Xining City North District District Party committee a number of initiatives to promote the city

recently Seongbuk tuanouwei, to give full play to the role of organizations in the work to create a national civilized city, the area of the organization group organized a series of activities, efforts to create a strong atmosphere to create a civilized city, influence and lead the majority of young people in the formation of noble moral ethos, advanced cultural quality and good social order, to create a civilized city to enhance young people’s sense of identity and sense of responsibility.

one is to actively explore the effective model of the league, the establishment of the flow of League members branch. For many young people, in the area of market liquidity characteristics, to set up in market liquidity League branch, to broaden the group organization coverage at the same time, the expansion of a city of propaganda, management, service window and base.

two is to play the role of grassroots organizations, to carry out the rural group theme series of competitions. In the party, history, "as the main content of the knowledge contest held a positive organizational area 38 rural organizations respectively; to health and safety knowledge quiz, instrumental music, folk songs and other places to vigorously carry forward the" dedication, friendship, mutual help and progress "spirit" Volunteer Song "to reflect the rural family activities; happy and harmonious, positive spirit of the young peasant family fun games. These activities stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of rural youth members to participate in the creation of the city, to create a national civilized city work in rural areas to play a positive role in the development of.

three is an effective organization of young volunteers around the city to carry out a variety of forms, effective and effective volunteer service activities. During the remediation activities focused on the traffic environment, organize 50 civilized traffic volunteers cooperate with relevant departments to carry out the traffic civilization consciousness, correct uncivilized traffic behavior such as the content of the "civilized traffic volunteer service activities, made services to create an orderly, safe and smooth travel environment; to carry out" advocate civilized Garden, to create a beautiful the environment "theme of practical activities, the organization of more than 20 volunteers to participate in voluntary labor in Chaoyang Park, at the same time bring good living environment for the public to create a national civilized city to make a positive contribution; in youth during the summer vacation of the pioneers of" hand in hand "ecological experience activities, the organization of more than 10 volunteers to assist the relevant departments visit the Museum of natural history, Tibetan Plateau, and the children held together with urban and rural young pioneers activities, to promote green The young boy took an active part in the care of the ecological environment and the enthusiasm of participating in the creation of the national civilized city.



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