Xining more than 30 thousand people worship yesterday

  Qingming sweep their grief. Yesterday was the first day of Qingming small holiday, Xining ushered in the peak of this ancestral grave, many day Lantau Peak and Xishan Mountain Bridge and sweep personnel, according to incomplete statistics, the grave number more than 30 thousand people. As of press time reporter, did not happen with a forest fire.

this spring due to less precipitation, forest fire danger rating is high, the fire is an arduous task. April 4th, forestry, public security and other departments and the county government dispatched seven hundred or eight hundred people, they guard or into the mountain intersection, or to maintain traffic order and order. On the day of each cemetery, tomb area sweep many people, the reporter saw in the Xishan antelope crossing, in order to facilitate the masses mountain grave, a cemetery dedicated car 10 vehicles, at 9:30, they have transported more than and 600 mountain. According to the cemetery staff, only more than 6 thousand people on the day there are grave sweepers. After the small bridge grave traffic is also large, as of 10:30, has more than and 500 people up the mountain.

on the same day, due to the grave worship many people and cars, the narrow mountain road, Xining City, the reasonable arrangements for the mountain road sweepers, such as Nanshan Mountain Line and down line arrangement of the two, the vehicle can orderly queue on the mountain. Although fully prepared in advance, but there are still a small episode, about 10:40, bridge in the mountain road, a the Great Wall car and a tractor scraped, two cars blocked the road for about five minutes, the staff timely, quickly restore the flow path.

this year and in previous years, the biggest difference is that the sweep mode is changing. Reporters saw the intersection of several stalls Xingzhi not only sell the paper and incense, but also adds new flowers, flowers with grave memorial number of people, in the sweep of firecrackers continued, and this year in the forest areas seldom hear the sound of firecrackers, sweep civilization has gradually become a kind of fashion. (author: Xiao Yan)


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