Students need careful planning for entrepreneurial knowledge sharing

when it comes to entrepreneurship, a lot of people always have a lot of ideas. But some people are empty talk, and some people belong to action. College students even if the current hot topic, many college students actually have a relatively perfect business conditions, but because of improper planning, and ultimately ended in failure.

has good use of "authority" of this kind of management science and art

has through financial analysis and comparison of the merits of the project and the ability of

have the ability of business negotiation

has the ability of

enterprise crisis

has own analysis and enterprise, the courage to go beyond self and ability of

himself and the enterprise timely to the professional management consulting company, through professional analysis layers themselves and enterprises, and find out the deficiency, and actively solve the problem, which requires considerable courage, this is also a challenge;

has to construct the enterprise into a learning organization

has good social communication abilityRecommended

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