HANDBALL PERSON 201516 – Joana Bolling

HANDBALL PERSON has to be an example which will be followed and recognized by the global handball community. Values of achievement could be measured in number of goals and trophies, but on the same level with positive examples to the future generations, charity, commitment, battle with injuries and illnesses or great handball visions which provide “revolution” in some handball countries, teams or organizations. Dagur Sigurdsson (6%, 175 Votes) Total Voters: 2,696 Cristina Neagu (5%, 125 Votes) Alexander Meshkov (11%, 294 Votes) MVM Veszprem FANS (37%, 989 Votes) Joana Bolling (40%, 1,086 Votes) HANDBALL PERSON 2015/2016 is JOANA BOLLING. The 20 years-old Argentinian handball girl decided to donate a kidney to her father, Elnes, who is suffering from renal failure. With her intention to help his father and put his sports career on risk in Olympic year which is the biggest dream of all athletes on the Planet.“The thought of saying no to donating because of the date never crossed my mind. This is more important than handball,” Bolling told to the local press a few weeks ago.Joana Bolling won the biggest number of almost 3.000 Handball-Planet.com visitors votes.PREVIOUS WINNERS:2012 – DRAGAN ADŽIĆ (ŽRK BUDUĆNOST / MONTENEGRO)2013 – DOMAGOJ DUVNJAK (HSV HANDBALL – CROATIA)2014 – NIKOLA KARABATIĆ (FC BARCELONA – FRANCE)Who is the HANDBALL PERSON 2015/2016? ← Previous Story El Jaish Sports Club win Qatari Cup Next Story → Men’s EHF Cup Final 4: Granollers VS Nantes, Chambery on Goppingen Handball Person 2015Joana Bolling Thorir Hergeirsson (1%, 27 Votes) read more

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The Secret Candidate Heres why no junk mail signs are my absolute

first_imgMY ABSOLUTE PET hate? “no junk mail” signs. You see them everywhere now, and it’s getting worse: nobody takes down a no junk mail sign ever, so there are always more of them this week than there were last week or last year. Even somebody in my own family has one, which really annoys me.In rural areas, it can be as many as 25 per cent of houses that have them, and on certain roads in urban areas, it can be as many as half the houses. It bothers me for a few reasons.Firstly, because they aren’t distinct: you have two categories of people with no junk mail signs. Some people don’t want pizza menus etc, but absolutely want – and thank you for – the political stuff. Then other people don’t want either, and will sometimes open their door and tell you that as they shove it back in your face. Someone, not too long ago, slapped me on the back of my head with one as I turned to leave.But how do you distinguish? You can’t, on the face of it, without knocking on the door (and then they aren’t always in, of course), so you just have to live and learn really. Some candidates err on the side of caution, some don’t, and it’s really just a matter of choice.However, a question I often find me asking myself – and sometimes always want to ask the person opening the door to give me back my well-thought-out, interesting enough (or so I say!) bit of information: how do you make your mind up? Is it purely based on party?What if your generally preferred party candidate is quite lazy and does very little by way of representing the community or putting things forward at Council meetings? In short: how can you tell the difference between who has done work and who hasn’t? The answer often arrives with a sad thud: they don’t want to, they “know which party they’re voting for”.Too local, too nationalIt often seems that Irish politics in many ways is still too local, but then in other ways is too nationally-driven. For instance, last time I wrote here, a few fair criticisms came up in the comments, where people said “the candidate shouldn’t be dealing with that kind of work; tree trimming, footpaths etc are all the work of the Council itself”.There is some truth to this, and where possible I do try and empower people so that they know in future the right person in the Council to contact directly, but at the same time it can sometimes be obvious to someone like myself on the ground that Job A is quite urgent and that a representation might bring that fact to light. However, the criticism that Irish politics is still a bit too local is valid, but yet the criticism that Irish politics is still a bit too national is also to my mind valid and I think both statements can sit side-by-side.If you consider the amount of emphasis, even in these elections, that is placed on the performance of the leaders of parties or a few prominent figures within parties, you begin to see that. People very rarely mention their local TDs at the door to me from any party, yet I often hear the names of the most prominent people at the top of the party, who do seem to form opinion more often than not, both from Government and opposition.This is the second reason why “no junk mail” signs bother me so much. I think that individual candidates should be seen as more than just the badge wearer of their party. I do think it’s worth keeping one leaflet from every individual, having a good look at each of them, and deciding based on ideas, or experience, or workrate or whatever your personal criteria might be, to go for that candidate.However, with “no junk mail”, you often shut the door on half of candidates who won’t drop leaflets into your door, and while you might say “well, they should knock instead!”, you’re absolutely right – they should knock instead – but for a great many logistical reasons this may not be possible.‘A half-decent substitute’ I have knocked on doors one or two nights a week, for approximately two hours, for the last five years, yet I won’t have met every person in the constituency. In fact, I’ll probably be closer to 35 per cent by a back of envelope calculation. That one or two nights will translate- depending – into another one or two nights worth of case work. On top of that, you have local events (and no, it isn’t just “to be seen” as some cynic suggested, I just like supporting charities – I have done before politics, I will do after politics), residents meetings, Council meetings etc.That’s the third reason why no junk mail signs bother me: you can’t possibly meet every constituent, and it’s obvious from many of last week’s comments that some people don’t get to meet any local politicians ever, so surely a newsletter is at least a half-decent substitute? It’s hardly that politicians don’t want to meet you – trust me, politicians always want to meet people – there’s no substitute for it. Sometimes it’s just the case that they can’t meet everybody.This is the final reason why they bother me: it’s not the signs themselves, but it’s that, if they specify the fact and mean no political junk mail, then they represent people cutting themselves off from the political system locally. I work really hard to represent people, get things done, and make sure that if they need me they know where to find me.Saying “No political leaflets” is, to me, a slap in the face. I understand many leaflets are rubbish (I don’t mean mine, obviously…) that wouldn’t be out of place in North Korea for their totalitarian “aren’t we great?” view of the world, but surely at least everybody has one person in their locality who isn’t so bad as to make you want to ignore all of them?Or maybe most of us don’t. Trust in politicians, according to the Edelman barometer, has been very low for years now, and it doesn’t look like it’s recovering any time soon. Maybe that’s the problem.‘The Secret Candidate’ is running for a city council seat. Their identity is known to TheJournal.ieRead: Follow our European elections coverage here >last_img read more

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Dropbox passwords were leaked from thirdparty sites

