What are the skills to open the store purchase

must have a lot of people who want to start a business is to start their own career from the clothing industry, is definitely a promising industry, opened a clothing store to become the choice of many people, for an entrepreneur, opened a clothing store, or a good development prospect and market. But open clothing store, first in the purchase of the problem, there are a lot of problems need attention, but also a skill. The following open shop for the purchase of entrepreneurial skills, to introduce you.

generally speaking, we do not have to pay attention to when the seller on the goods. Because you go to the wholesale market, you will see what to take. The general market in the early season than the actual 1-2 months, winter has not arrived yet, cotton padded clothes, down jacket has all the shelves…… If you’re not sure what to sell. Go to the market. Season clothes, take some goods is also good, this time are very cheap, especially foreign trade, Japan single. It will not be out of date soon. Get back to engage in special activities, but also popular. Sufficient funds can be, or do not take the risk of money.

take goods also have the best time oh! Monday to Friday morning. This time is the best time to take goods. General wholesale market is open around 4 in the morning, if you can not get up so early, on the point of 7, to go, you can, but it is best not to go on Saturday, Sunday, many people, holiday prices will be high. Because the wholesale market is usually closed early, around three, noon is the most time, carrying a large package is not convenient.

generally, funds should be used, a stock fund, the two replenishment of funds, should also be ready to have the balance, if it is part of the goods on how to do? Don’t put eggs in one basket! For small retail stores, a color, a code into one or two pieces (sets) will be able to.

clothes are generally divided into M, L, XL. If you are a big seller. Money, business is good. Suggest you take the full number. Because the whole number can take, and wholesalers to bargain. If it is a small seller. The size of the clothes will be their own master, for example, most of your buyers wear what number. Or your location is for fat MM or thin MM service. That’s all right. But this is still a small number of sellers, then try to get the code bar.

although the garment industry is very in demand, but the competition pressure is great, if you want to do business, need to pay attention to many details, start a clothing store, at the time of purchase, but also hope that we can take into account the above we proposed problems, to use their own business. The quality of the purchase, but also a direct impact on the future of the business, I hope you can take seriously, consider these issues.

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