2014 around the lake to see the lights lit big secret

with thirteenth Qinghai Lake international road cycling race approaching, the tournament highlights and the schedule has become the focus of attention to every reader and the "Lake powder": "Xining criterium what time to start?" "What are the sections?" "I heard that the team has increased?"…… A series of information related to the game is concerned about the audience around the lake and lake powder can be described as a huge mystery. In order to let the readers and the "Lake powder" in advance have a comprehensive understanding of this lake race event, today evening news exclusive interpretation of this lake race, let the readers see it.

schedule schedule

"This year’s

race around the lake along the Tibetan, Hui, Tu and Salar minority areas, covering many Western track scenic area, rich folk culture will become the race around the lake in a beautiful scenery, the audience in appreciation of high level sports events at the same time, there are more cultural watch. In addition to this lake race upgrade again after the event for the first time riding into Gansu Tianshui, Tianshui is the second largest city in Gansu Province, is located in the southeast of Gansu, the ancient Silk Road and a part of a hotly contested spot, the city across the Yangtze River, the Yellow River basin two, the new Eurasian continental bridge cross consistent throughout." Provincial Sports Bureau Zhang Ning told reporters that the current events, said.


July 6th (Sunday): the first stage (Xining criterium) 122 km

July 7th (Monday): the second stage (DOPA – Chase) 188 km

July 8th (Tuesday): the third stage (mutual – West) 234 km

July 9th (Wednesday): the fourth stage (West – Heimahe) 206 km

July 10th (Thursday): the fifth stage (Qinghai Lake – Guide) 203 km

July 11th (Friday): the sixth stage (Guide Tongren) 208 km

July 12th (Saturday): the seventh stage (Tongren – Longhua) 143 km

July 13th (Sunday): the eighth stage (Xunhua – Lintao) 225 km

July 14th (Monday): rest

July 15th (Tuesday): the ninth stage (Tianshui criterium) 118 km

July 16th (Wednesday): the tenth stage (Tianshui Pingliang) 227 km

July 17th (Thursday): the eleventh stage (Yinchuan stage) 133 km

July 18th (Friday): the twelfth stage (in stage) 120 km

July 19th (Saturday): the thirteenth stage (Lanzhou criterium) 92 km

2014 Lake Race highlights


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