Green forest in Datong County and township organizations held to celebrate the teachers’ day and the

9 10, Qing Lin Xiang held to celebrate the teachers’ day and the excellent teachers in recognition of the general assembly in Township Center school. Township Party committee deputy secretary, mayor Li Qingyun and township government deputy mayor attended the meeting on behalf of the north.

  meeting, the first recognition of the Rural Center School Advanced educators and outstanding teacher representatives. After that, my country Yangshan village successful entrepreneurs, caring people, the Municipal People’s Congress Comrade Li Yanqing donated one million yuan in cash to the school, Township Central School Principals Comrade Hou Jiangping on behalf of the center school thanks to Comrade Li Yanqing, and presented a "love education, love and dedication" of the plaque, with teachers and students of gratitude. Representatives of the students and teachers made a speech at the meeting to celebrate the twenty-eighth teachers’ day.  

finally, Xiangdang secretary, mayor Comrade Li Qingyun made an important speech at the central school, wish the staff happy holidays and congratulations on advanced education workers and outstanding teachers at the same time, on behalf of the township government, township party workers to education center school offer some hope and requirements: one is the center of hope school staff to strengthen learning, assiduously business knowledge, and constantly improve their own quality, superb teaching art, occupation morality, noble lead, a teacher, to guide the healthy growth of young people; the two is to the center of the school faculty to love and dedication, love students, teaching and education, vigorously carry forward the noble morality; three is the center of the school requirements should always adhere to the high quality as the fundamental purpose of education, in the promotion of quality education and improve education The quality of the combination of new breakthroughs.


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