Careful deployment to make three County town of kitchen waste collection and transportation preparat

in accordance with the municipal government "three towns in Xining County, kitchen waste collection and disposal plan" unified arrangements, Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau officially launched the three County town of kitchen waste collection and disposal of unified work in May 16, 2012, the county has completed three early mobilization, deployment and other work is steadily advancing.

first, the establishment of the unified leadership of the government, the coordination of the working mechanism. three county government according to the actual County town, developed a work program for unified disposal of food waste collection, set up a special working group, and the timely convening of the kitchen waste collection and disposal of unified mobilization work, clear the scope, kitchen waste collection and disposal methods, various departments work responsibilities and tasks, specific objectives and requirements. Refinement, determine the work schedule and schedule.

two, launched a variety of promotional activities. by setting the billboards, banners and propaganda materials, the report published telephone etc., highlighting the importance of kitchen waste management, and give full play to the supervisory role of the media, calling for catering service units and the community to actively participate in support of the work carried out. As of now, the three county towns were issued brochures 2000, 4000 copies of brochures, notices 800 catering service units in densely populated areas, to create a good atmosphere for the three county towns of kitchen garbage collection work uniform.

three, solidly carry out investigation work. The catering service unit within the county three county government organization staff to carry out a dragnet investigation, to find out the catering service unit address, telephone number, the person in charge, food waste generation, the flow of basic information. According to statistics, Datong County Qiaotou town restaurant 218 stores, kitchen waste production is 2.4 tons / day; Huangyuan County Chengguan Town Restaurant 290 stores, food waste generated by 4 tons / day; Huangzhong County lushaer Town Restaurant 163 stores, kitchen waste production is 2.47 tons / day, Huangzhong County DOPA town has 166 stores catering, food waste production is 2.5 tons / day. Food waste generated in the current, 5% were directly discharged into the sewer network, after the private collection of the direct feeding of livestock and poultry, and the 10% was directly into the garbage in the garbage, and was directly discharged into the waste water, and was directly discharged into the waste water.

the next stage, the city urban management law enforcement bureau will continue to strengthen coordination and supervision. According to preliminary investigations, supervision of three county towns signed as soon as possible food waste collection and disposal and disposal contract responsibility, coordination of Qinghai Environmental Energy Industry Co. Ltd. Jieshen kitchen garbage collection container special, to ensure that the three county towns to realize a series of kitchen garbage collection and disposal.


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