Sanitation of restaurant lobby should pay attention to the details of what

a restaurant lobby is actually equivalent to the one we face, only do the cleaning work, get more clean, will attract more customers. However, want to do a good job cleaning, in fact, there are more details we need to pay attention to. Then, restaurant lobby of the cleaning work should pay attention to what the details?

is very close to home there is a relatively high-end roast duck restaurant decoration, often have relatives and friends to come, take them to taste the Beijing roast duck. At the beginning, every time to also feel very comfortable, beautiful new carpet, luxurious wallpaper and large crystal lamp, let the hotel hall shine, let me feel very face.

this time, a friend came from afar, as usual, will be set at dinner there. Around 7 in the evening, with friends into the door of the roast duck restaurant. But this time the feeling is somewhat depressed, the lights are also particularly dim, the carpet is also dirty black feeling. Do not know what is the feeling of friends come in? After finished dishes, side dishes such as chatting, speaking of the hotel’s history, said: "I have opened five or six years before, here in the evening when it is brilliantly illuminated, not to a year, how this felt not so bright?"

friends to answer me: "well, you look at the table, the carpet is a good material, and the crystal lamp……" The friend said, we all follow the same head. A friend is intended to boast crystal lamp is very beautiful, but the words, look up to see, we have recently isolated a crystal lamp has a big spider web, in the light of the sun abnormal eye-catching, friends of the second half of the sentence is not to say again.

at that time, I was so embarrassed that I could not find a place to sew in. After the meal, no other friends have gone to the roast duck restaurant to eat.

since the cost of doing a large amount of food and beverage shops to do high-end decoration, it is necessary to invest a certain amount of manpower and material resources to maintain and organize the health environment. The Roasted Duck shop with no well fo health, lead to his host lost face in front of the guests, finally Roasted Duck lost an old customers shop. If you do not clear the crystal lamp will be attached to the dust and cobwebs, shadow II to the brightness of the lighting, carpet cleaning will be deposited dirt, will also affect the guests dining and into the store feeling.

to the dining room dining guests, in addition to the recognition of the restaurant from the delicious dishes, but also a kind of experience into the store. Clean and sanitary environment, will increase the guests’ appetite and emotional dining mood, to meet the psychological needs of guests. Restaurant as a guest entertainment, dining place, its decoration, facilities, cleanliness and good condition for the overall image of the restaurant is essential

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