28 year old master with O2O model to sell fruit gratifying gains

now many entrepreneurs are targeting online rich good business, a 28 year old master to give up a stable job, WeChat began selling green organic fruit, with innovative O2O rich and good business profits, he has been convinced that their choice is correct.

one and a half years ago, Qiu Wangjian resigned from the work of counselors, registered Changchun Fruit Trade Co. Ltd. Jian (hereinafter referred to as the "fruit health") using the O2O model, sales of green organic fruit.

from the open fruit supermarket started

5 years ago, there are few large fruit supermarket in Changchun. Qiu Wangjian thought, why not open a fruit supermarket in Changchun? Effects of several fruit supermarket in Shenyang City, Qiu Wangjian has a professional base: all kinds of fruit fruit in the supermarket are furnished with large mirror wall appearance, make indoor appear more spacious, and every day there are special offer promotions.

to Changchun, Qiu Wangjian from friends and relatives to raise 200 thousand yuan, in a new residential area rented a more than and 130 square meters of the store room, copy Shenyang large fruit supermarket business model, and a parents opened a fruit supermarket.

the traditional fruit supermarket, rent less and reduce the purchase price is two important factors of profit. To this end, Qiu Wangjian and like-minded friends to open a chain store, the store unified brand independent settlement. The first year, Qiu Wangjian paid off 200 thousand yuan loan. By 2012, Changchun has opened a total of 8 fruit chain stores, of which two are Qiu Wangjian all alone.

bottlenecks, Qiu Wangjian went to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hainan and other places to investigate and understand the status of fruit industry.

to Changchun, recommended

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