What conditions need to join their home

Xiao Bian today still have to recommend a more famous brand food catering to join their home (also with home), the brand is a foreign catering project, first founded in Yokohama of Japan, to beef with rice as the main products, domestic and overseas expansion in Japan to store type. Food products are rich in their families, from the family to the individual radiation layer wide, widely loved by people. The shop has a convenient configuration at a bar, also equipped with convenient family groups, guest dining tables and chairs seats. A variety of dishes, the appropriate price and let the guests feel the speed and good attitude.

eat it with "light, nutritious and delicious" diet concept, strict selection of raw materials, from the fine production, fully embodies the food fresh and cool and tender, focusing on flavor characteristics. At the same time, the food home to carry forward the China traditional culture into business management, elegant Jiangnan charm, couplets, calligraphy and painting, embroidery, ornaments and other elements will imperceptibly touch your innermost feelings let you have a Chinese, a different kind of space in the noisy city.

eat their representative dishes:

eat the cattle donburi: small shrimp mushroom, tamarind, beef with rice, beef with rice, pickled bamboo shoots, tomato beef with rice, beef with rice, eggplant, Mapo beef with rice, garlic shoots Ma Japanese beef with rice, beef with rice, pickled cabbage, Korean egg fried chicken;

: hot spring egg curry curry, beef curry, chicken curry, shrimp curry, curry, curry special Deep-Fried Spare Ribs;

series: beef chicken beef with rice, rice, rice, assorted Mapo eggplant rice, beef, rice, mixed rice Braised pork in brown sauce Roasted Chicken as donburi row;

Hand-Pulled Noodle: pickled silk Hand-Pulled Noodle, assorted Hand-Pulled Noodle, Hand-Pulled Noodle Soup with Beef Hand-Pulled Noodle, teriyaki chicken, spicy meat, a special double value Hand-Pulled Noodle Hand-Pulled Noodle, special spicy spicy meat and meat noodles;

dishes: kids, kids curry beef with rice.

so want to join such a home food restaurant needs what conditions?

eat their home to join the store conditions:

eat the home shop area: large supermarkets (commercial center range), office area, Street Road shop

area: 90 square meters of shops use – 120 square meters (120 square meters -150 square meters of office area)

rent: pending

lease term: 5 years or above (shuttle restaurant for 20 years)

property conditions: Catering


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