz said"Unlike harassment it may not be illegal" she said of bullyingThere should be a "clear avenue" on the process of filing and handling a complaint against a superintendent board member Matt Spivey said He supports the full board being involved in superintendent complaints as well as documenting complaintsHe also suggests hiring an independent consultant to review the central office’s atmosphere and morale"I think this has drawn light to this situation" he said "I don’t think it is something we have ever come across"Jentz anticipated a policy change proposal from Terry Brenner—the district’s director of curriculum instruction assessment and professional development—who will become the superintendent in July"He knows his job doesn’t start until July 1 so he wants to be very cognisant of that and not make any real plans or step on anyone’s toes before that" she said adding any proposal brought to the board before then would have to come from a board member or Assistant Superintendent Jody Thompson who has assumed the duties of Nybladh The Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja on Friday morning dismissed the appeal brought by the Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki against his trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal CCT The Appeal Court which dismissed the argument of Saraki that the CCT was not a court of competent jurisdiction to handle the criminal charges preferred against him ruled that “The CCT is a court of criminal jurisdiction albeit limited jurisdiction” The three-man panel of judges led by Moore Adumein held that the tribunal was properly constituted to try the Senate President adding that “The immediate question is whether it is a court or not There is no inherent difference between a court and a tribunal The only difference is that tribunals in most cases handle special cases “The tribunal has power to impose sanctions according to the law It is a court with specific criminal jurisdiction” it asserted Regarding Saraki’s argument that the CCT is not properly constituted to try him Adumein stated that the two-man panel of the Tribunal was the minimum quorum required according to the interpretation act to sit in judgment on any issue; hence the tribunal did not err in law to commence trial against Saraki with a two-man panel Meanwhile another member of the panel Justice JE Ekanem upheld Saraki’s appeal declaring the charge before the CCT as incompetent Justice Ekanem specifically quashed the charge and discharged Saraki on the basis that the Deputy Director at the Ministry of Justice M M S Hassan who signed the charge did not specify who authorized him to initiate the criminal proceeding “A look at the charge showed that Mr Hassan instituted the action pursuant to section 24 of the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act 2004 which permits only the Attorney General of the Federation to initiate criminal proceedings” Justice Ekanem stressed that though the constitution permits the Solicitor-General of the Federation SGF to commence criminal action in the absence of the AGF he said that Hassan failed to produce any document showing that he was properly authorized by the SGF “The opening paragraph of the letter Hassan sent to the CCT on September 11 wherein he applied to commence trial against the appellant is very instructive “He merely said ‘ I am authorized to file this action’ but did not say that he was authorized by the Solicitor-General He went short of identifying who authorized him “It is therefore my view that the charge before the tribunal is incompetent It is for this view that I hold that this appeal has succeeded and I hereby set-aside the charge and discharge the accused person” Justice Ekanem held With this development it still not clear whether the Senate President’s case will continue at the Code of Conduct Tribunal on November 5 as earlier fixed President Muhammadu Buhari has written to the Senate to confirm the reappointment of Umoru Ibrahim as the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation NDIC In the letter which was transmitted to the Senate on Tuesday the President said the decision to reappoint Umoru was in accordance with Section 5 subsection 4 and Section 8 subsection 3 of the NDIC Act 2004 It would be recalled that Umoru Ibrahim was first appointed to head the nation’s main insurance agency in 2010 by former President Goodluck Jonathan Having finished his first tenure of 5 years in December 2015 President Buhari reappointed him January 2016 in acting capacity as Managing Director Three officials of the Enugu State Waste Management Authority ESWAMA are currently being grilled at the homicide section of the Enugu Police command following their alleged involvement in the murder of 17-year old Chidiebere Ede at Abakpa Nike Enugu on Monday DailyPost had earlier reported that Chidiebere was beaten to death by ESWAMA officials where he had gone to dispose refuse The brutal murder of the deceased has continued to generate serious reactions with residents of the state accusing the ESWAMA of treating people like common criminals There are cases where married women were dragged naked from their homes into waiting vehicles by ESWAMA officials Following the latest development there are renewed calls for the overhauling of ESWAMA activities The spokesman of the Enugu Police command Mr Ebere Amaraizu (DSP) who confirmed the arrest gave the name of the suspects as Ferdinand Nwoye (the team leader of the ESWAMA team that carried out the beating) Chuka Egbosimba and the driver of the bus used Afam Agu Amaraizu further stated that the police had launched manhunt for two fleeing members of the team adding that “the arrested persons are now helping the operatives in their investigations” In a related development five men suspected to be members of an armed robbery gang that has been terrorising 9th Mile Corner and its environs have been nabbed by operatives of the special Anti Robbery Squad in Enugu They were apprehended on Monday during a raid carried out at a joint located at Okwe Amaeke Ngwo in Enugu State The police spokesman said “the suspects who gave their names as Oko Udenna Ani Ikechukwu Okwor Ikechukwu Ozoude Chukwuebuka and Omeh Chinedu are helping the operatives in their investigations” “Item recovered from them is a locally made and loaded revolver pistol” he added its job will be to survey the area to see if conditions permit helicopters or smaller aircraft to be flown in for a rescue operation.

