held the non public economy to the ideals and beliefs of education and micro lectures show

10 month 18 days, in order to promote the non-public economy to the ideals and beliefs of education activities carried out, to further strengthen the non-public enterprises and entrepreneurs to promote the development of innovation and development, confidence, non public economic organizations of the Party committee, the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce in Xining province held non-public economy the ideals and beliefs of education and "two a" learning education micro lectures show.

The activities of

in Qinghai City, atomic bombs and one satellite team spirit to speech, tone painting, drama, and other ways to explain the scene, with the original 221 base building site, the Memorial Collection of things, photos and videos produced by the "electronic Memorial", from different angles and different angles reflect the true history, touching the story, the interpretation of the "love the motherland, selfless dedication, self-reliance and hard work, cooperation, to climb the" two bombs and one satellite "spirit, give participants a touching spiritual baptism, passing the positive energy, promote the values.

Qinghai West culture media Co. Ltd, Qinghai Province Chamber of Commerce of Zhejiang Party committee, the Provincial Federation of industry, Qinghai Jieshen group Party branch, Qinghai youth group Party branch from the firm political direction, do not forget the early heart, the courage to play, the use of vivid case, accurate data, easy to understand language, micro lectures it explains the new period to be a qualified member of the Communist Party of the standard and specific requirements.

you said that the "two a" learning education and carry forward the "two bombs and one satellite" spirit of close together, for the workers, take practical action to realize their ideals and values.


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