The challenge is to start from their own social

everyone has their own ideas for the choice of entrepreneurship, have their own views. "05 years I became a student of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology professional geographic information system, from the beginning of my dream journey. Because my family was poor, I almost didn’t come into contact with computers, those professional books in my opinion, is almost "Martian" stack eyeful. Also because the family is poor, I still have to work to earn a living expenses."

2011, due to family reasons, Cao hang up the treatment of superior position, decided to leave Guangzhou after Fuzhou teleware Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shandong Provincial Department of land and resources. During his tenure, he did not forget his university during the desire of entrepreneurial dream, the work There is not much left. leisure time, painstaking research network and e-commerce technology, actively accumulate resources and contacts.

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