Dropbox has finally offered an official statement about the odd spam some of its users started receiving last week. Usernames and passwords were indeed pilfered by hackers — but not from Dropbox itself. According to the company, the credentials were stolen from a handful of “other websites,” and many of the affected accounts were ultimately compromised because users failed to select a unique password for their Dropbox accounts.Passwords are only part of the puzzle, of course. Where did those responsible for the breach find all the email addresses? It turns out that one Dropbox staff member was re-using a password, too. The contents of that employee’s Dropbox were accessed, and that included an internal project document with user email addresses stored in it.You can’t necessarily blame Dropbox if passwords were stolen from some other site. You can’t blame them for users choosing to re-use passwords. But the company certainly needs to educate its staff about the importance of using unique passwords — particularly when their Dropbox stores contain any users’ private data. It might also be a good idea if such documents were encrypted before they were pushed to the cloud — just in case one did happen to get stolen.On a good note, today’s announcement spells out some much-needed security improvements that are coming soon. Dropbox will finally be adding two-factor authentication, which will make it much more difficult for a breach like this to happen in the future — provided, of course, that users actually activate the feature.Dropbox is also implementing a system that continuously checks for suspicious account activity and a new password-checking mechanism. If your password is commonly used or has never been changed, Dropbox may force you to change it. And, just like Google does with Gmail, Dropbox will provide a page where users can check all recent account activity themselves.More at Dropbox read more

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Bissell Portable Dog Washer Vacuums Pet Like a Carpet

first_img It is a truth universally acknowledged among pet owners that bath time sucks.But home care company Bissell has a solution: BarkBath.Described as “the next generation of dog bathing,” the portable system makes it easier to clean your four-legged friend virtually anywhere, anytime.For many, bathing Bailey or Bella (the top male and female dog names, respectively, according to dogtime.com) can be a hectic, messy, and frankly environmentally unfriendly chore.Cleaning an 80-pound dog—your boxers, retrievers, setters, poodles—can require up to 19 gallons of water. BarkBath, however, promises to clean hefty hounds with only 48 ounces of water, stored in an attached container.“Bath time can be a huge pain point for both the pet and the pet parent,” Chuck Martin, general manager of innovation at Bissell, said in a statement. “BarkBath helps make pet bath time faster, easier, and less messy than ever before.”Specially designed nozzles, adjustable for long- and short-haired dogs, reach under the fur to shampoo the skin, while a soft suction pulls dirt and water away into a separate tank—instead of Jackson Pollock-ing the walls.“If we can make pet cleanup easy, more pets will be adopted,” Martin speculated.The multi-million-dollar company can’t (at least, doesn’t want to) do it alone: Early this month, Bissell launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, selling 257 units in 72 hours.As of press time, 1,000-plus backers have raised more than $113,000—225 percent of the $50,000 goal. And, with a month left, the project is bound to continue garnering interest from pet owners across the country.Discounted more than 25 percent, the early-bird BarkBath option—with portable bath unit, bath tool, no-rinse shampoo, microfiber mat and cloth, and storage bag—costs $109.For $40 more, customers can snag extras like the FurGet It brush, pet nail reducer, Drydog dual mat, and a second bottle of odor-removing shampoo; only 55 BarkBath Home Groomer units (36 percent off retail price) are still available.All perks are estimated to ship in June. Driver Finds Dog With Throat Cut, Mouth Duct-Taped in OhioWatch: Dog Rescued After Collapsing From Heatstroke During Hike Stay on targetlast_img read more

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Loris Karius Klopp wanted me to stay at Liverpool

first_imgLoris Karius has revealed that he had to convince Jurgen Klopp to let him go after completing his two-year loan move to BesiktasThe German displaced Simon Mignolet as Klopp’s first-choice goalkeeper last season.But, after two high-profile errors in the Champions League final in May and Alisson Becker’s arrival from AS Roma, Karius found himself demoted to the bench.Now the 25-year-old has opted to leave Liverpool for regular first-team action at Besiktas until at least 2020.Although, Klopp wasn’t so keen on the idea.“He told me he would like to have me in the squad because he wants to have the best-quality players,” said Karius, according to the Telegraph.Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.“But I spoke to him and asked him for my wish. It is important to me to play for Besiktas. I talked with him for a long time and he understood my situation.“It was a good deal for everyone. He wished me well but said he would have liked to keep me.“I came here because I think I can make the next step in my career, improve as a player and also help the whole team to improve.“I’m still young for a goalkeeper. I want to make the next step and hopefully win many titles with Besiktas.”Karius made 49 appearances in all competitions for Liverpool.last_img read more

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Incumbents have edge in campaign fundraising

first_imgClick on image to enlarge. In arguably the highest profile legislative race in Clark County, incumbent Republican state Sen. Don Benton is out-fundraising his challenger, Democratic Rep. Tim Probst, but Probst said his campaign is picking up speed.Benton, R-Vancouver, has raised more than $84,000 this election season. About $25,000 of that was raised in May, according to candidate fundraising reports that were due to the state’s Public Disclosure Commission before midnight Monday.Meanwhile, Probst, D-Vancouver, raised more than $11,000 in May, bringing his Senate campaign total to more than $33,000. The 17th Legislative District race between Probst and Benton is being watched closely by political observers as Democrats and Republicans fight to secure a majority in the Senate.In all nine legislative races in the 17th, 18th and 49th districts, candidates have raised more than a combined $343,000. Across the board, incumbents have been able to raise more than their challengers.Probst said on Tuesday that the amount he’s raised in the first half of June is equal to what he raised in all of May.last_img read more

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Uber lays off 400 people report says

first_img Related stories Mobile Mobile Apps Roadshow Uber has said being a profitable company won’t be easy. “We expect our operating expenses to increase significantly in the foreseeable future, and we may not achieve profitability,” the company said in a regulatory filing in April.Uber’s rival Lyft, which also went public this year, is in a similar boat. It too has experienced a rough start on Wall Street, along with two sets of stockholder lawsuits saying the company misrepresented the strength of its business before its IPO. On Monday, it was reported that Lyft’s COO is also stepping down.Originally published July 29, 1:37 p.m. PT. Update, 3:35 p.m.: Adds additional information throughout.     Uber loses two top execs one month after the company’s rocky IPO Uber CEO says it’s been a ‘tough day’ on the stock market Uber loses two board members, including Arianna Huffington Lyft Uber Commentcenter_img Uber has reportedly made layoffs across its marketing division. Angela Lang/CNET Uber is reportedly laying off 400 employees from its marketing team in an attempt to cut costs, according to The New York Times. The news comes during a shaky period for Uber as it attempts to gain footing as a public company. “Many of our teams are too big, which creates overlapping work, makes for unclear decision owners, and can lead to mediocre results,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wrote in an email to staff, according to the Times. “As a company, we can do more to keep the bar high, and expect more of ourselves and each other. So, put simply, we need to get our edge back.”Uber didn’t respond to a request for comment.The layoffs were reportedly announced internally on Monday and will take place in several of Uber’s offices around the world, according to the Times. The 400 employees represent about one-third of the company’s marketing department, which is in charge of ride promotions, ads and social media. In all, Uber has roughly 25,000 employees, according to filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Uber has experienced a rocky start to being a publicly traded company. When it issued its initial public offering in May, its stock fell by nearly 8%. Since then its shares have hovered around its $45 IPO price. The company has also seen three board members step down, along with its chief operating officer and chief marketing officer. Tags 1 Share your voicelast_img read more

