Xining City East District People’s court launched the livelihood of the people to promote stability

in recent years, Xining City Chengdong District People’s Court of the second civil court under the correct leadership of the district government, focus on maintaining social stability, economic development and society work, and actively implement the "petition" to "visit" case, "return" and a series of regulations and measures, and strive to the end of case the.

2009, new ideas to work two people court asked every police officers to establish such a concept, namely the trial work to promote the development of people’s livelihood, focusing on, safeguarding national security and social stability and promote the harmonious work on. To this end, the president of the hospital within the scope of the president and the losing party to talk, to establish a system of opinions. The purpose of this system is carried out, one is likely to lead to the petition, the elements of early detection, early prevention, early settlement. The two is the president by talking with the losing party, informed the parties to reflect on the judge’s attitude, work style and clean and other aspects of the trial, grasp the police thought, dynamic and shortcomings etc.. Better to strengthen the ideological and political education of police officers, police officers to truly establish the concept of people first, for the people. In addition, due to the impact of the international financial crisis on China’s economy, the people’s Court of two due to the financial crisis caused by the collapse of the enterprise, bankruptcy, breach of contract, the contract can not be fulfilled, such as disputes. And intends to District Economic Bureau jointly for the east area of large and medium-sized enterprises in the unstable and uncertain factors of the investigation thoroughly, take a steady approach to study the problem carefully, timely notification to the relevant aspects, puts forward the prevention and solution to the problems and conflicts to resolve in the bud.

new year, the people’s court will be two new initiatives to improve the real, convenient laws to the people around, so that people feel the fairness and justice of the sun. At the same time, the use of all the conditions can be used to increase mediation efforts to resolve disputes and maintain social stability. Really put the people’s Court of two to the true good, harmonious and fair service brand to implement.


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