The next few days to maintain sunny hot weather

As of July 15th 16, Xining and the jurisdiction of the county’s highest daily temperature of 22.8 degrees Celsius to between 26.1 degrees Celsius, of which the highest temperature in Xining urban area is 26.1 degrees C. According to the latest meteorological data analysis: warm high pressure control, is expected in July 16th to 18 in Xining and three county area will continue to maintain the fine and hot weather, the daily maximum temperature at 26 DEG C to 30 DEG C, the public friend will really feel the arrival of summer in Xining.

meteorological experts remind, the hot weather, the general public friends pay attention to drink plenty of water, eat more fruits, pay attention to sunstroke; due to strong ultraviolet plateau, the afternoon to minimize outdoor activities, go out the best wear visor, sunshade, sunglasses, bare skin sunscreen to avoid sun burns the skin.


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