Hospitality integrity allows stores to attract customers

the same products, different times, different operating markets, operating conditions will be different, such as low-grade smoke. Now more and more low-end cigarettes, occasionally a week so few, I believe we are rarely on sale. However, there is then a next female customer, in other places to buy a same cigarette, I deliberately from the door, said "you sell so expensive, I can save two people to buy it!"

heard that, at that time I was really afraid for a moment, "not ah, the other sister family how still here with me to buy it cheap, they will not buy, and five cents are about two dollars, will be completely indifferent?"

shopper is approaching, although few low-grade tobacco, but the whole buy, I will free a lighter, said under his mind.

a few days later, they together JieMenEr still come to buy one, I still get a lighter, she did not like other places I can say cheap two dollars, but with a lighter she has to say "thank you", then I think her a female customer is definitely in fooled me.

indeed, a few days later, the self proclaimed I sell your customers, the house said: "I have a right, can you give two lighter?"


" is to take care of everyone, the end of the low end of the cigarette is in short supply, I this extra gift, many places have not yet."

"line, ah, there is a better than no strong, one also line ah."


to hear what she said, you broke her in another province two words.

people often say that the customer is God, the customer, sometimes may not believe, they may say hidden opportunities; but sometimes it is not the whole letter, in your home and said to his home to his home is cheap, say your home is cheap, they caught businesses reluctant to lose the customers’ psychology in order to buy their own things less dig a few dollars.

business can not be changed because of the customer’s words, but should not do something without integrity, it will only destroy the reputation of the store, the store’s long-term operation does not help. So, as long as the owner of the general manager in good faith, honest treatment of customers, and then seize the opportunity to grasp the market, will be able to define their own business ideas. Customers can do some reference or thinking, but do not be some lucky customers around your direction!

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