Beijing financial investment of 2 hundreds of millions of College Students Employment

the number of college students is more and more, but the job is subject to a number of restrictions, in this context, entrepreneurship has become the choice of more college students. In order to promote more college students to have a job or career after graduation, local governments continue to invest more money. Among them, Beijing financial investment 200 million yuan to help college students employment.

in college graduates has experienced the most difficult in the history of employment, the employment rate of graduates of the index once again reduced circumstances, the Municipal Finance Bureau said on 4, Beijing financial expenditure structure adjustment of higher education funding, funding innovative methods of work, at least in recent 2 years has invested more than 200 million yuan for college students’ employment refueling help.

in order to support the personnel training for college students’ employment "breeding", the city last year, according to 500 yuan per student standard, invested 112 million yuan to support the activities of college students employment guidance in Colleges and universities grants, focus on support for preparation of employment guidance materials, strengthen the development of students’ occupation planning education, improve the level of college students employment guidance, enhance the competitiveness of students.

to help college students employment and entrepreneurship to provide a full range of services, the city is the construction of the "Zhongguancun entrepreneurial Street" and "3 municipal College Business Park" of Beijing University Students Pioneer Park incubator system, not only for college students to provide free space support, also provide counseling, counseling, training, financing and other services for its full range. 2014 to 2015, the city has invested a total of $70 million 860 thousand.

at the same time, the financial sector also supports the construction of demonstration center for college students to build a platform for employment and entrepreneurship.

said that although the students now either employment or business, is faced with fierce competition, however, as long as the local government can provide preferential policy, will have a very big help for college students career development. Therefore, we have reason to believe that the entrepreneurial market in Beijing college students must be a prosperous, with a better development prospects.

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