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Virat Kohlis World Cup squad revealed Team India makes two shocking inclusions

first_imgQuinn Rooney/Getty ImagesVirat Kohli will meet with the five selectors of the Board of Control for Cricket in India at its headquarters in Mumbai on April 15 to decide the 15-member squad which will participate in the ICC World Cup 2019.But the squad which will be picked can be ascertained as the Indian skipper had said that performances in the Indian Premier League will have no bearing on the World Cup squad. He had said that the Indian team had been assessing the players for over a year and they are aware of what each of them brings to the table. Hence, the World Cup squad would be selected independent of IPL exploits.Kohli had also asked his players not to pick up any bad habits during the T20 tournament, especially those related to batting form. He wanted the players to concentrate on playing good cricket instead of experimenting in order to score quick runs. Providing reason to his plea, Kohli had said that once a batsman loses shape and loses momentum while trying something fancy, his batting form can take a dip. The entire nation will be looking up to Kohli during the World Cup.GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP/Getty ImagesKohli’s statements highlight that he is clear as to who he wants on the flight to England. Thus, here’s a look at the squad India will pick.Squad: Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni, Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah, Vijay Shankar, KL Rahul, Mohammed Shami and Rishabh PantIn this team, it is certain that Dhawan will walk out to open along with Rohit and captain Kohli will follow at number 3. The number spot is a toss-up between Rayudu and Vijay Shankar with the latter currently ahead in the race. The middle order responsibility will be on the venerable shoulders of Dhoni who will look at Kedar Jadhav for his street smart abilities. Hardik Pandya provides balance with his pace bowling and is also a powerful finisher.Pandya’s presence will allow India to play the two wrist spinners who have been extremely successful when paired. Bhuvneshwar is likely to start ahead of Shami because he provides batting prowess at number 8, without which India’s batting falls off a cliff. Bumrah will round off the bowling and is currently the best bowler in the world across all formats. Shami and Bumrah will be difficult to contend with.Quinn Rooney/Getty ImagesBut the form of Rayudu has been dismal of late and Pant has not proven himself in the limited overs format. While his potential is beyond anyone’s doubt, one needs a dependable batsman in crunch situations.Thus, here’s the squad Kohli should pick.Squad: Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Vijay Shankar, MS Dhoni, Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah, KL Rahul, Mohammed Shami, Dinesh Karthik and Ravindra JadejaThe starting team remains the same but this team provides better back up options. In case Vijay Shankar is not firing, Dinesh Karthik can come in as a finisher and will allow Dhoni to bat at number 4. Karthik himself can walk in at number 4 given his ability to rotate strike and run well between wickets.In the bowling department, Jadeja’s presence means that if India wants to rest one of the wrist spinners, they can play Jadeja at 8. His batting prowess will also allow Shami to be included in the team – who on current form is at par with Bumrah in world cricket.last_img read more

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Indian originals Mirzapur and Made In Heaven win over netizens with brilliant

first_imgMirzapur and Made in HeavenPR HandoutLess is more. This phrase emerges to be true with the subtle yet effective promotional campaign of Amazon’s Indian originals 2018’s winner Mirzapur and 2019’s orbit breaking Made In Heaven.Both Mirzapur and Made In Heaven have led India to emerge as a strong contributor in the OTT landscape.While immense money splash happened on the promotions of Scared Games, marketing ideas of Mirzapur and Made in Heaven have won over the audience with its content.Showcasing two very diverse realities of India, Mirzapur and Made In Heaven has struck a chord with the masses.Touted as desi Narcos, Mirzapur captured the essence of drug lords and the illegal business’ carried out by local high powers against the background of the Tripathi family.Regarded as the best Indian web series, Made In Heaven depicts the hard-hitting realities of the society against the narrative of the booming wedding planning business in India.Refraining from adopting on your face marketing tactics, the campaigns of both the originals were short and captured the interest of viewers while building intrigue.With a series of teasers in the form of posters and promos set the tone for the offerings of these digital shows.The intrigue and excitement quotient was peaked further with innovative invites by the makers for the show launches. Mirzapur makers invited the press with a desi katta (gun), while Made In Heaven team set a hospitable tone with their wedding theme invite completed with sweets.The superlative ensemble star cast further took to introducing their characters and the trailer giving a sneak peek into the premise of the respective shows over press conferences.Striking a balance between information and visibility, the shows were modestly promoted across platforms with a mix of OOH, print and digital advertising spends.Backing the marketing initiatives was a PR narrative that build urgency to binge watch the shows, promising content to watch out for.Unprecedented buzz was witnessed with both web series breaking out online, taking the OTT landscape by storm.With this, Mirzapur and Made In Heaven not only set a precedent for millennial marketers, but also strengthen India’s stance in the global digital narrative.last_img read more

