Jiangxi Wanzai county and more initiatives to increase efforts to support entrepreneurship of Colleg

Yichun Wanzai County launched a number of policies in entrepreneurship, in order to attract local born students return home business, is also expected to usher in more entrepreneurial talent to start from here.

11 training and entrepreneurship projects. The county conscientiously implement the initiative to lead college students plan, on the one hand to provide them with entrepreneurial information, projects, and guide the local resources to rely on entrepreneurship. On the other hand, according to entrepreneurial projects targeted entrepreneurship training. And provide prenatal, postpartum, postpartum technology, management and other related services, efforts to improve the entrepreneurial ability and entrepreneurial success rate.

– a subsidy and implementation of business docking. According to the provisions of college students, the establishment of enterprises or self-employed, and stable operation for more than 1 years, according to the standard of business subsidies.

– a support and business scale docking. Increase support for college students venture capital. Their small business loans according to the maximum amount of 100 thousand yuan discount loans. The partnership or start small businesses can enjoy a total of not more than 200 thousand yuan discount loan.

to create a suitable entrepreneurial environment is not a short duration of time work, investment and business needs long time, I believe that with the open environment, China entrepreneurial success rate will be higher and higher.

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