Family education market is gradually broken down

summer vacation again, for countless children, after the short-term real pressure free play, the face may be a variety of training guidance. After all, summer is the golden age of parents please tutor for their children "kaixiaozao", is a season tutoring industry. And look at the recent period of family education market, consumer demand is also more and more refined, foreign tutor, signing tutor and other new forms of family service also appeared in the tutor market.

people can not help but produce a number of problems: the choice of a considerable degree of "foreign tutor" can really make the child’s foreign language level by leaps and bounds? "Signing family education" commitment to the target can really cash it? The adoption of the new service form of the emergence of specialized agencies of family service agencies will impact on the traditional family service agencies do? Reporters interviewed several institutions through the capital and the relevant supervisory departments to get the answers to the above questions.

tutoring market segments, four forms coexist

reporter in an interview with a number of home service agencies learned that the current tutor market based on the needs of different consumers has been broken down into four parts:

The first part of the

is mainly based on the college students of the traditional family education, because of this kind of tutor for both consumers and teachers of the provisions of the rights and responsibilities are relatively vague, so consumer acceptance is getting smaller and smaller.

The second part of

is based on the "elite tutor", which has a certain reputation and rich teaching experience.

The third part is the signing of

family, is a development of traditional tutoring intermediary, the signing of the contract so that the rights and obligations of both parties are clear, is a development trend of the future tutor, but because the contract does not have a unified model, so there are still some problems.

The fourth part of the

is a foreign tutor, out of this part of the family language and cultural background of the demand, many consumers hire foreign tutors to improve their children’s ability to learn and understand the foreign language and cultural background.

A tutor

exist at the same time more than four kinds of tutoring services in triple-A and North and so many services relatively complete in.

professional "foreign tutor" hot

in a number of tutoring agencies seeking full, while a number of specialized services in a subdivision of the market for "special" family service agencies are also working hard in their own fields. Recently, the newspaper called a foreign tutor network of family service agencies advertising attracted the attention of reporters. And in the past, the integrated family service agencies are different, the agency is designed to do foreign tutor. The agency’s manager Wang Zhaojun told reporters, although

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