The third annual meeting of the association of Public Libraries in Western China and the symposium h

7 month 20 days to 21 days, sponsored by the Federation of Chinese Western Public Library and the Xining cultural radio and Television Bureau, third China west of Xining City Public Library Library Association hosted the annual meeting and academic seminar held in Xining. From the 14 western provinces (regions), more than 200 representatives of the public library in the summer to municipalities, regional cooperation in the public library, promote the leaping development of Libraries in Western china.

library is a treasure house of literature information resources, bearing a long history and a long history. On the meeting, cooperation and development of Western Public Library regional cooperation "theme, the theme of the report and the exchange of speeches; also collected 338 papers, more than the previous number of papers, the insights presented from aspects of the innovation and development of the library cause, provides communication issues more for this year will this year; also strengthen the library and technology products business contact and communication, promote sustained and rapid development of Library Science and technology industry, the public library into digital construction and application as soon as possible.

reporter learned from this meeting, the Xining Library in recent years committed to a brand campaign, online and offline two service system construction. It has been built in Xining city library for the general Museum, library, mobile library as the primary members, 24 hour block self-service library, mobile library, electronic book download machine is added, the "sunshine book" features, digital libraries, virtual services, public cultural library service network covering the whole city, the National Service system.


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