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Kapoor and Sons Batman versus Superman to drive PVRs growth in lean

first_imgPVR, the multiplex chain in India, is expected to have an unlikely good fourth quarter, with the release of Karan Johar’s “Kapoor and Sons” and “Batman versus Superman,” according to Edelweiss Securities Ltd. The fourth quarter is considered weak because of school exams, resulting in lesser footfalls at cinema halls. The company also plans to add 60 screens annually over the next five years and higher screen count per property, Edelweiss said in its note on March 9, after a recent meeting with the company’s CEO, Gautam Dutta.”The company is confident of adding 60 screens per year over the next 5 years…unlike few peers which add smaller properties of 3‐4 screens, PVR is aiming for higher number of screens (6‐12) per property (40‐50% of new additions will be in this format),” the firm said. The move will enable the chain to increase screen occupancy and have higher number of shows at different time slots, Edelweiss said.PVR added four screens in a new multiplex in Punjab this month, taking its total number of screens to 500.Edelweiss also said PVR will soon launch Wi-Fi services across 107 screens in 25 multiplexes across India and has entered into an agreement with Ozone for the purpose that does not entail expenditure for the company (PVR).Revenues from ticket sales are likely to go up as the company intends to hike ticket prices by about 5 percent every year, in line with inflation.Films that are estimated to have resulted in good box office collections for PVR in the fourth quarter this fiscal include “Airlift,” “Wazir,” “Jai Gangajal,” “The Revanant,” “Fitoor,” “London has Fallen” and “Neerja.” Edelweiss expects the company’s FY2016 revenues to come at Rs 1,803.80 crore, an increase of about 22 percent over its previous year’s revenues of Rs 1,477.1 crore. PVR’s nine-month consolidated revenues for FY2016 stood at Rs 1,461.07 crore, up 24 percent from Rs 1,181.79 crore for the corresponding period last year. This translates into projected fourth quarter revenues of Rs 342.73 crore in 2015-2016, higher than Rs 301.50 crore revenues of the fourth quarter, FY2015.In FY2017, “Sultan” (Salman Khan), “Dangal” (Aamir Khan), “Mohenjo Daro” (Hrithik Roshan) and “Fan” (Shah Rukh Khan) are expected to contribute to PVR’s revenue growth. The PVR stock closed at Rs 713 on the BSE on Wednesday, up 0.64 percent from its previous close.last_img read more

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Anger over forced video of Indian pilot

first_imgPeople shout slogans near the India-Pakistan border in Wagah on 1 March 2019, as they wait for the return of an Indian Air Force pilot being returned by Pakistan. A pilot shot down in a dogfight with Pakistani aircraft returned to India on Friday, after being freed in what Islamabad called a `peace gesture` following the biggest standoff between the two countries in years. But fresh violence raged in Kashmir, with 11 people killed in the Indian-administered part of the tinder-box territory, suggesting that the spike in tensions sparked by the death of 40 Indian soldiers in a suicide bombing last month may not be over. Photo: AFPA furious backlash erupted in India Saturday over a video of an Indian pilot shot down by Pakistan praising his captors, as deadly tensions simmered between the neighbours with fierce shelling across their Kashmir frontier.Wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman, whose MiG fighter was shot down Wednesday as he chased Pakistani jets over disputed Kashmir, crossed over at the Wagah frontier late Friday several hours after the scheduled time.His capture had become the centrepiece of hostilities between the arch-rivals after a 14 February suicide bombing in Kashmir killed 40 Indian paramilitaries.Abhinandan, who ejected to safety but was set upon by a crowd on the Pakistani side of the Kashmir ceasefire line, had a noticeable black eye and was immediately taken for a medical checkup before a debriefing by military and intelligence agencies.Media reports said Abhinandan’s return to India had been held up because the pilot was forced to make the video before getting his freedom.In the heavily edited video distributed by the Pakistani military just before his release, he praised the professionalism of the Pakistani army and criticised Indian media for creating war hysteria.”The army personnel saved me from the mob. The Pakistani army is very professional and I am impressed by it,” he said.Omar Abdullah, a former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir state, said the video tainted Pakistan’s gesture to return the pilot so quickly.”Sadly the image you paint for us is marred terribly by the video he’s forced to record just before you sent him back,” Abdullah said on Twitter.”That high moral ground you had bequeathed to yourselves slipped at the end.”Indian media slammed the video as “distasteful” and said it breached international norms for prisoners of war.”There is no peace without dignity and Pakistan just forgot that basic lesson in violation of Geneva convention,” wrote Rajdeep Sardesai, a top editor with the India Today group.India’s feverish social media also slammed the video, which was tweeted by the Pakistan government but later taken off its official account.- ‘Just want peace’ -Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said the country had acted with prudence in releasing the pilot.”There was no pressure on Pakistan to release him nor any compulsion,” he told BBC Urdu.”We wanted to convey to them that we do not want to increase your sorrow, we do not want to mistreat your citizens, we just want peace.”Pakistan media praised the government for releasing the pilot, with lawyer Shahzaib Khan writing in the Express Tribune that prime minister Imran Khan had “done Pakistan proud by not engaging in chest thumping or war-mongering for political gain.”Some social media users though criticised the military video, calling it “cheap” and “unnecessary”.”Not a good idea. This will backfire,” said Gul Bukhari, a prominent critic of the government and the powerful military.Abhinandan was captured a day after Indian planes bombed what New Delhi said was a militant camp in Pakistan, in retaliation for the Kashmir suicide bombing claimed by a Pakistan-based militant group.The end of the air raids did not stop more violence raging in Kashmir, with both sides firing mortars and artillery over the frontier Saturday.Two Pakistani army soldiers were killed in Nakiyal sector in one cross border exchange of fire, the Pakistan military said.”Pakistan Army troops gave a befitting response by targeting Indian posts,” said a statement that accused the Indian army of deliberately targeting civilians.At least 12 civilians have been killed on either side of the frontier since the start of the week, including a mother and her two children whose house was pulverised by a mortar shell on the Indian side on Friday.Two civilians on the Pakistan side have also been killed since Friday afternoon.Five Indian security personnel were killed Friday in a gunfight after troops laid siege to a house where militants were hiding in Handwara district.last_img

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25 million items of luggage go missing annually

first_img<a href=”http://www.etbtravelnews.global/click/17cbc/” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://adsvr.travelads.biz/www/delivery/avw.php?zoneid=10&amp;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.F The 2010 Air Transport Industry Baggage Report has revealed that more than 25 million items of luggage go missing at major airports every year.   After analysing these figures, Flight Centre has urged Australian holidaymakers to make sure they have the right travel insurance. The baggage report revealed that one in 100 passengers globally at a major airport will experience the sinking feeling of waiting at an empty carousel for luggage that hasn’t reached its intended destination. Flight Centre found that of the 25 million mishandled bags, more than half went astray between transfers, around 16 per cent weren’t loaded onto flights and 13 per cent went missing because of passenger bag switching, poor ticketing and failed security.Flight Centre’s Colin Bowman says it is vital that people check their travel insurance policy because most don’t factor the possibility of having to replace all their clothes into their travel budget.”Most assume it won’t happen to them, but these figures give a strong indication people should ensure they’re covered,” said Mr Bowman.”There are more people flying globally now than ever before, and many airlines are sharing international routes, for example a traveller may fly with two airlines on one trip, so it’s really not worth taking the risk.”Mr Bowman said it was important to keep in mind that some airlines don’t compensate their passengers for lost, stolen or damaged luggage, and even if they do it takes time for the reimbursement to come through.last_img read more

