Qinghai population education continues to improve

The reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, according to the 2014 population change survey results and the data of the six census estimates: by the end of 2014, the province’s 6 population aged 6 and above average years of schooling to 8.21 years, 15 of them aged 15 and above population average years of schooling to 8.56 years, compared with the 2010 sixth national census at the age of 6, and 6 of the population over the age of the average years of schooling increase 0.58 years, 2011 -2014 annual increase for 0.15 years; 15 years old and over 15 years old population average years of schooling increased by 0.71 years, with an average annual increase of 0.18 years.

"now the baby is really happy, tuition free school bus also opened the front door." Not long ago, in the east of the town of Datong County town of Ma Village interview, the villagers Ban Guozhu told reporters. Since 12th Five-Year, the provincial government has always adhere to the priority of education development, continue to increase investment in education, the rapid development of preschool education, rural compulsory education funding subsidy standards continue to improve, has undergone a fundamental change in school conditions, economic and social service ability occupation education to further enhance the optimization and upgrading of disciplines in higher education structure, education reform and development continues to improve, the children get more and more opportunity to change his fate. The quality of the population has been increasing, and the education level of the population has greatly increased.  

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