At the 24 this month end to capture the yellow car

Reporters from the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment was informed that the inspection control system of yellow car organized by the city’s police department and the implementation of the yellow car electron capture system project, is currently nearing completion, will be completed by the end of the month and put into use. By then, the urban yellow car ban line intersection in the area of the 24, will be implemented in violation of the provisions of the yellow car to capture and punishment. In order to reduce the yellow car impact on air quality, the city has accelerated the pace of eliminating yellow car, and at the beginning of this year, the yellow car limit line area expanded to 10.7 square kilometers, covering all the core area in the city, the limit line area accounted for nearly half of the city road. However, due to the backward means of supervision, limit line area delineation, even if there are obvious road signs on the road, but a lot of yellow cars are still driving in the forbidden area, the pollution of urban air. In order to further improve the efficiency of the yellow car limit line regulation and law enforcement, strengthen law enforcement, the end of July this year, the city traffic police detachment organized the implementation of the inspection and control system of yellow car and the yellow car electronic capture system project construction, is expected by the end of October will be fully completed and put into use. According to reports, the implementation of the project, I limit the 24 intersection line in the region all the installation of the camera, through to enter the yellow car limit line automatic capture zone in violation of regulations, thus realizing the illegal yellow car driver punishment. City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment vice captains Li Fucai said, this will be the city to speed up the yellow car out of work has played a great role in promoting the future, as in the yellow car limit line area roads, traffic police will be in violation of the relevant provisions of the road traffic signs and markings on drivers for punishment. At the same time, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau relevant responsible person to remind the owners and drivers, if you are driving a vehicle in the exhaust gas detection, because the stability of large discharge amount, high concentration and emission difference were labelled with yellow green flag, it should comply with the relevant provisions of the yellow car limit line, not yellow cars and vehicles without a valid green flag into the yellow car limit line area.  

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