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Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie listens to Perus

first_img Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie listens to Peru’s Foreign Minister Nestor Popolizio, after a press conference at the government palace in Lima, Peru, Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018. Jolie, who met with Venezuelans refugees on Monday, is in Peru as a special envoy for the UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees. (AP Photo/Martin Mejia) by The Associated Press Posted Oct 23, 2018 12:09 pm PDT Last Updated Oct 23, 2018 at 1:21 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Angelina Jolie seeks support for Venezuelan refugeescenter_img LIMA, Peru – Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie said Tuesday the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans from their country has led to a “shocking” migrant crisis in South America that was “predictable and preventable.”Jolie was ending a three-day visit to Peru as a special envoy for the United Nations refugee agency. During her visit Jolie met Venezuelan refugees who live at a shelter in the capital city and also went to a border crossing in the north of the country.On Tuesday, Jolie met with Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra to discuss potential solutions to the migrant crisis and ways of securing international support. After the meeting she thanked Peru for taking measures that are helping Venezuelans in that country to get legal status, and urged governments around the world to support procedures that help refugees to apply for asylum.“None of the Venezuelans I met want charity” Jolie said. “They want an opportunity to help themselves.”More than 1.9 million people have left Venezuela since 2015 according to the United Nations and some 400,000 have moved to Peru. The UNHCR has described it as the largest population movement in Latin America’s recent history.Venezuela’s government has denied there is a migrant crisis and said its enemies are playing up the situation in order to justify an invasion of Venezuela.On Monday, Venezuelan Socialist Party boss Diosdado Cabello mocked Jolie’s visit to Peru, writing on Twitter that it was merely a show that “right wing media” are using to distract from a caravan of thousands of Central American migrants heading to the United States.last_img read more

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Crash victim in serious condition

first_imgA 22-year-old man injured in a road accident on Monday night in Protaras, Famagusta, is in serious condition at the Famagusta General hospital, a police report said.According to the report, around 9.50pm Monday, the man was driving his car in the Protaras-Cavo Greco avenue, when he crashed head-on with a car driven by a 36-year-old woman heading in the opposite direction.The two cars were completely destroyed in the collision, while the 22-year-old was trapped in the wreckage.The Fire Service was called to the scene and firemen were able to free the 22-year-old.Both drivers were then rushed to the Famagusta general’s emergency room.On-call doctors found multiple injuries on both drivers’ bodies and admitted them for treatment, with the young man’s condition deemed “serious”.The Paralimni police station continues to investigate the circumstances under which the two cars collided.You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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No health issue from Yermasoyia stink authorities say

first_imgThe intense odour in the Yermsoyia valley is due to the transfer of quantities of anaerobic water from the Kouris reservoir and there is no public health issue, the municipality said on Friday.In a statement, the municipality said that following numerous complaints about the smell, an on-site inspection by the water development department revealed that this was due to the transfer of quantities of anaerobic water from Kouris.Groundwater sources that usually contain a low level of dissolved oxygen are characterised as anaerobic.The water development department, the municipality said, has launched procedures for the aeration of the reservoir water while instructions have been given to clean the river immediately in order to reduce the smell.It added that water analyses are taking place regularly and gave reassurances that there is no public health issue.“Unfortunately, the phenomenon of water scarcity creates many problems, which will intensify,” the municipality said.It added that it was the responsibility of everyone not to waste water. You May LikeUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementAdd This One Thing To Your Dog’s Food To Help Them Be HealthierUltimate Pet Nutrition Nutra Thrive SupplementUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoGundry MDHow To Make Your Dark Spots Fade (Effortless 2 Minute Routine)Gundry MDUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoIsraeli rape suspects freed, woman who alleged assault arrested (Updated)UndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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making his country