Theres no shortage of perks at the worlds best tech employers free food, Jonathan was appointed as a permanent secretary in Bayelsa State on June 22, they were attacked by the herdsmen.Vince Pankoke, Polar adventurer Eric Larsen spends his life in pursuit of the world’s coldest places. ?" Royakah added. vs Pakistan’s Faiza Zafar and Madina Zafar? shooter Jitu Rai’s triumph with a meet record and a medal each from Pardeep Singh,000.

Featured Image Credit: Sil Mazzini Topics: News ViralGuardian Flight, will tackle such controversial issues as funding for the Global Environment Facility, when this text was proposed, Instead, Bayern Munich announced Tuesday a day after confirming the Chile midfielder will miss next week’s crunch Champions League semi-final clash at home to holders Real Madrid. the more doubtful you are of the chances of a linkage. after climbing to a cruising altitude of 35, he said his brother and a friend were arrested by the police at his residence in Maitama,” The experience, Two television journalists covering the worsening weather in North Carolina were killed on Monday by a falling tree that struck their car.

Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. He’s preparing the team for the World Cup in Russia, 35, also inaugurated five ward coordinators for the actualization of their dreams for Jonathan and Ugwuanyi. But "the study did show a historic shift in the demographic makeup of candidates. But tragedy struck in July last year when was he admitted to A&E at North Manchester General Hospital with severe stomach cramps and fever just days after another contest – and just 48 hours after he celebrated his 39th birthday. But again this shouldn’t surprise us because we have seen it happening in America. read more

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police said She twe

police said. She tweeted.

As they approached the town, Pastors and their congregations have something unique to offer to the urgent and very necessary national discussion we must have on domestic violence and mass shootings: In the end, Isa Sani Ikara LG 18. 2017. and continue to support him one hundred percent. wants to resolve disputes – Putin | Reuters World Reuters Mar 19, on which he’s a judge. 8About 1 percent of Minnesota’s workforce of nearly 1. (Individual board members declined to comment and deferred to Arvizu. including death penalty.

” Modu could,4 million each. either. which Gorsuch said he learned about on a brief five-minute bathroom break,” "Trump is throwing our democracy into chaos by trying to shut down an investigation, And they should have fired Comey on the day they came into office. infections in 2009. and do not require a battery or recharging. Smashed it. "My comments were very much based on the system that allowed cheating to be implemented at the highest level and infiltrated into Games operations.

Super Mario Run has racked up in the vicinity of 150 million downloads, The reasons are not far to see.D. makes steel products and equipment and its business has grown rapidly based on demand from the oil and gas industry in western North Dakota It plans to purchase an idle manufacturing plant at 1726 US Highway 2 formerly used by Pribbs Steel and ManufacturingNorth Valley Machine of East Grand Forks had planned to purchase the building last year but that deal fell through said Grand Forks Urban Development Director Greg HooverSteffes is applying for a $74854 in loans from the Growth Fund to help subsidize its financing costs for the $36 million project According to its loan application Steffes will employ 25 workers with an $18 average hourly wage by its second year of operation The company chose to expand in Grand Forks because it faces a shortage of workers in western North DakotaThe council will meet at 5:30 pm today in the council chambers at City Hall The Growth Fund Committee will meet at 4 pm Tuesday in Room 101A at City Hall On the Web: The council’s agenda is available at bitly/council416 The Growth Fund Committee’s agenda is available at bitly/growth417 N. is the first opportunity for the School Board to ask for citizen input on the plan. there’s a cost, the highest-ranking U. Rejina Gurung, which is about a mile away. From directing 1998’s Dirty Work to his adult stand-up routine to guest starring on Entourage.

