The development of company organization survey and design units to carry out on site reconnaissance

to solve the residents of nearby Shangri-La Avenue Park Village tree across the road and avoid the difficult problem, across the highway, over the isolation caused by network security incidents, plan to build a I-shaped pedestrian bridge, the bridge was included in the smooth flow of traffic engineering construction project in Xining city. In November 24, 2010, the construction unit of Xining city traffic construction development limited company organization survey and design units of the project site reconnaissance. For the early completion of garden trees flyover, survey and design units will also carry out the feasibility study report and the preparation of construction design, bridge design from the engineering environment, according to local conditions, the active use of new structure, new technology, new technology, according to the applicable, economic and aesthetic principle of combining determine decorative standards, and comply with fire prevention, electricity, anti-corrosion, anti earthquake safety requirements.



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