Central five to promote clean government

In November 3rd, I learned from the city district, since this year, the "five grasping" to promote the construction of a clean government, and actively implement the party the main responsibility for honest government, honest government in the region has achieved good results. It is understood that these five are: grasping the main responsibility for the implementation of clean government responsibility. The District adhere to honest government into the economic society and the party construction work as a whole, into the region’s "big building" objective responsibility to the weight of 18%, in the district name and all responsible units signed letters of responsibility, the formation of each unit departments responsibility system management. The sources of corruption prevention against corruption and build a strong ideological line of defense. The further implementation of leading cadres honest and clean, admonishing conversation, before any honest investigation, economic responsibility auditing system, the region’s 34 promotion and exchange office cadres and their families "before any honest conversation, to further strengthen the cadre self-discipline consciousness. Grasp the mechanism innovation, improve the supervision system of power operation. The party and government cadres at county level and the level of "top leaders" every year from 12 aspects to the committee report on the implementation of clean and honest administration, the annual selection of 2 level cadres to the Standing Committee to report the performance of duties, especially at the level of Party leadership team members to perform a pair of responsibility report. Up to now, the accountability of the 2 district level party and government cadres in charge of leadership responsibilities, accountability for the treatment of the 4 section leader leadership responsibilities. Grasp the effectiveness of construction, strengthen the positive wind Su Ji special rectification. Attention is the wind Su Ji special rectification activities, as of now, a total of 18 times to carry out a thorough investigation, focusing on the 24, and the staff work discipline loose, law enforcement officers and law enforcement uncivilized in violation of the relevant provisions of the style construction of the people and things 10, criticized 5 people, admonishing conversation 4, interviewed 1 people. The criticism of 5 units. Catch the cases investigated, support the discipline inspection departments in accordance with regulations and discipline. The region is divided into 2 collaborative handling area, in order to split the piece, discipline inspection and supervision of the Standing Committee to carry out the investigation and handling of cases. Up to now, 12 cases of investigation and handling of collaborative cases, went through the 9, the rate of completion of the 75%.  

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