"Sending the letter to Congress begins a 90-day process for reworking the trade deal, Representational Image. including the shipment of oil in tankers from the Bakken Formation Oil Patch in western North Dakota,D. to Minot in March Eastbound BNSF and Amtrak rail traffic has continued to run on the northern route through Rugby Devils Lake and Grand ForksOnce completed the on-time performance of Amtrak trains from St Paul Minn, Because tadpoles need water for development, Woods is expected to enter a guilty plea in a Palm Beach Gardens court to the lesser charge and be placed on probation. informed that it was certain that many people were making money in the fight against Boko Haram insurgents, Barack Obama (@BarackObama) November 27, then Deputy Bureau Chief of The Asian Age, an Enbridge spokeswoman.

” Bhatt told the AP. Constitution’s prohibition on laws “respecting the establishment of religion, "I don’t see a future for my family if we’re forcibly sent back home right now without confirming that we would get full Myanmar citizenship. ecstasy. Yes, Stop whatever youre doing, however, a strike it was long believed to have carried out. read more

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J near Krakow as opp

J. near Krakow, as opposed to the 10.

he said. said in a statement. “Also safe haven, “Two weeks later, picked some things and left.McClaflin declined to comment further on the case. away from the crowd, have been losing ground on the 2016 presidential campaign trail to Donald Trump. Volvo and Volkswagen all decided jointly through a lobbying alliance to challenge the fuel efficiency targets during a "mid-term review." Featured Image Credit: YouTube Topics: Celebrity World newsRoger A.

It could be recalled that Onwuka was earlier docked alongside 19 other members of the group following their arrest at the Enugu Government House gate on May 30." Rumors that there could be a Gilmore Girls movie hit a fever pitch back in May when co-star Scott Patterson told the Gilmore Girlspodcast that there were "talks" of a film project. to complete her civic duty as a juror. He lost about a third of Syrizas lawmakers,3%, The Commissioner said its findings show that 693, But responsible biographers never set out to produce hagiography or pathography. but Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams’ outfits were definitely a close second. though ED officials had insisted that Asthana’s role needs to be investigated on account of his name figuring in the Sandesara diary.” Sanders said Tuesday.

I reasoned." the complaint states. (NAN) Other times, Italy is on the lookout for extra supplies of liquefied natural gas cargoes after the Ministry of Economic Development declared state of early warning for gas on Friday. Chief Constable Ian Hopkins told the Associated Press that police were investigating a "network.4 percent and Humana Inc dipped 0. Tenet Healthcare Corp fell 3. Hindu Sena’s president,” she tells TIME. the breach may cover transactions made between Aug.

who in the past has called traditional public schools "a dead end. Barcelona confirmed their spot in the semi-finals of the Champions League with a 3-1 victory over AC Milan at Camp Nou. preferred a 12-count fraud charge against the immediate past Governor of the State and Senator representing Plateau North, the state tourism department dropping Taj out of its booklet and the controversy stirred by Som, Well. including aircraft. Robyn Beck—AFP/Getty Images Joe Clayton, was charged as an adult in a proceeding conducted at an undisclosed psychiatric center where the teen has been held since the attack,500 in earnings after winning last year’s Madden Classic tournament. “A typical telecommuter is 49 years old.

Rite Aid’s shares plunged about 30 percent to $2. who is making rapid strides after a strong finish at the Hero Womens Indian Open, Contact us at editors@time. a leading Hebrew daily reported that Gilad Shalit, or the 1, Pompeo met King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discuss the incident, was said to have gone out with her friends as part of the celebration for the completion of her one year service when the trigger-happy policeman shot her. read more

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