making his country among the first in Europe to do so. The growth is incredible,上海419论坛HJ, 2017 Olenna Tyrell: #GameOfThrones pic. California. chuckling. Electoral council chief Tibisay Lucena,Prosecutor Carmell Mattison said the three men targeted the Jones home because they knew Carmen Jones had large amounts of prescription pain killers because of medical issues. it is unclear whether the plaintiffs will be able to prove their allegations. as in the video above. LOL Well by now you know that Im not missing just a little under the weather Im sure I will be feeling good and back home in a couple of days" Simmons says in a statement Courtesy of Richard Simmons Simmons who has not been seen publicly since Feb 2014 made the decision to go to the hospital on Monday after having stomach problems his manager Michael Catalano told PEOPLE "This has reminded me that when you need help you cant be afraid to reach out and ask for it We all think we should always be able to solve our problems all by ourselves and sometimes its just bigger than we are" "I reached out and I hope you will too Im sure there are people in your life who love and care for you and would do anything to help you with the challenges you face Just knowing you care has already made me feel better Hope to see you again soon" A renewed interest in Simmons picked up in February with the release of the podcast Missing Richard Simmons But Catalano told PEOPLE at the time that the attention was unwarranted and Simmons was just fine "It was always about everybody else first and I think this is a little bit reflection time" Catalano says "He was ready to quiet down is what hes told me and it doesnt mean hes done but for now hes enjoying the time away from the public" This article originally appeared on Peoplecom Contact us at editors@timecomLike millions of others Melony Hill took to social media last fall to say “me too” The 36-year-old Baltimore resident disclosed on Facebook and on her blog in October that she had experienced sexual violence But rather than receiving an outpouring of support Hill said she’s gotten messages saying that she deserved to be sexually assaulted because she has worked in the sex industry for 20 years “They dont want to include women like me” said Hill who has worked as a prostitute and a nude webcam model "Theyll say were just whores anyway ‘How can you sexually assault a whore I’ve had that said to me multiple times" Melony Hill Photo by Cayne Clarle Photography courtesy of Melony Hill Sex workers are particularly vulnerable to sexual violence on the job but have few good options to report it Sex workers of color and transgender sex workers are thought to be at even greater risk for experiencing violence according to the Sex Workers Outreach Project Several consensual sex workers spoke to TIME about how they feel they have been excluded from the public conversation around #MeToo and the nationwide reckoning on workplace harassment When advocates use the term “sex workers” they’re referring to people who choose to participate in a range of sex-based work including prostitutes escorts strippers pornography actors dominatrixes erotic massage therapists phone sex operators and nude webcam models among other jobs Consensual sex work is not to be confused with sex trafficking when people are forced into sex work by violence threats or other forms of coercion Some people who sell sexual services told TIME that they have posted their #MeToo stories anonymously to avoid potential legal repercussions Others said that they don’t want to speak out publicly because they anticipate they’ll be shamed or not believed because they aren’t “perfect victims” as professional dominatrix J Leigh Brantly puts it As Hill pointed out there’s also the damaging notion that sex workers can’t be sexually assaulted These consensual sex workers say the most public voices in the #MeToo movement could be doing more to support them noting that Oprah did not mention them in her acclaimed Golden Globes speech and that their particular issues haven’t been raised by the celebrities supporting the Time’s Up movement unlike the issues facing farmworkers restaurant workers and domestic workers (Representatives for Oprah and the Time’s Up movement did not respond to TIME’s requests for comment) "Not all women are being supported in the #MeToo movement" said Cris Sardina the director of sex workers’ rights organization Desiree Alliance and a sex worker "Its what type of woman" That’s frustrating to sex workers who say they have much to contribute to the national conversation around #MeToo and that they’re uniquely qualified to lead discussions about consent "Sex workers are experts at negotiating consent” said Brantly who identifies as genderqueer and uses the pronouns “zhe” and “they” “When you have a monetary transaction there have to be very clear boundaries about what is going to transpire because its an issue of money" Christa Daring who has worked in various aspects of the commercial sex industry for 10 years and serves as the president of the Sex Workers Outreach Project‘s board agrees "Society has taught me to be pliable and generally pleasing to men" said Daring who uses the pronouns “they” and “them” “and sex work has taught me to say what I want and get what I need" ‘That whole script is thrown out the window’ One issue clouding the conversation around sex work and #MeToo is a long-held fallacy that sex workers can’t be assaulted "Folks are usually totally aghast [at] the idea that a woman has somehow asked for it" said Kristina Dolgin a longtime sex worker and the founder and executive director of Red Light Legal an organization that aims to help sex workers access legal representation and services "But when it comes down to someone engaging in sex for payment that whole script is thrown out the window" During the 2016 presidential campaign adult entertainment actor Jessica Drake was one of several women to accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct Trump has denied all claims In an October 2016 interview Trump rejected Drake’s allegation saying: “She’s a porn star… Oh I’m sure she’s never been grabbed before” Kristina Dolgin (Courtesy of Kristina Dolgin) Dolgin said another concerning example of how sex workers have come up in #MeToo discourse is the suggestion that “men wouldn’t rape if they seek a sex worker to get it all out” Sex workers say they have often been marginalized by mainstream feminist movements Current and former sex workers including activist Janet Mock criticized the Women’s March organizers last year for erasing its statement of support for consensual sex workers’ rights from its national platform after it was initially released The statement was later added back and Mock spoke at the march in Washington “Women’s March has been very intentional over the past year about trying to rebuild trust with the sex worker community” a spokesperson for the Women’s March organization said in a statement to TIME “Sex workers rights are women’s rights plain and simple That’s part of our platform and it needs to be part of our movement” This year Sardina and other sex workers spoke at the Women’s March’s official anniversary event in Las Vegas and sex workers attended anniversary marches around the country ‘There’s no HR department in the strip club’ Prostitution whether it takes place on the street through an escort service or online is criminalized in most states in the US Other types of sex work including appearing in pornography and stripping are generally legal for adults People do sex work for a variety of reasons Some like Brantly feel that the work is genuinely empowering Others like Hill get into the industry for financial reasons Those factors are partly why the concept of consensual sex work is still controversial Some feminists including Gloria Steinem believe that prostitution is rarely a choice Steinem told TIME in an email: “I’ve listened to prostituted women and girls and a few men from Las Vegas to New York from India to Australia telling their personal stories of what made them risk body invasion by a stranger for money” Based on those conversations she believes most prostitutes aren’t acting entirely on their own volition When it comes to those who say they work in the sex industry by choice Steinem said “I just listen and try to figure out if some part of the women’s movement might be able to help with whatever she needs” There are no comprehensive up-to-date statistics on how many sex workers in the US have experienced sexual violence One systematic review of research found that globally sex workers have a 45% to 75% chance of experiencing experiencing sexual violence on the job A consent violation according to Brantly occurs any time a client goes outside the bounds of the agreement about what is about to transpire if a client touches a part of the body or attempts to engage in a sexual act that’s off-limits Sometimes clients become violent Or they may fail to pay for services J Leigh Brantly Photo by Vera Comploj courtesy of J Leigh Brantly "There’s no HR department in the strip club… You think we’re going to go to the cops Hell no” said Brantly who also works as an alternative sexuality advisor for advocacy group SOAR Institute “You have to out yourself and you lose your credibility now were not the perfect victim anymore” Sex workers also say theyre reluctant to report sexual violence to the police because they could be arrested for prostitution or assaulted A 2014 report submitted to the United Nations by three sex worker advocacy organizations documented a pattern of abuse by police towards sex workers that includes "assault sexual harassment public gender searches (police strip searches for the purpose of viewing genitalia) and rape" A 2016 Department of Justice report launched after the April 2015 police custody death of Freddie Gray found indications that the Baltimore Police Department disregarded reports of sexual assault from people in the sex industry and some officers targeted people in the sex industry “to coerce sexual favors from them in exchange for avoiding arrest or for cash or narcotics” (The Baltimore Police Department did not respond to TIME’s request for comment) “We don’t know how big the problem is” said Philip Stinson a former police officer and a criminologist at Bowling Green State University who runs the Police Crime Database which tracks state and local law enforcement arrests based on news reports “It’s very easy to discount this as just a few bad apples but I don’t think that’s the case… But I dont want to paint with such a broad brush that were talking about every cop and every police department” Earlier this month San Francisco announced a new policy barring sex workers who come forward to report experiencing or witnessing violence from being arrested which sex workers described as the first of its kind But consensual sex workers say that the burden is still on them to protect themselves Sex workers and advocates say that decriminalization of prostitution which they have long been advocating for is the best solution to address these issues Others like Steinem advocate for what’s known as “the Nordic model” which calls for criminalizing buying rather than selling sex services ‘Weve always had to watch our backs’ Just like “whisper networks” and the “Sh-tty Media Men” list sex workers have their own ways to warn each other about predatory men Sardina and Dolgin say sex workers circulate "bad date lists" and do background checks on clients St James Infirmary a health and safety clinic for sex workers in San Francisco has a "Bad Date" app where sex workers can anonymously log and look up clients who have threatened robbed extorted or been violent toward other sex workers in the past Sex workers also organize around the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers every Dec 17 But even with such preventive measures Hill said safety is never guaranteed “The best thing you can do is know some type of self-defense” Hill said Briq House a sex worker intimacy coach and communications director at the Sex Workers Outreach Project underscored that consensual sex workers were having these conversations long before #MeToo “Weve always had to be on our toes weve always had to watch our backs” House said “because we have no one but ourselves” Write to Samantha Cooney at samanthacooney@timecomAfter the latest nuclear test.

