University Teachers lose the golden rice bowl to wash electric car business

in the eyes of the public, the university teacher is a good career, not only good treatment, but also easy. But the university teacher does not take the usual way, his resignation to wash the car business, and one of the hardships can be imagined.

"I love the game". Rong tea summed up his entrepreneurial experience with a sentence. Yesterday, in the interview process, the self proclaimed this year "26.5 year old" Huize young man repeatedly stunned.

Do not have to do the boss

if not to answer fluently "Yunnan University Yangpu District" all sorts of news, "the young man was head of Yunnan University sports teacher" this sentence may be considered a joke. Rong tea began to play since the age of 4, and then with the sports activity. After graduating from Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing in 2006, he graduated from Yunnan University and was engaged in physical education.

"too too observant of conventional standards.." In the eyes of others noble and stable career, in the eyes of Rong tea has become a kind of uncomfortable. Six months later, Rong tea resigned.

Daoteng, open mobile phone network company…… "It’s hard to start feeling Rong tea". His worst defeat in the first half of this year to open a network company in Shanghai, a loss of about 100000 yuan. In his words, June to the end of hills and rivers when he had his "back to Kunming.

bedside Street Research Planning

back to the first week of Kunming, "the first day was hit by a car, second day, third days were fired, fourth days of sleep……" After a week of decadence, Rong tea to cheer up. Looking at the street coming and going of electric vehicles, the idea came! He ran to the current grand commercial city, Maitreya temple and other places to observe the flow cleaning of electric vehicles, and keep the flow in the street to understand the specific electric vehicle.

a about 30 square meters of pavement, inside the car wash rack and a pool; on the head with the scarlet letter written on the door with the name, price and service items of green banners; professional cleaning staff must be trained in pre and uniform green t-shirt. The reporter visited cleaning shop recommended

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