Xining two months to investigate drunk driving 79 thorough investigation of drunk driving will conti

was scheduled for the end of 15 months of this month, a nationwide crackdown on drunk driving drunk driving special action, only the provincial capital of the police on the investigation of drunk and illegal acts from the beginning of the 79. October 19th, the Ministry of public security held a teleconference, in order to consolidate the results of the special action, the national crackdown on drunk driving drunk driving special action will continue until the end of the year.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment in the 60 day operation, investigated a total of 79 from drunk driving, the driving after drinking 71, drunk driving 8, all seized drunk driving per capita has been fined 500 yuan, temporarily driving license for 3 months, recorded 6 points penalty, all seized drunk driving is a fine of 2000 yuan per capita, temporarily driving license for 6 months, recorded 12 points penalty. In addition, after the Qinghai Public Security Bureau of criminal science and technology research management center inspection report to determine ethanol alcohol content reached 4 80mg/100ml above the drunken driver, were executed 1 people in administrative detention, without obtaining a driving license driving a motor vehicle after drinking also administrative detention.

the county traffic police brigade seized drunk driving case are: the east area of 22; urban area 19 (including drunk 2, detained 2 people without drinking; 1, detained 1 people); west area 13 (including drunk 3, detained 1 people; 16 (north area) the drunken 1, detained 1 people), Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County seized 7 cases (including 2 cases of traffic accident); Huangzhong County seized 1; Huangyuan County seized 1.


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