Xining City Board of Education decided this year will be recorded in the history of high school entr

Xining City Bureau of education, before this year, the discipline of history in senior high school entrance examination of political education achievements and physical examination, information technology subject matters, requires schools to pay attention to, reasonable arrangements to do related work.

it is reported that this year’s examination of politics, history, the two subjects of the examination results will be recorded in the total score of candidates in the exam, the form of the use of open book, written examination. Out of 80 points, 40 points each, political history, volume of the examination time is 120 minutes, choice and non choice test papers, test questions difficulty ratio of basic questions about 60%, about 30%, medium difficulty problem is about 10%. The scope of the examination and the content is: politics as the compulsory curriculum standard textbook "moral" grade eight (volume), grade eight (volume third units), grade nine (all one); major domestic and international political events (April 1, 2006 to March 31, 2007). History is the basic content of "ancient Chinese history (part of the chapter"), "modern history of China" and "modern history of the world". Test of sports discipline examination using concentrated patch test, content is divided into two categories and options for compulsory examination, including compulsory 1 (50 meters), optional 4 (standing long jump, throwing solid ball, grip, rope). The information technology discipline examination scope and content: the youth version of information technology seven to nine grade teaching contents and Tsinghua version of the information technology teaching material of grade nine, the examination time is 40 minutes, questions for the objective questions and operating questions. (author: Cara)


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