West four papers attack model test

to create a national environmental protection model city of national and provincial pre assessment work, Chengxi district to build four platforms, to ensure the final exam.

According to

reports, according to the characteristics of farmers’ environmental awareness, consciousness is not strong, the west district to build the rural propaganda platform, vigorously popularize environmental protection knowledge, the model, to further improve the support rate and the awareness rate of the broad masses of peasants of the year. According to the actual situation of community work model, build a community platform for propaganda, for residents of the area distribution model knowledge brochures, paste propaganda book proposal and environmental knowledge cartoons, to further improve the masses awareness model. In order to strengthen the environmental protection ability of enterprises as the starting point, the west area of building enterprise propaganda platform for employees to explain how knowledge, through activities, improve the protection ability of enterprises at the same time, a prominent position in the community, shopping malls, residential building, and actively to the community masses of the year working dynamic, the formation of the whole society attention model the model, support and participate in the model atmosphere. In addition, Chengxi district also built social position platform, posted all year publicity slogans in crowded places, shopping malls, broadcast by TV model and public service ads, into the community, schools, enterprises, and publicity materials, multi angle, to carry out a full range of activities to create a model, the model received good publicity atmosphere. Social effect. (reporter correspondent Xu Liang Su Xiaohong)


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