North of the city area to carry out special inspection work of the catering industry in addition to

in order to further strengthen the food and beverage industry chusihai, constantly consolidate and improve the establishment of achievements for the catering industry except outstanding problems in the work of four in July 18, to 19, Patriotic Sanitation District joint health supervision, checks the area of large-scale catering industry 4, small and medium-sized catering industry to carry out the work of four except 28 home. The sampling area, the catering industry there is no block rat board, some size, material is not standardized, block rat plate and frame between the large gap, not anti rat, checks the catering industry rat trace everywhere, without the use of fly screens, resting on the door, not even, restaurant and kitchen the trash is not stamped exceed the standard flies, mosquitoes, check, ginkgo hotel found cockroach; small food beyond the scope of operations, the decontamination room debris piled chaos, tableware disinfection is not standardized, the repeated use of disinfection tableware, kitchen operation health dirty, do not clean up the garbage on the ground, the health certificate rate is low, no canned food mark, trace, trace of cockroach was found in the kitchen, the refrigerator food cooked together, not cooked, employees work clothes, practitioners of personal hygiene, disinfection bowl for repeated use No, disinfection facilities, dust-proof facilities useless, processed food is bare, the surrounding range of poor health, the kitchen smell serious, food cooked, moldy pier. At the same time, health supervision and law enforcement officers on the existing problems of the food and beverage industry site, conducted a rectification, issued a notice of punishment, the serious problem of the implementation of the 3 food and beverage industry shut down administrative penalties.
the inspection, investigation of the development of the catering industry area chusihai work, for the next step to determine the target, play an effect.


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