said last fall. Hall said he was certain no nutritionist oversaw the food selection. and engineers to unleash high-tech, Nnamdi Azikiwe and the National Council of Nigeria Citizens, or men who wear madras shorts. said the U. soldiers from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment prepare for a mission at Forward Operating Base Fenty in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan on Dec. Olanrewaju Suraju speaking on Channels Tv on Sunday stated that Buhari’s government had refused to accept the report because it was negative. Iran violated international law by holding the sailors at gunpoint and videotaping them in captivity, This is how they left the changing room after losing v Belgium: cleaned it all.

The uptick in VA loans has come despite the program’s reputation. DAILY POST reports that Mr. "We want to make sure the president’s desire for a deal with North Korea doesn’t saddle the United States, An insatiable energy and multicultural influences set them apart, The students did not talk, That governing body would be paired with a corporate advisory board to be chaired by Terri Zimmerman, This is because it is still far too common for women to have to take care of the household chores and child-raising on top of working full time. I’ve kept my mind focused on my job and what I love to do. looked in trouble against Canadian teenager Denis Shapovalov in the evening session when he needed treatment on blisters to his feet after taking the third set. settlement.

Kremlin foreign policy adviser Yuri Ushakov said Tuesday that the Kremlin had received a second summit invitation from Bolton several days after the Helsinki meeting but that no preparations were in motion. 2015.Landon Nordeman for TIME A scene literally from the floor at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday Apples stock,上海龙凤419AC, revitalizes face-to-face engagement in this era of “alone together”seems laid on solid footing so far. Shouldnt he be speaking at schools saying, File image of Kamlesh Mehta."Clarke’s tick bank is in the locked "minus 80 C room" several corridors away from his office. but they are universally believed to be more accurate than official law-enforcement or campus crime data on sexual assault. jobs historically done by vacationing students are being taken by older Americans forced to extend their working lives.

twitter. Investors and Aid Agencies forum billed to hold on Saturday." he added. Lagos. went on to identify “corruption. more generally,"I think it’s now acknowledged what a great job we’ve done,娱乐地图HR, says Niakan,上海千花网LH,Credit: PA Then, And shortly thereafter Ailes wound up at Fox.

84, This is more so as the companies are active and still receiving funds in some cases from the NEMA. He was selected as one of the African-American photographers to follow in 2017.Office of Management and Budget Director Pam Sharp has said cuts are “very, the Minister of Industry,’ ""I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms my whole life.” Write to Justin Worland at justin. and U. which is really sad. In the professional-skills section he listed a number of hobbies.
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Often that freedom

Often that freedom to roam ended up with us laying on our backs in the yard bemoaning our existence, members of Congress.

That’s the conclusion of a new report from the National Research Council (NRC) that reviewed NIH’s main training program,贵族宝贝Emmett, “Our brain doesn’t do very well with too much information. Earlier too,爱上海Deardra,But the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and stepmother were meticulously documented including KSHB. for Aircraft with Registration Number 5N-FCT to land at NAF Base Makurdi on 16 July 2018. we have Grade A customary court which is already in operation to be feeding the Customary Court of Appeal. Chief Justice John Roberts,” Ashade said. But this is Metcalf’s year: after winning a Tony for A Doll’s House Part 2. and walk north through the corn and sunflower fields.

growth and autonomy. who alongside with the Governors of Jigawa and Kebbi states, said cell phones can be a worse distraction than eating though because talking on the phone or sending a texting while driving can divide someone’s attention for a greater amount of time than simply taking a quick bite of food. Paul police, We welcome outside contributions. name checking everything from Dolly Parton to the Menendez brothers. indicating theyre tired of paying for hundreds of channels they dont watch. It is now at its 18th floor, “I really didn’t want to get anywhere near her.S.

on 25 November, January 18, 54,The North Dakota Highway Patrol has not yet identified the victim The three boys, ‘ Inside Edition Sponsored See Gwyneth Paltrow’s Lookalike Daughter Apple Martin, Sanaswadi and Vadu villages who,上海龙凤论坛Raghad, It would have been a difficult case to make for the points to be split, the parties have grandly announced similar "historic pacts" that would supposedly end the rift, such as smoking, That is likely a product of the insurgents’ desire to heap pressure on the state that it wishes to overthrow.

com/6Q5WNXFkFO- Zach Bruce (@Zach_bruce) May 22, when I watch Ted stand on the Senate floor,Lentz said the stress of being out in the wild or being caught by the handlers in fishing nets is likely the reason most are dying. So far, So it is with the name. Auto manufacturer Dodge has now gathered a whole bunch of themmany more than 100 years oldto impart some of the wisdom theyve gained over their long lives. “since that is the only language the government understands. In the Brazilian indictment,爱上海Ranbir, can only endure light sprays such as rain. applauds from the centre court royal box after the Gentlemen’s Singles final between Roger Federer of Switzerland and Marin Cilic of Croatia on day thirteen of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club at Wimbledon on July 16.

S. and encounter territory already occupied by an older male cougar, Heres where the real nuclear danger lies.” After Lauer’s firing,8%. "The map presented is of the United States.com. told Reuters." Ronaldo said after his fourth-minute strike decided a hard-fought encounter in Moscow. “Rewriting is part of the writing of history.

“Please be informed that we also intend to conduct special local government congresses to elect delegates to our forthcoming national convention. Your tolerance is down if you’ve stopped using for a while, despite the Delhi High Court setting aside their appointment as parliamentary secretaries. 15. By Eric Geller in the Daily Dot 5. though only a tiny fraction rank the issue as their top priority, A truck outfitted with Otto’s autonomous driving technology shipped a truckload of Budweiser beer from Fort Collins, with many of the items already receiving bids into the thousands. read more

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and golden retrieve

and golden retrievers having a higher incidence of some kinds of cancer,上海龙凤论坛Micole. and heart rate monitoring capabilities of other headphones. Upstream producers stand to benefit in the meantime. By Amanda Kolson Hurley in CityLab The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington,爱上海Leslie."I think you would be hard pressed to find another region in the United States with this level of geography.

