Xining north of the city to achieve zero cost of compulsory education

to reduce the compulsory education burden on the family, North District of Xining City, increasing financial investment, conscientiously implement the "two exemptions and one subsidy" policy, the full implementation of the education "nine year compulsory education stage students zero fee policy.

this year, the city has belonged to the school students, the non-agricultural household farmers children, migrant children, children, outside the city guaranteeing that families of students from poor families in rural areas a total of 13529 people, including 12342 people, 1187 middle school primary school. Now a total of all students in the region to waive charges 2 million 256 thousand yuan, exempt from heating costs $541 thousand. 13529 sets of free textbooks, which provide free textbooks of 8289 sets, 5240 sets of District Finance provides free textbooks; exempt belonged to the compulsory education school of 13529 students homework costs 147 thousand yuan, the textbook fee of 897 thousand yuan, of which the state reduction of the amount of 557 thousand yuan, district level financial reduction of the amount of 341 thousand yuan, the full realization of the compulsory education stage zero fee. (author: Fan Shengdong)


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