Municipal Health Bureau successfully completed in 2012 the city’s high during the medical emergency

to do a good job in the city in 2012, the college entrance examination during the senior high school entrance examination emergency rescue medical security work, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the municipal government and the municipal recruitment Committee, municipal health bureau to strengthen leadership, elaborate organization, careful arrangements, the successful completion of the medical emergency security work.
in high, senior high school entrance examination early, the Municipal Health Bureau medical center developed a "college entrance examination in 2012, senior high school entrance examination during the health emergency security work plan" in a timely manner, and the establishment of the emergency security work leading group, and assigned responsibility for this work. The organization held a special meeting by the district or county public health administrative department and the municipal and district hospitals for people to participate in, the work of comprehensive arrangements for the district and county administrative departments of health and medical institutions, mainly responsible for emergency medical treatment to maintain smooth communication, team members in senior high school entrance examination period, if the occurrence of major public health emergencies the city, launched the emergency plan of public health emergencies and immediately convene the relevant person in charge of the school and hospital center responsible for the on-site security work to ensure convergence, no danger of anything going wrong.
high, senior high school entrance examination period, by the municipal, district level 8 medical institutions composed of 21 medical insurance group, has sent to the city’s 21 college entrance examination, senior high school entrance examination test sites were medical security work, do drugs, personnel, equipment, oxygen, vehicle "five place", each test point arrangement of the 120 emergency vehicles 1 the center of cars, hanging eye-catching signs, medical personnel equipped with adequate emergency medicine, equipment, oxygen. At the same time, the requirements of the city one or two, three hospitals to strengthen the administrative duty during the examination and outpatient and emergency department, ward, operation room, medical technology, to ensure that emergency green channel smooth. During the exam to send someone to the college entrance examination, the center of the test center office, once an emergency occurs, immediately report to the leading group office for emergency treatment.
the city’s high, senior high school entrance examination candidates during the period of peace, without any treatment of the event.

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