Focus on the twelfth session the dream of riding in the west of Qinghai

drug testing highlights fair

with the impact of the lake around the growing, attracting the world’s higher level of competition. Strengthen the detection of doping, not only for the fair competition, but also for the health of the players. At the same time, to expand the influence and visibility of the game, drug testing has become a very important work.

, according to the current tournament director Qiu Jijin introduced, according to the provisions of the EU, the cyclist must be tested. On the lake race this Asian top event, the country naturally attaches great importance to the league, the first to send a drug officer.

Qiu Jijin said, in accordance with the rules of the League of nations, the game needs to be a daily check 4 athletes urine samples for doping detection. Which must include the stage of the championship, the total score of the first player (yellow shirts owner). The remaining two, the drug can be random checks, of course, can also track some of the key objects. Then, the athlete’s urine is divided into A, B two bottles sealed, and through certain procedures, sent to the doping control center in Beijing. In Beijing, A bottles do laboratory, B bottle sample. The general test results after two weeks, the Beijing test center to test results submitted zimeng. If an athlete detects a stimulant in a urine sample, he won’t be able to compete in two years. Of course, the athletes have the right to appeal, you can test the B bottles of urine to provide evidence, the cost borne by the athletes themselves. (author: Zhang Ping,)

got up very early, the last

"we got up very early, the last step, but to ensure the smooth progress of the game." He Xiancai, head of the site and equipment group, talked about his work and his words were full of pride.

around the Lake Race 10 points a day, but the staff of the equipment group in the morning to get up at 5 in the morning, because the equipment must be moved to the starting point before the start of the year, in accordance with the provisions of one of the 7.

end of the afternoon time is 2 points, but until the news conference at the end of the opening of the 4, the staff will have to recover one by one, back to the hotel is almost the point of 6, had to eat lunch dinner. The 35 staff, subdivided into the starting point group, the end of the group, put the sign group, the group received the street signs, put the isolation team, the isolation team. 14 working vehicles, filled with 2500 parts. "These things can not be misplaced, otherwise it will affect the course of the game and the performance of athletes." He Xiancai said. (author: Zhang Ping,)

PEAK for eight consecutive years to join the Lake Race sprint world’s top

July 7th, founded in 2002, the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race in the beautiful lake of Qinghai ushered in the twelfth departure. As the 7 consecutive year to support the Chinese sports brand around the lake, PEAK once again join hands in this China’s most international bicycle race, the impact of the international top event target.

2013 Lake race will be the first to achieve Xining, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, the three provincial capital city;

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