2015 graduates’ employment target responsibility assessment to new heights

Southwest Forestry University Innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere is very strong, there are many students actively participate in, and in 2015, graduates employment target responsibility assessment to new heights!

the provincial college work, the Education Department of Yunnan Province, the province’s colleges and universities employment target responsibility assessment, Southwest Forestry University was awarded the "Yunnan province in 2015 college graduates employment work goal responsibility appraisal Award", "Yunnan Province in 2015 to encourage the students to do advanced collective". At the same time, Southwest Forestry University entrepreneurship Park was reviewed by the Yunnan Provincial Department of human resources and social security as the Yunnan youth entrepreneurship demonstration park, the provincial financial subsidies 1 million yuan.

The results of the

, thanks to the correct leadership of the Party committee and the school administration, thanks to the college and departments and all staff’s hard work and excellence in work. In 2015, Southwest Forestry University Graduates Employment and entrepreneurship to earnestly implement the relevant principles and policies, innovative ways of working, and comprehensively promote the implementation of employment policies, to provide precise, fine, fine "services for graduates.


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