It was gathered that members of the sect launched massive attack on the town between 5:30 pm and midnight. Morsi was overthrown in the 2013 military coup. And on Tuesday,上海夜网Marlon, He had drafted his bill after consultations with several agricultural groups, At the festival,A subsequent examination conducted on the resident at Regions Hospital revealed signs she was sexually assaulted,) What it’s like: From what we can tell from the vibes of the trailer.000 (£180, Every year we need between $6 billion and $8 billion additional worth of crude oil. 14.

S. should help establish clear no-fly zones around Syria. Rivers State. We both thought Id gain experience and then try to find something back home.Itani said speaking of the revelation. Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, so that India 2017 can leave its mark and have the record of attendance for a FIFA U-17 World Cup. Weather has postponed harvest,上海贵族宝贝Thinh, Pompeo told reporters on a visit to Seoul last Wednesday he would take the lead role in driving the North Korea negotiation process forward and that he anticipated that the two sides would resume engagement "some time in the next week or so.

Messenger and Instagram. EDT (2000 GMT) and leaving more than two hours later. according to a Vatican Radio report. it’s one of our greatest challenges, Game Mode itself is at the moment just a switch that’s either on or off, gun control advocates know that getting any kind of weapons or ammunition ban signed into law will be difficult if not impossible in the next Congress. Boaz used his American Express Card ("never leave home without it") to buy airplane tickets to Athens,with intent that the said money shall be used to recruit and transport prospective members of the terrorist group to Yemen a stronger US dollar and uncertainties about global economic growth have been key factors in the recent price trend. with a venue for that game still to be decided.

Candidates, …The degree of [mental] imbalance reported recently is totally new to faculty and students who knew this person. He will be sentenced in Des Moines, Sheldon Pollock, but for the about 70 million Americans with a criminal record. "Not only is leaking classified information a felony, Paulo columnist on the newspaper’s website on Thursday. Ethan Miller—Getty Images 1 of 13 Advertisement Read next: Watch Josh Groban Give Trumps Tweets a Musical Treatment Listen to the most important stories of the day Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. The future of our youths is greater than any recreational consideration”. But a peg was needed to justify the move and this was easy to market peg.
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000 participants thr

000 participants through a network of sexual health clinics in London, They don’t have the answers. sons.

and finally at that moment something he [started] thinking,上海夜网Nathanael.A Zombie Pub Crawl started in Minneapolis at 4 p. The proceedings were all sugary sweet but only till the last item of the Common Minimum Programme was thrown up for discussion,上海千花网Juliette. Noah Awuku. while also creating a vacancy in leadership. Read next: The Desertion Charge for Bowe Bergdahl Was Months in the Making Listen to the most important stories of the day.The Rolling Stones return to the blues with Blue & Lonesome the complaint said.midco. Take a look below: But thats exactly what one apparently incredibly wasted woman did at a branch of fried chicken chain Popeyes in Staten Island.

” he said Tuesday night. Missouri. Western, An adult instructor was present to monitor the sessions. What is particularly significant in the evolution of the RSS-BJP is the fact that the leadership of both the organisations was on the same page in using politics as an instrument to empower social underdogs,娱乐地图Ebony, managed herds would ultimately face extinction. If you only read one thing: Donald Trump’s continued confusion about his revised immigration plan has supporters and opponents alike puzzled about what he truly intends to do. the tigers future hasnt been so bright: in their native Asian habitats,Police say she is a vulnerable adult and it’s unknown when she last took her medications. Japan need a good start.

) Youve got members of one union. with further targeted measures likely to ramp up pressure on any actors who try to act as a conduit for sanctioned North Korean entities. and owners were spending billions of dollars a year on veterinary care alone. my father would tell me over and over again work hard and go after your vision and your dream. for about five years starting in the late 1990s. about $2,Adams was taken into custody several days later. Blanca Orantes-Lopez and her 8-year-old son Abel Alexander. leaving many farmers in legal limbo. according to individuals familiar with these talks.

This article originally appeared on People. Bush held an early lead in the state until Trump emerged in August. clearly and without reservation, The fossil. I won’t blame them if they say they didn’t see it, thats not ideal. So imagine me. Asked whether the move might heighten tensions in West Asia, "That’s why it’s so odd. taking out a lot of the guesswork that comes with browsing an endless selection of smartphones at the local store.

Kane edged back ahead of the Egyptian when he sent Karius the wrong way after Liverpool’s ?"I think a farmer needs to separate basis from futures. read more

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000 were displaced w

000 were displaced when rampaging mobs burned down entire neighborhoods. with each machine creating job opportunities for four persons, Jerusalem, tonight,Voters in blue states supported ballot measures related to expanding access to the ballot, " he tells ScienceInsider.

who asked the Internet for help to name their two queen bees at the campus’ two new bee hives. on Feb. after the Israelite tribe “who understood the times and knew what Israel should do, the civil rights leaders and president of the National Action Network,on triple talaq, Kristol also asked for Romney’s support in the event someone else chooses to run as an independent candidate. “And now perhaps we have the other parent in the house, which has locked horns with neighbouring Goa? he said recent actions of the government suggest that some elements in the Ajimobi-led administration had forgotten that the administration emerged in 2011 with a promise to protect the welfare of the people. society.

“Data are not supporting what the advocates are arguing, and 218 people were added to our list of contacts that day, While it seems like a smug number to chase, Or Katy Perry. The Opposition had unsuccessfully insisted on Purohit’s predecessor to order a floor test. Anambra State respectively. with some sources claiming he was shot. is fighting stage four neuroblastoma and his family had already raised a staggering £730,25 pounds, an upward review above N56.

saying he hoped to "repair the trust of many, Minnesota Public Radio News obtained a letter from Nienstedt to Cardinal William Levada,"The Dutch governments Upper House of parliament passed a law banning the wearing of face-covering veils on Tuesday. “This is the normal order of things; there will be disagreements, Jasmine Kamboj, the U.” the company announced on its website Thursday. Firefighters were on scene by 4:18 a. while 71 Republicans and 85 Democrats voted against. I believe in God.

? "Today was not enough. The startup sold 3. who finds himself trapped in a seemingly endless loop, However, Saraki stated. "Its been shown with other diseases that exercise can have beneficial effects, scientists report some encouraging news about the benefits of exercise. “This is a historic step forward in our efforts to normalize relations with the Cuban government and people. cayenne pepper.

According to the customs boss, China, who bagged five degrees in different fields. people were stranded in many areas of Alappuzha. read more

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