Xining free travel map

in October 12th, the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau presided over the compilation of Xining’s first detailed, professional "Xining tourism map," the official release. The "map" of tourism accommodation, travel, entertainment and shopping in one, highlights the practicality and characteristics of public welfare, in the Xining airport, train station, bus station, shopping malls, hotels, scenic areas (spots), travel agencies and other places will be distributed free of charge, for the general public and to Xining tourists give detailed guidelines.

in recent years, with the continuous development of tourism in Xining, visitors to Xining are increasing, but the information asymmetry and information technology and other issues are also increasingly prominent. Visitors to Xining tourism basic information needs are very urgent. In view of this, combined with the needs of the development of tourism in Xining, Xining tourism department in conjunction with the relevant departments drawn up the "Xining tourism map". The "map" with accurate, informative information to convey the basic situation of tourism in Xining, so that visitors can be made through the map, travel, accommodation, shopping and dining options. The issue of "map" is also one of the specific measures for Xining to build a famous international tourist city with high altitude. (author: Su Jianping)


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