Hubei University students and nternet entrepreneurs opposite

in the "Internet plus" era, the majority of entrepreneurs ushered in more development opportunities, more guests can independently enter the market, fair competition in the market, by virtue of their own efforts to earn more profits. However, the era of Internet entrepreneurs have to pay a lot of effort.

"I have to finance wrote to Yao Ming, also find the underworld brother for support, but failed, most miserable time was 2 million in debt, but in the end I came." November 25th, Internet entrepreneurs and college students face to face activities came to Hubei University, speaker Yu Hanming special entrepreneurial experience suddenly attracted the attention of the students.

"if the business to learn, just like the monk stick in one direction to go forward, go straight and never give up faith to move others, just behind the back there have been added to support you, help you." Li Da Tang scriptures example to encourage the majority of entrepreneurs.

is worth noting that two speakers have mentioned the importance of teamwork in the entrepreneurial process in the sharing process. Yu Hanming mentioned that the team entrepreneurship, you have to find out what your entrepreneurial partner. Li Da used "the monk teacher and student learn a group of people" story of the importance of team entrepreneurship.

the Internet entrepreneurs with college students face activities, Hubei is one of the campus network culture festival activities, aims to promote the "double Hubei" policy measures and progress results, service and guide young people, to build a bridge of academic communication industry. Next, the Internet is recommended

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