Reduce the difficulty of college entrance examination is a good thing

now in the college entrance examination compared with the previous, the degree of difficulty in fact there is a very big difference, as is known to all, now the difficulty of college entrance examination has been reduced. However, to reduce the difficulty of college entrance examination is a good thing? Let’s get to know each other.

recently, the Beijing test scores published, not only the students out of the full family, the more important is the score of PU, close to the full score of students everywhere. Beijing college entrance examination more than senior high school entrance examination, but also similar, scores of candidates continue to hit a new record number. Some people say that to Tsinghua University, has not score, but can’t take the number of points. This phenomenon reflects the simplicity of the entrance examination, the trend of the model – the difficulty of the test and the decline of the division, the candidates do not spell the ability, but the degree of familiarity with the test is not lost points.

As a selective examination, the college entrance examination in the

must have a significant difference with the level test, which has important practical significance and is also an important basis for talent selection. College entrance examination in the year to reduce the difficulty of the test, the majority of students through hard work, hard brush problems will be able to achieve higher scores, access to quality schools. Obviously, such an exam is difficult to distinguish between gifted and qualified students.

some people think that the difficulty of reducing the college entrance examination, to a certain extent, reduce the burden on students to learn, to ease the pressure of examination, in fact, otherwise. The smaller the difficulty of the exam, the greater the pressure on students to test, it is no longer the test of the student’s talent, but the skills of students test. It is necessary for the students of different levels to consolidate their examination skills and improve their test scores, which also increases the burden of students to some extent.

on the surface, reduce the difficulty of the exam, is fair for the majority of students, give more students in the premise of equal opportunity under open a window, let more children have the opportunity to enter high school, but behind this fair, we should see a kind of unfair – good the student has greater potential to learn the unfair. Their learning potential and stamina, strengths and advantages, not by low discrimination in the college entrance examination reflected that obliterate all men". This is undoubtedly a good talent and talented students to ignore and pressure, but not conducive to the full training of talents.

in addition, college entrance examination, colleges and universities need to recruit talents, especially research universities, more need for the professional have the passion to explore, has a certain talent of outstanding students, so, in order to achieve the goal of cultivating innovative talents, improve the personnel comprehensive quality, delivery of outstanding graduates more quality for the country.

in fact, the college entrance examination as a selective examination, not only to ensure equal opportunities, but also to ensure the fairness of the selection. The equality of opportunity and the selection of recommended

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