To carry out the province to reduce the burden of enterprise policy advocacy Week activities

to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on reducing the burden on enterprises to increase the burden of series of deployment, the benefits of enterprise policy advocacy efforts, in October 24th, the State Council to reduce the burden on enterprises inter ministerial joint conference held a national teleconference in Beijing, officially launched the fifth national policy of lightening the burden on enterprises publicity week. I reduce the burden on enterprises joint meeting of members of the unit, the central unit in Qingdao and cities, parks and other 41 units attended the meeting, and in October 25th in the province carried out simultaneously fifth policy advocacy activities to reduce the burden on enterprises, focused on the promotion of national and provincial policies to develop measures to relieve the burden of enterprises, help enterprises to be familiar with and enjoy the the benefits of enterprise policy burden, create a whole society to care for and support enterprise development environment, play a positive role for the stable economic growth.

day activities, the relevant departments of our province set up billboards, issuing leaflets and all kinds of policy burden of enterprises in the compilation of materials, understand the policy, listen to staff to explain at the same time, and participate in the publicity of government departments interact constantly. According to reports, as of now, our province a total cancellation, decentralization and adjustment of administrative examination and approval and other matters 1118, the provincial government departments to retain 268 administrative examination and approval, become the reserved administrative approval, the five provinces in the northwest provinces are the least.

addition, our province has adopted the direct purchase of electricity "," package of railway freight, highway Easy Access, upstream and downstream industries docking and other measures to actively coordinate and solve the electric power, industrial enterprise logistics and other factors of production security, constantly optimize the industrial enterprises in the province of factors of production supply, allow enterprises to get real discount. According to statistics, 1-9 months, the province’s total industrial enterprises to reduce the cost of various factors of production of about 2 billion 80 million yuan.


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