Special rectification of edible salt market in our province

In order to fully implement the provincial government work plan on food safety and the requirements of the provincial government office of food and drug safety committee to ensure the safety of edible salt market in our province, the fight against illegal behavior, protect the people’s health, combined with the provincial economic and Information Committee, the provincial public security Department, the provincial commerce department, provincial administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau provincial food and drug administration, Provincial Salt Administration and other 7 departments to carry out special rectification work of edible salt market. From the beginning of September, focusing on 3 months of the province’s edible salt market special rectification.Salt market rectification by all levels of government office of food and drug safety committee led by the unified leadership of the provincial level edible

, the establishment of edible salt market rectification work office. Regulation, at all levels of government will earnestly implement the food safety responsibilities of territorial management, put salt in food safety work in important schedule, combined with the actual area, the special rectification program of local area, the unified leadership, do detailed division of tasks, the implementation of specific measures, a clear time schedule and target task, start from the source, duyuanjieliu, resolutely destroyed illegal processing dens, confiscated and destroyed processing equipment, severely punish illegal acts, focused on investigating the nature of the bad, serious harm, affecting a wide range of cases, according to the stage of a good grasp of the edible salt market special rectification work, let the masses of qualified iodized salt, eliminating iodine deficiency disease.

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